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Sprite Transgender Ad Proves There Is a War on for Children’s Hearts, Minds and Bodies, by Robert Bridge

Transgender people are a tiny fraction of the population, but all of sudden they seem to be everywhere. They’ve gone from being considered freaks to quite mainstream. As this article makes clear, many parents don’t get upset when their children are exposed to transgender propaganda at school, or even when they express a desire to change gender. From Robert Bridges at strategic-culture.org:

How many people remember the days when the purpose of television commercials was to sell audiences some newfangled product they didn’t even realize they needed as opposed to some dangerous agenda? It seems we’re losing those memories fast.

The world of corporate advertising has finally crossed the cultural Rubicon. In a newly released advertisement, yet another major corporation has idolized a lifestyle choice, which, naturally, has absolutely no connection to the traditional nuclear family that has guided Western civilization through thick and thin over two millennia. The controversial ad in question focuses all of its fervid attention not on the product, but rather on promoting transgender attitudes among the impressionable pubescent teen population.

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An Idiot’s Guide to Destroying Your Country in Six Easy Steps, by Robert Bridge

Destroying the country will look like child’s play compared to putting it back together again, if that’s even possible. From Robert Bridge at strategic-culture.org:

The United States of America seems to have a suicide wish as it wanders aimlessly down a continually narrowing path that can only lead to national ruin. Is this a premeditated act of self-annihilation or simply a series of foolish choices?

Before a nation can be effectively destroyed from within it is necessary first that it be owned lock, stock and barrel. An independent, freedom-loving people are less easily controlled than one that is effectively ball and chained, which brings us to the first step in the program.

Create a Central Bank

Beginning around 1910, representatives from the leading banking powerhouses – Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg and Kuhn-Loeb – began meeting in secret at distant retreats, and not for the purpose of philandering with underage girls, mind you. No, these elitists had a totally different sort of crime up their sleeves, and that was to dominate the entire US banking system. And would it really surprise anyone that they succeeded? This was achieved by the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson on Dec. 23, 1913, which took away the constitutional power “to coin money, regulate the value thereof,” as enacted by the US Constitution.

As Antony C. Sutton summed up the dire situation in his book, The Federal Reserve Conspiracy, “Congress handed over all monetary powers to the Fed in 1913. The Fed is a private bank, owned by banks, and pays dividends on its shares owned only by banks. The Fed is a private Bankers’ Bank.”

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Totalitarians of the World, Unite! by Anthony Esolan

When the government tells you that you don’t know how to rear your own children and wants to assume that role, totalitarianism has either arrived or is just around the corner. From Anthony Esolan on a guest post at theburningplatform.com:

Whenever I’m in a diner or a family restaurant, I look around for the most cheerful thing in any day’s experience, and that’s a young husband and wife and their children. Today the two children sitting with their parents at the table next to us were a baby boy and his four-year-old brother. The four year old had glossy blond hair, tousled over his forehead, and was all skinny arms and legs, elbows and knees. Foolishness regarding the supposed sameness of men and women cannot stand up against a moment or two of looking at how they are shaped, and that is true even of little boys and girls. In the boy we can see the man-shape in miniature: the straight-angled legs, the shoulders made for throwing, the jaw line, the snowshoe feet. I imagine that it delights the heart of any ordinary mother and father.

Ordinary—but these are not ordinary times. They are dis-ordinary. Try to pretend that they are ordinary: that the most important things in life strike everyone as a matter of course. So the parents of the little boy look at their son, and imagine what he will be like when he grows to manhood. They imagine him as marrying a woman and begetting a family of his own. That is a matter of course. It is what all parents have always done, on the banks of the Hwang Ho or the Father of Waters, on the treeless expanses of Alaska or in the rain forests of Borneo, in the Roman forum or on a village green in New England. It is normal, not in a mere statistical sense, but in the sense of the Latin noun norma: a carpenter’s square. It is what ought to be, when you raise your son in a healthy way. To do anything other would be like building a house with crooked walls. Why would you do that? The thing will buckle.
So they do those things that ordinary parents have always done when they delight in reality. The father rough-houses with him, tackling him or pretending to be tackled by him, hoisting him over his head and dangling him upside down by the ankles. The mother calls him “my little man,” and lets him “help” her when she is digging in the garden to plant some flowers and vegetables. They cut his hair short to show his masculine looks to best advantage. None of this is mere “socializing” or “social construction,” because human beings are by social by nature, and nature helps to determine the social arrangements they are going to have. There never has been a society in which parents have not done for their small sons the equivalent of what I have described, and there never will be—there never can be. It would be like imagining a world in which parents had no special love for their children, or in which men and women were not attracted to each other, or in which people spent all of their waking hours indoors, and only went out under the open sky under state compulsion.

No, we do not need the state to compel us to do what comes naturally. But the state can compel us to do, under sufferance, what does not come naturally, or what is downright unnatural.

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Transgenderism and Stocks: more related than you think, by DC Sunsets

Here’s an interesting take on the stock market. From DC Sunsets at theburningplatform.com:

People often refer to Charles Mackay’s 1841 book “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” in the context of financial manias, but the book actually addresses several social manias as well.

This should remind us to look for manias in our social experience, and I argue that the collectivist assault on social norms best typified by “transgenderism” is cut from the exact same cloth as is the notion of assigning a profitless corporation a value of hundreds of millions, if not many billions of dollars.

Some years ago my favorite financial guru, Robert Prechter, penned a newsletter highlighting the market’s embrace of a Jungian archetype: flight.

His discussion noted that the subconscious embrace of this archetype involved a feeling that all Earthly limits were cast aside, and the person experiencing this felt as though they could simply spread their arms and rise into the sky, free of the encumbrance of gravity. His position was that the financial mania was an expression of this feeling of freedom.

I hold that the roots of this shared illusion were planted over 50 years ago, when American citizens experienced the removal of the last physical anchor of the dollar to anything real when silver was removed from coinage in 1964. Seven years later the Nixon administration ceased exchanging gold for dollars with foreign nations and the dollar became a fully free-floating abstraction. Under this new system there was no longer a fixed physical relationship between the dollar and any single thing, freeing the human herd to skip from one dollar-relationship to another, disguising the debasement of dollar-based wealth particularly in terms of dollar-based IOUs (also known as debt securities.)

Freed of all physical laws or relationships, people could see no limit to how much dollar-based wealth could be imagined into existence simply by creating a new “I’ll pay you X number of dollars in Y number of years” bond. Since that time, a virtual (in both senses) ocean of IOU-dollars has been created. Few people ever stop to even try to grasp just how many promises to deliver future dollars have been issued, and even those who do so face difficulties in determining what constitutes such a promise. The current figures vary from something like $60,000,000,000,000 to as high as $1,250,000,000,000,000. Yes, those numbers are simply incomprehensible to every single man and woman. We are cast adrift.

The current fad of transgenderism is absolutely related to this. The rationalists among us see sex as a biologically determined fact. If a human is born with an XY chromosome pair, that person is male, and if born with an XX chromosome pair, that person is female.

This biological law is no longer considered relevant in our modern time. A man who believes he should be a woman can simply state he’s a woman (a magical incantation) and others are now obligated to respect his belief increasingly on pain of legal sanction. Belief about oneself trumps biological fact. Think about that. [Arguments in favor of this sometimes raise the existence of “intersex” persons, i.e., those extremely rare people born with a non-standard sex chromosome combination like XXY or XYY, but in fact these persons are NOT transgendered; they are often reproductively sterile and again, quite rare.]

The basis of favoring respect for transgenderism is a combination of rejecting physical & natural (biological) laws and demanding a level of compassion from society’s members to the point of celebrating the Emperor’s New Clothes (on pain of being stoned by the PC mob.)

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