Socialism Won, by Robert Gore

If she’s elected and goes to Washington, socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will feel right at home.

Socialism: “A political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by community as a whole” (Oxford Dictionary), has been in the news lately. The most interesting aspect of the stories and commentaries is what tense the writer uses. Most use the future tense, heralding or decrying the impending arrival of socialism, or simply noting that it’s a possibility.

It’s the wrong tense. The past tense is the correct one, socialism arrived long ago. In the US, it unpacked its bags February 3, 1913, the day the Sixteenth, or Income Tax, Amendment was ratified. When the “community as a whole”—a euphemism for government—has first call on individuals’ incomes, socialism has established its vital beachhead. Everything from there on out is a mop-up operation.

For what is “the means of production, distribution, and exchange”? The minds, bodies, time, and effort of individual producers, which the income tax expropriates. Once a government steals those, there’s nothing it cannot steal, including, via regulation, the ability of producers to produce. To impose socialism on a nation, first impose it on its individuals.

The cherry on 1913’s socialist sundae was the establishment of the Federal Reserve, which began the transition of the US monetary system from the gold standard to fiat debt, the value of which is now decided by political and bureaucratic whim. It was another expropriation, stealth theft via currency depreciation and inflation.

Some are treating “avowed socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s primary victory over Democrat war-horse Joe Crowley as a watershed moment. Assuming she wins the general election, she’ll join 434 other socialists in the House of Representatives. That’s not a watershed political moment, it’s a watershed truth-in-advertising moment. She’ll be one of the few socialists there who admits to it.

The partisans on both sides of the barricades are a hundred years too late. The battle is over, victory to the socialists. In the US, it’s impossible to find an industry or economic activity that’s free from government ownership or regulation. Governments have their hands in agriculture, manufacturing, communications, finance, insurance, banking, transportation, technology, housing, medical care, advertising, entertainment, warfare, welfare, charity, and every other human endeavor of consequence. When children need to get a permit and pay a fee to set up a sidewalk lemonade stand, what’s left?

Judging by the reaction to Ocasio-Cortez’s victory, “socialist” is still an odious term in some quarters, mostly those precincts which still pay lip service to free markets and capitalism. Republicans long ago jettisoned freedom and made their peace with the income tax, the Federal Reserve, welfare and warfare states, and ever-expanding government; their horror is merely rhetorical. The only parts of Trump’s platform that were noncontroversial with them were his vows to increase military spending and not cut entitlements. This in a nation over $21 trillion in debt, with an estimated $200 trillion of additional unfunded liabilities.

Unlike many of us in the hinterlands, those who inhabit the swamp rarely have to answer the question: does it work? When the answer is no in Washington, it’s a justification for an expanded budget and more power. Effectiveness is the hallmark of what remains of honest American enterprise, where whatever your “it” is has to work, or you don’t get paid. Those who have only worked in dishonest enterprise— government and its satellites—are instinctively hostile to that requirement and to those who make things work.

Socialism doesn’t work; history is littered with its failures. That is why it’s embraced. Government derives its power from coercion and violence. It is no coincidence that the twentieth century, history’s most socialistic, has also been its most murderous, with governments inflicting an estimated 100 to 200 million deaths.

Socialism’s failure, death, and inevitable restrictions of liberty account for its odium among those who oppose it. The clearest lesson of history is the most ignored. Man versus the state is history’s overarching theme. Humanity flourishes when it’s free to do so (man wins) and deteriorates when it’s not (the state wins).

There is only one way to eradicate a weed without pesticide: pull it up by its roots. Well over 99 percent of arguments against government—inadequate border security, military interventions, out of control spending and debt, the national security state, loss of liberty, etc.—essentially try to kill the weed by pulling off its leaves and stems, but leave the roots intact. As long as there is unquestioning acceptance of the government’s self-granted right to forcefully relieve the productive of their honestly earned incomes, those issues amount to diversionary sideshows.

Since the dark year 1913, government has grown relentlessly larger, more powerful, and more corrupt. The tax take has gone one direction. Even with all that loot, the government has plunged into the abyss of debt and unfunded liabilities. The US has become an oligarchic empire spanning the globe. At least half its population rely on the state for some or all of their sustenance. Occasionally the socialists have lost battles, but those have amounted to mere tactical retreats. They’ve won the war.

Imagine a government that had no claim on people’s incomes and the monetary system was an honest gold standard. That such a state of affairs seems inconceivable is testament to widespread ignorance of history. This was the actual state of affairs pre-1913, when all levels of government in the US spent less than 10 percent of the GDP, as opposed to more than 40 percent now.

How much of an issue would illegal immigration be if the government paid out no benefits to either immigrants or citizens? The immigrants who arrived would be here to work, and it would be much easier to ensure that they went through the proper channels of citizenship.

Cut down government by 80 to 90 percent and the military would shrink to defense of the US’s eminently defensible borders and tending to a worst-case nuclear arsenal. You’ve got to think the costly Big Brother surveillance apparatus would shrink, too, maybe down to nothing.

There would be no unfunded liability problem, because government would be out of the pension, medical care, and redistribution businesses. A government that couldn’t inflate away its debts with more of its own or its central bank’s fiat debt would be less inclined to borrow. Creditors would be less inclined to lend, because the government would have no call on incomes.

Such a reversion might even work a “miraculous” change in the American character, a rebirth of values like the work ethic, self-reliance, individualism, community involvement, and private charity. One of socialism’s great myths, the opposite of the truth, is that only the government can help out those in need.

An appreciable part of the US’s unprecedented, privately generated bounty has always been redistributed by people acting on their own charitable impulses, not at the point of a government gun. Regular people, not just philanthropic millionaires, help their families, friends, and—through a mind-boggling variety of eleemosynary causes and organizations—total strangers.

Which gives the lie to socialists’ argument that “the masses” (they love that demeaning term) cannot handle freedom, they need to be guided and governed by an expert and virtuous elite. If the human psyche cannot handle freedom, it most certainly cannot handle unlimited power. The last 105 years of elite-initiated horrors offer conclusive proof. Wars, death camps, and genocide didn’t bubble up from they bottom, they’re ordained from the top.

If we don’t insist proudly that we have the first and only legitimate claim to what we’ve honestly earned, if we aren’t willing to fight for it, we are not and never will be free. And that’s why we need all the sideshow issues—to divert our attention from our well-deserved servitude.

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48 responses to “Socialism Won, by Robert Gore

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  2. It’s imprecise to say they’ve won the war. They’ve only won the part of the war that precedes the shooting. If we were disarmed like Europe, then yes, all would be lost short of radical changes in government.

    The fun hasn’t even stated. When insolvency hits, perhaps groups of states band together and start again from the original constitution, but make it better.

    All that death camp stuff only happens in places people are disarmed. There isn’t enough time to find and destroy 400 million guns before insolvency and the chaos it will bring 🙂



      Wake me up when the insolvency hits. I have been hearing that Jeremiad for nearly 20 years now. As long as all parties involved agree on the rules of this global monopoly game, the can will continue to be kicked down the endless road.


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  19. It is my fondest wish to dig up the corpse of Wilson, beat it into dust, and then salt the earth. The most evil President in history-followed by BHO. Even the Great Muslim would have had no traction, if not for Woodrow Wilson. The creation of the Internal Revenue Service and their unending ability to confiscate, has destroyed Americans, and their country. That SOB knew what he was doing in 1913.
    I believe the piper will be paid. There will not be much notice, so plan accordingly.


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  41. Out the park, Robert, 500+ feet at least, you got all of it. With the sacks loaded. I can’t recall in my entire lifetime of ever reading what some one else wrote (short of the Bible) with such breath taking clarity and insight. If I were the man (and we’re talking monstrous odds here), I would most certainly require you to be my chief advisor. By require, I mean I don’t know anyone else who could do the job, and I’d beg you if I had to. The charade perpetrated on American citizens their whole lives by the income tax (and the accompanying slime of Fed withholding before anyone gets their money) has got to be one of the most insidious, and malevolent circus’s ever done to a people. Socialism from the standpoint of control indeed has won. Perhaps it is time to win our freedom back again. I give 10-1 odds, Against.


  42. Sean,
    Thank you. I think this is the first time anyone has put my writing and the Bible in the same sentence. I’m with you on the 10-1 odds, but as noted political philosopher Han Solo once said: “Don’t tell me the odds.” I’ve always had a sentimental weakness for longshots.


  43. It is unfair to paint either socialism or capitalism in black or white extremes. Certainly we have poster children for failure like Venezuela 2018 but we have the opposite successes in the Scandinavian countries. They have been the most socialistic countries in the west for 100 years and are also the most prosperous and orderly of the lot. The striking rise of China, and earlier Japan, were done by methods hardly out of Adam Smith’s book. Clearly a case can be made that economic success has as much to do with culture & traditions as with quibbles over who owns or controls the means of production. A place called Straightline logic should carry arguments containing something other than color blind economic bigotry.


    • My means of production–my mind, body, efforts and innovations–should be mine by right. That may seem like a “quibble” to you, it’s not to me. My article was not a brief for a particular economic system per se, but noted that socialism got its foot in the door in this country through the income tax. Certainly income taxes and other government interventions haven’t stopped economic growth and progress in this country or many others, including the Scandanavian nations, Japan and China. But when the government has first claim on what you produce, you are not free. True capitalism that protects the rights of the productive to produce, keep, and exchange what they’ve honestly earned is the only system that is compatible with human freedom. That has nothing to do with color, blindness, or bigotry. My touchstone for any analysis of an economic and political system is the degree of freedom enjoyed by those who live under them.


  44. The US is not as far down the road to socialism as Canada and Europe. We were racing ahead under FDR, LBJ and Obama. Other presidents it as more incremental growth of government and socialism. However, look at Sweden, France, Germany and the EU one will find Soviet Style collapse. Europe cannot defend its religious faith, its secularism, its morals, values, traditions, cultural heritage, borders or even its citizens. Europe is depopulating at a rapid pace. Europe is being replaced with unassimilable africans and muslim migrants who have no intention of assimilating to their host countries and have no intention of working either. They are in Europe shopping for welfare and collapsing the system. Europes banks are insolvent and so are most of its governments. Its a guessing game which nation will be the next Greece.

    This is not the direct the US wants to follow. One can argue we are already socialist but the counter argument is that a nation can have too much socialism to detrimental consequences.

    The US is like a game of Jinga. The US holds up a significant portion of the global economy, a significant portion of military defense without which a pack of beta nations would be willing to test the alpha dog (US). As we saw in previous great powers….like the game of Jinga…you can keep on pulling out structural supports but eventually the structure becomes unstable and collapses. In the case of the US, other nations would love an opportunity to remove the technology and the gold for themselves.


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