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Executive Disorders, Implausible Impeachment, and General Observations of the Week, by PF Whalen

In a mere twelve days Biden and his Democrat accomplices have managed to set records for epic stupidity and outright evil. From PF Whalen at thebluestateconservative.com:

Topic #1: Throughout this early period of his presidency, President Joe Biden has continued with his onslaught of executive orders.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • The approach of president’s enacting their agenda via executive order has been a growing problem for years. It began to escalate when President Barack Obama declared that he had a “pen and a phone” – intending to use both to bypass Congress – and the issue continues to destroy our governmental system. This is not how it’s supposed to work. The Legislative Branch is supposed to pass bills and send them to the Executive Branch. The President then signs that bill into law, at which point the Judicial Branch oversees adherence to that law. Joe Biden’s not an emperor, neither was Donald Trump, and neither was Barack Obama.
  • The appeal of executive orders is, of course, the elimination of any need for compromise; and herein lies the true destructive nature of executive orders. If the majority party circumvents the authority of the minority party by avoiding any type of compromise, division and demonization ensues. The problem didn’t start with Biden, and it didn’t even start with Trump or Obama, but it’s getting progressively worse and it’s bad for our country. Executive orders aren’t the only cause of our national division, but they’re certainly aggravating it.
  • Remember that time when Biden told us we needed to unify, and it was time to heal? For instance, remember last week? Wouldn’t someone intent on uniting us be reaching across the aisle to engage the other party for input rather than developing writers’ cramp with the amount of executive orders he’s signing?

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6 Warning Signs from Biden’s First Week in Office, by Kit Knightly

Meet the new authoritarian imperialist, same as the old authoritarian imperialist. From Kit Knightly off-guardian.org:

It’s been a busy first week for the 46th President of the United States, there are the 20,000 troops occupying the capital city to organise, as well as the totally unprecedented show-trial of his immediate predecessor.

You know, usual democracy type stuff.

On top of that, Biden has now signed at least 37 executive orders in his first week. The record for any President, and more than the previous four presidents combined.

What do these orders, or any of his other moves, tell us about the future plans of the recently “elected” administration? Nothing good, unfortunately.

1. Vaccination Passports

I still remember people claiming the introduction of vaccination passports (or immunity passes or the like) was just a “conspiracy theory”, the paranoid fantasy of fringe “covidiots”. All the way back in December, when they were getting fact-checked by tabloid journalists who can’t do basic maths.

These days they are rebranded as “freedom certificates” which are “divisive, politically tricky and probably inevitable”.

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In First Week As President, Joe Biden Tosses Women, Unions and the American People Under the Globalist Bus, by Robert Bridge

Anybody regret their vote for Joe Biden yet? From Robert Bridge at strategic-culture.org:

Anything that remotely promotes the interest of the nation will be ostracized as racist and working to the advantage of white supremacist tendencies.

In a brutal display of presidential powers that would have made Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un green with envy, Joe Biden rammed through a raft of pro-globalist executive orders just hours after being sworn in as president.

For those U.S. voters who were more obsessed with removing Donald Trump than seriously questioning who or what would replace him, they got their answer shortly after Biden made it through his locked-down inauguration where the soldiers outnumbered the guests by a margin one would not expect to find during a democratic pageant.

Following a subdued masked ball and strained photo ops, Biden was whisked from the Capitol straight to the Oval Office where he was tasked with signing off on executive orders – 17 in fact, followed up later by a baker’s dozen. The swiftness of the bureaucratic blitzkrieg, impressive for a 78-year-old president who campaigned mostly from his basement, was as shocking as what the 46th POTUS put in motion. In a matter of minutes, and without a precious drop of democratic debate, Biden diverted the future course of America forever.

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Trump Destroys Abusive Democrats In Stimulus Showdown, by Tom Luongo

Has Trump already won the election with his four new executive orders? From Tom Luongo at tomluongo.me:

President Trump won re-election this weekend with his four executive orders.

We haven’t even reached the DNC convention in Milwaukee and it looks to me like this election season is over.

I know the polls keep trying to convince me that Joe Biden, most likely suffering from dementia, is leading President Trump but I just don’t buy it.

And neither do the Democrats.

Because if they did they wouldn’t be so desperate to push through unlimited mail-in voting as their political hill to die on.

And die on it they have.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi held up a new round of stimulus legislation over this issue. The massive gap between the GOP and DNC proposals highlight only part of the political divide between the two sides (see graphic, H/T Zerohedge).

The real divide was in enshrining in law the kind of mail-in voting which would ensure near unlimited cheating and ballot harvesting which would give the Democrats their best chance at “winning the election.”

Pelosi thought she had Trump cornered on this because he had to cave to spend that $1.7 trillion he’s already collected through treasury auctions which prove the Big Lie that the dollar is about to die false.

But all he had to do was make payroll tax irrelevant for a majority of taxpayers in this country.

Go over those Executive Orders he signed. And each one attacks a core position the Democrats carve out for themselves in the public discourse.

  1. Defer Payroll Tax Collection — Here Trump is doing at least two things. First, he’s a Republican lowering taxes on the poor and middle class. Second, he lowers the cost of U.S. labor, cuts away red tape and makes it easier for businesses in a cash flow crunch to stay open not having to worry about paying monthly/quarterly tax payments. This attacks a core Democrat talking point, “Republicans don’t care about the little guy, we do!”
  2. Extend Student Loan deferments – This is one step closer to debt jubilee on debt that, again, freezes people in place, dealing with debt servicing rather than creating demand in the real economy for goods and services. This also attacks the banks who made these predatory loans, which most student loan debt is, which undermines the “Occupy Wall. St.” talking point that all the money goes to the banks.

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He Said That? 11/21/14

From President Obama, in a video posted Wednesday on Facebook:

What I’m going to be laying out is the things that I can do with my lawful authority as president to make the system better, even as I continue to work with Congress and encourage them to get a bipartisan, comprehensive bill that can solve the entire problem.


The president’s conception of “lawful authority,” as we’ve seen with multiple revisions of the Affordable Care Act, is he can amend duly passed laws any way he sees fit, and can choose to enforce or not enforce laws as he likes. The purported justification for not enforcing current immigration law is “prosecutorial discretion,” a sweeping expansion of the doctrine that the enforcement arm of the government may make decisions about where to use scarce resources. Not that Obama is worried about what will happen when he gets out of office (a concern that he might not leave office come January 2017 is not entirely unjustified), but Kimberly Strassel had a not altogether facetious take on what a Republican president might do with the Obama doctrine in today’s Wall Street Journal (“The Next Prez and the Obama Way”). The rest of us are wondering: if the president can choose which laws to enforce, can we choose which laws to obey?

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