Go All the Way, by Robert Gore


ADE is a metaphor for government—they both make things worse.

A phenomenon known as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) may be developing from the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines. ADE leaves a population more vulnerable to a disease and its variants after widespread administration of a vaccine during a pandemic. While the early indication may be that the vaccine prevents or ameliorates the disease, if it only kills some of the virus, mutant variants can develop that resist the vaccine and spread to the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike. The process is analogous to bacterial resistance. ADE was a known risk of mRNA technology from earlier efforts to develop coronavirus vaccines, which were halted when new exposures to the underlying virus led to lab animal deaths.

A phenomenon known as Monetary Dependent Enhancement (MDE) is a debilitating side effect of contemporary economic prescriptions. The belief is that fiat debt units—Federal Reserve Notes, credit entries on Federal Reserve computers, and Treasury debt—can create economic growth, jobs, and wealth. Injection of fiat debt units may initially stimulate economic activity and elevate asset prices. However, they’re not a substitute for savings, investment, and production, which actually produce growth, jobs, and wealth. Rather, fiat debt debasement discourages savings, eventually retarding investment and production. Of course, as proponents of fiat debt units like to say, in the long run we’re all dead, but MDE has rendered entire economies dead while people are still alive and will do so again.

A phenomenon known as Intervention Dependent Enhancement (IDE) repeatedly presents as an adverse effect of US foreign and military policy. The US foreign policy establishment—“the blob”—believes that its conceptions of governance can and should be exported to other nations. Revolutions are fomented, invasions launched, and regimes changed in benighted nations that refuse to acknowledge the superiority of the American way and accept the blob’s beneficence and guidance.

Intervention carries staggering costs in blood and treasure and leaves both the recipient nation and the US in worse shape than they were before the intervention. The US-backed regime is invariably corrupt and has no real support among the people it purports to rule. The satrapy’s depredations inflame the locals’ antipathy towards it and its US government sponsor. The locals have the incentive, moral imperative, and staying power to fight for their land, all of which the invader lacks. Afghanistan is a classic example of IDE.

IDE has destroyed the goodwill the US government enjoyed after WWII as leader of the free world. It has produced death and destruction across the globe, and helped plunge the US government into debt. The US’s self-anointed designation as the world’s exceptional nation are fingernails grating across the global backboard. The dollar’s reserve currency status, which allows the blob to fund its empire with IOUs, has much of the world searching for alternatives to the buck.

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A phenomenon known as Law Dependent Enhancement (LDE) stems from the ever-growing mountain of statutes, regulations, executive orders, and administrative promulgations emanating from every level of government. A problem is identified and a solution proposed. The proponents’ interest lasts only until a law is passed and regulations are imposed, then they’re on to the next problem. Those who must then live with the laws and regulations have every incentive to bend them to their own ends.

They influence, corrupt, and capture the politicians and bureaucrats promulgating and enforcing the legal diktat. The millions of rules regulating every aspect of American life have failed to produce government-directed Nirvana. They have instead dramatically worsened the problems they were supposed to solve. LDE has, however, enriched legions of politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, and lawyers, and made Washington D.C. the richest region in the country.

Equality Dependent Enhancement (EDE) exacerbates inequality. Measures are enacted to ameliorate the inequality of outcomes that always result from differing levels of ability, talent, ingenuity, ambition, effort, persistence, and the other qualities that spell the difference between failure and success. Ostensibly, resources are taken from the successful and given to the unsuccessful.

Like the other syndromes, EDE produces the opposite of what’s touted. Unearned largess destroys the incentive to earn. The successful have far more influence in the government than the unsuccessful and bend equality measures to their own ends: suppress the plebeians; cement their own power (EDE is closely related to LDE).

Most of the plunder ends up with the government and its cronies, only a pittance dribbles out to the less fortunate. Systems ostensibly devoted to equality invariably devolve into a highly privileged caste subjugating masses of the impoverished and stifling any chance of their advancement. The only equality is that of the subjugated—they’re equally miserable.

ADE, MDE, IDE, LDE, and EDE stem from the same root cause—government. As political philosopher Ringo Starr sagaciously noted, everything it touches turns to crap. The foundation of government is violence. The theoretical best case is that its constituents grant it the right to initiate force against those who violate or threaten to violate individual rights to life, liberty, property, contract, exchange, expression, due process and the other rights that are our natural civil liberties. In this conception, the government is subordinate to its constituents and their rights and exists solely to protect them.

While this principle informed some of the writings and discussions of the founding fathers, it was imperfectly realized in the Constitution and the government they instituted. The number of governments that have, throughout history, limited themselves to this subordinated role—the only moral conception of government—remains zero.

Which is why all governments fail or, in the case of present governments, will fail. Violence cannot be the animating principle of human action. Outside of self-defense it’s not just a zero, it’s a negative. It retards and destroys progress and every other value. It is always accompanied by an ideology and propaganda that justifies its imposition, the special privilege of those who impose it, the deprivation of individual rights, and the subjugation of the unprivileged.

ADE has been instructive. While its origins remain murky, the Covid-19 virus may well have been produced in a lab funded by either the Chinese or US government or both. In other words, government stole money from productive citizens, or pledged their money for future repayment of debt, and granted it to scientists who produced a virus whose dangers far outweigh any conceivable benefit.

Once released, the virus sparked a panicked campaign of induced fear out of all proportion to the actual danger, which served as cover for governments’ imposition of totalitarian controls. An experimental class of vaccines—not vaccines as they have previously been defined but rather gene therapy—were quickly developed (according to the mainstream story) and rushed to market. Contrary to regulations, the vaccines were given emergency use authorizations although effective drugs were already on the market, their safety established over many years of use.

Governments now control whether people may leave their homes, work their jobs, open their businesses, gather with other people or even get close to them, and freely breathe unobstructed air. The commissars are making access to society contingent on a vaccine passport. There’s scant evidence that any of these restrictions do any good and evidentiary mountains of their harms.

Governments are now pushing for third shots—tacit admission that the first two didn’t work—although the reported adverse events and deaths are already greater than previous drugs and vaccines combined. In the past, a drug or vaccine with such a record would have been pulled from the market after a few weeks. Covid vaccines are neither effective nor safe, the benchmark for drug approval from the FDA, yet they’re still on the market. Insanely, governments and their corporate, media, Hollywood and academic minions have amped up propaganda, censorship, and draconian restrictions on the unvaxxed in a drive for universal vaccination.

By accident or design, ADE appears to be in play. As predicted by those who first warned of it (and were censored), variants have developed around the vaccines, which were never meant to eradicate, prevent infection from, or stop transmission of the virus, but only to alleviate the severity of the disease. The “leaky” nature of the vaccines allows mutant, vaccine-impervious variants to propagate.

That some of the worst outbreaks of the Delta variant are occurring in some of the most heavily vaccinated countries lends support to the ADE hypothesis. The consensus is that this variant is more contagious than original Covid. There is less of a consensus on whether it is less or more dangerous, although the propaganda intimates that it is less. Time will tell. In the meantime, the propaganda will blame the variants on the unvaxxed without a coherent explanation as to how that can be true. If the vaccines work the unvaxxed should pose no threat.

ADE is a metaphor for government—they both make things worse. How can benefits flow from coercion and the wholesale violation of individual rights? What gives a small minority the right to coerce and subjugate the rest? Why is the burden of proof always on those who oppose coercion and defend individual rights? Why are those who arrogate to themselves the power to rule by violence never called to account for their many and massive failures, even as the world they’ve created slides into an abyss from which it may never emerge? Why, if people are supposedly unfit for freedom and running their own lives, are some people fit to run everyone else’s lives? Why are words and phrases like “lockdown,” “masking,” “mandatory vaccines,” and “vaccine passports” not treated as the obscenities they are, while words and phrases like “freedom,” “liberty,” “individual rights,” “individual autonomy,” and “personal sovereignty” are freakish, beyond-the-pale concepts that cannot be mentioned among those who consider themselves polite society?

“Screw polite society” is a phrase that should have been uttered long ago, and which has to be uttered now. If someone claims the right to lock you down, close your business, destroy your job, make you wear an ineffective mask, decree your life’s activities contingent on proof you’ve been injected with an ineffective and dangerous vaccine whose makers cannot be sued, and prevents you from questioning or protesting this tyranny; if someone claims the right to force you to accept as legal tender a piece of paper or computer entry whose value is entirely dependent on the value of promises not to create too many of them from thieves who never keep their promises; if someone claims the right to invade countries which pose no threat, and to pay for it with your taxes, your credit, and the lives of you, your fellow citizens, and the invaded; if someone claims the right to impose regulations, laws, and decrees that destroy your ability to act in your own best interest, render you guilty until you prove yourself innocent, extort your compliance at the price of your job, business, or freedom, and only benefit—through extortion, bribery, and the peddling of influence and favors—those who promulgate and enforce them; if someone claims the right to the products of your mind, work, imagination, and integrity to promote the “equality” of those who offer nothing but their screeching “needs”; then their claims versus your resistance are not polite differences of opinion. They are matters of life and death.

Consider these people who want absolute power over you. They’re several layers removed from the realities that confront the rest of us. Many of them have never put in an honest day’s work—where someone willingly pays them because the value of what they produce is greater than what they’re paid—never met a payroll, never had to stretch $5.16 until the end of next week. From their sinecures they prattle and preach, lobby and legislate, censor and suppress, tax and tyrannize, revolving satellites in a firmament centered on government and its power. The revere their credentialed aristocracy and drip contempt for those not in it. Publicly they don’t hide their condescension, privately they stifle any doubts that it’s not merited. If they take any notice of the outsiders’ resentment, they attribute it to jealously and mentally move on.

It’s a beautiful bubble for those who are in it, but it’s destined to pop, indeed it’s popping. At the heart of their philosophy—or religion—is faith in violence, as long as they’re on the right end of the gun. Substitute club for gun and their philosophy—or religion—is indistinguishable from that of primitive savages. Just as surely as savages don’t build civilizations their intellectual descendants tear them down. Coercion doesn’t build, it destroys. Every problem they address—there’s never a shortage—and supposedly solve they Dependently Enhance.

And now all those Dependent Enhancements are coming together in an awesome and terrifying maelstrom that will render life unimaginably different from what we now know. Take the chaos at the Kabul airport and multiply it by a billion—no, too twentieth century—a trillion. It won’t just be governments, geographic subdivisions, and peoples that are jumbled, mangled, and obliterated beyond recognition, it will be the malevolent notion that society can be ordered by a special caste entitled to wield violence against everyone else. That formulation has a butcher’s bill, accrued over millennia, now coming due. If humanity is to survive, the idea will have to meet the fate President Kennedy wanted for the CIA—splintered into a thousand pieces and scattered to the wind.

A great reordering is coming. It won’t be imposed by behemoth institutions, it will organically evolve from individuals, families, and small communities of interest. The behemoths are centralized, bureaucratic, parasitic, and corrupt dinosaurs. They won’t survive the decentralized chaos they’re unknowingly fomenting. There is no ecological role for the Potomac brontosaurus or any other mega-government. They and the gargantuan states over which they preside and plunder have outlived whatever usefulness they may have once had. Nature ruthlessly winnows the useless. The behemoths will be winnowed.

Survival requires adaptation and adaptive order can emerge from chaos. Historically, order has been imposed in a myriad of violent variants, superficially different political philosophies but at root all the same. The coming chaos will present an opportunity for organic order to emerge, based on freedom, individual rights, and voluntary interaction and exchange. It’s order for those who seek neither to control nor be controlled, a philosophical and psychological evolution many will never attain. Those that do will find a patch of territory and stake their claim to freedom, defend it, and flourish. It may not be large, but an acre of freedom is better than a continent of tyranny.

What’s required are the people who are unafraid to claim their individual rights, every single one of them, and will go all the way to secure them. It will be no victory to “win” some slight rollback in tyranny—fewer Covid mandates, lower taxes, a tapering of fiat debt monetization, military withdrawal from an occupied nation, etc. Rollbacks are a fool’s errand, later rerolled forward. Nothing short of total victory—the elimination of tyranny—will do.

If you reflexively cringe when someone calls you selfish for claiming what’s yours, if you’re unwilling to defend your life and rights, so be it, assuredly they will be taken from you. If you want to be free from tyranny, if you want to peaceably live your life as you see fit, if you want to go all the way and create something entirely new, and if you’re willing to work and fight for it, that can be your and your posterity’s future.

25 responses to “Go All the Way, by Robert Gore

  1. GREAT work Sir, Further to….
    Fauci & FDA relationship reviewed.
    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., explains what a corrupt piece of excrement Anthony Fauci is, and America’s “public health agencies” are run by gangsters.
    The FDA properly reviewed.

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  2. Excellent as usual and linked as usual @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/


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  4. Captain Benjamin Willard

    Never get out of the boat, absolutely GD right, unless…you were going all the way.

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  6. Well this at least gives me hope….but only a tiny sliver.

    I have many friends and associates that fully understand what is happening with all of the things you mentioned. But I know in my heart that very few of them, or maybe none at all, would be willing to fight for their freedoms. It’s as if they just don’t want any trouble in their lives and they just want to continue to live in their tiny little bubble. I hear things like “I don’t want to spend whatever time I have left in prison” or “I don’t want to lose everything that I have worked for my entire life” etc. When I point out what that really means ( living on bended knee to the looters and hanger-on-ers) they just look at me like I’m from Mars. Do they really think that “everything that they have worked for” is truly safe from the looters? Don’t they realize that they are already in prison?

    Has America completely lost its backbone? Are there any real men left?

    Are we really going to let a lying, useless, pudding headed flunky and his cronies mandate how WE must live our lives?

    What am I missing?

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  7. Charles King Jr.

    I have read everything I could get my hands on for the past 18 months about this metastasizing nightmare of medical malpractice and government corruption. This is the single, best piece of essay writing that sums up the problem and the solution that I have been privileged to read in that entire time. There is no need to look further. There is no savior on the horizon. We’re the cavalry that has to do it.

    I am putting this piece into my very, very small MUST ARCHIVE collection. I truly believe in the days to come we who understand what the face of evil looks like grinning from our television screens will need much moral support and personal fortification, as our character is tried in a purifying fire.

    There is a surreal quality to Life In America today that many are commenting on. It has become like a waking dream as we see the dynamic of psychological abuse and mind bending take hold. This is a drama that has played out time and time again in human history. We are being called on to water the Tree of Liberty with the blood of tyrants…and patriots.


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  9. “…an acre of freedom is better than a continent of tyranny.” That is a slogan for the ages. Kudos to you, Mr. Gore!

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  10. Who will be the enforcers? Not those that live amongst us for they and theirs will feel the brunt of the silent ones. Shhhh, eyes and ears. God’s wrath has many avenues of reproach. Watch your six and be humble.


  11. Robert: In your piece you note that today the Washington, D.C. area is the richest in the Nation. Thought you might find this interesting. I was born in Alexandria, Virginia in 1950. At that time is was a poor, blue collar town with a large Railroad Switching Yard. Like all Southern towns of the era, you had a white side and a black side clearly defined. Today, the house I was reared in which my parents purchased in 1960 for $18,900, a simple 1 story, 3 bedroom home with an unfinished basement lists for 1.3 million dollars.
    What’s wrong with this picture? :>)

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  12. Bear Claw Chris Lapp

    Over the years I have seen various numbers. It has been said only about 10 percent of the population actually fought the revolutionary war. That’s not to say many more did not provide support because they had to have at risk to their own lives. Supply will always have to support revolution so be prepared.


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