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You Mean They Were Stealing, Right? by Karl Denninger

It’s never theft when you receive money from the government, right? From Karl Denninger at theburningplatform.com:

Isn’t it funny how when the government actually expects you to work for your handout, or at least be working toward being able to work, there are suddenly a lot fewer people who “need” help?

Alabama began 2017 by requiring able-bodied adults without children in 13 counties to either find a job or participate in work training as a condition for continuing to receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.

According to AL.com, the number of those recipients declined from 5,538 to 831 between Jan. 1 and the beginning of May – an 85 percent drop.

So 85% of the people who were getting SNAP (food stamps) didn’t need them or weren’t willing to either work or try to learn some useful skill in order to keep the benefits?

That would mean they didn’t need them, by the way.

Think this is a one-off?  Nope.  George saw a 58% reduction in one block of counties and a 62% in another block.

Let this sink in folks: Somewhere between half and more than 80% of the people getting SNAP either did so fraudulently in the first place because they didn’t need it or they’re unwilling to do anything productive to keep them.

Whatever you reward you get more of.

Reward people sitting on their ass….. and they will.



Startling Look At How Much Money Food Stamp Recipients Spend On Junk Food, by Tyler Durden

Neither fruits nor vegetables made the top twenty-five of what food stamp recipients buy, but soda pop (1), frozen snacks (9), and frozen pizza (13) did. Poor nutrition leads to poor health, and treatment of that is often on the taxpayer dime, too. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

A new study just released by the USDA, offers a very detailed look at exactly how participants in the “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program” (SNAP, aka Food Stamps) spend their taxpayer-funded subsidies. Unfortunately for taxpayers, the amount of money spent on soft drinks and other unnecessary junk foods/drinks is fairly staggering. But, we suppose it’s a nice taxpayer funded subsidy for the soda industry…so score one for Warren Buffett and the Coca Cola lobbyists.

Per the study, nearly $360mm, or 5.4% of the $6.6BN of food expenditures made by SNAP recipients, is spent on soft drinks alone. In fact, soft drinks represent the single largest “commodity” purchased by SNAP participants with $100mm more spent on sodas than milk and $150mm more than beef.

Soft drinks were the top commodity bought by food stamp recipients shopping at outlets run by a single U.S. grocery retailer.

That is according to a new study released by the Food and Nutrition Service, the federal agency responsible for running the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as the food stamp program.

By contrast, milk was the top commodity bought from the same retailer by customers not on food stamps.

In calendar year 2011, according to the study, food stamp recipients spent approximately $357,700,000 buying soft drinks from an enterprise the study reveals only as “a leading U.S. grocery retailer.”

That was more than they spent on any other “food” commodity—including milk ($253,700,000), ground beef ($201,000,000), “bag snacks” ($199,300,000) or “candy-packaged” ($96,200,000), which also ranked among the top purchases.

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