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Jussie Smollett Disguises Self As Larry Elder So People Will Commit Real Hate Crimes Against Him

From The Babylon Bee:

Scandal As Newsom Campaign Produces Old Yearbook Photo Showing Larry Elder In Blackface

From The Babylon Bee:

SACRAMENTO, CA—Larry Elder’s campaign for governor of California was thrown into turmoil today after Gavin Newsom’s anti-recall campaign produced never-before-seen yearbook photos showing Larry Elder wearing blackface.

“This is beyond the pale,” said French Chef Pierre D’issoir, who is running Newsom’s campaign. “Not only is Larry Elder totally a white supremacist, but we now have proof that he wore blackface as a young man in college! Absolument honteux!”

Newsom will be spending $12 million in predominately black areas of Southern California to remind black voters that Elder is a fake black person—and that pasty white millionaire, winery owner, and French cuisine connoisseur Gavin Newsom is a better choice for the black community than Larry Elder.

“Sometimes we need to spend millions of dollars to remind minorities what’s best for them,” said Newsom. “Right now, what’s best for them is being locked in their homes and given forced vaccinations. Larry Elder will try to come in and offer to lower their taxes, give them jobs, and heal their communities, but the thing that really matters here is that he wore blackface.”

The scandal deepened later that afternoon when Larry Elder made an appearance, still wearing blackface.


Untruths and consequences, by Eric Utter

What does the populace do when those who presume to rule it (and their minions) trot out obvious and blatant lies? From Eric Utter at americanthinker.com:

To any sane person, it appears our elites and their media sycophants are engaging in an unprecedented preposterous statement tournament.  They must get up every day, snicker once or twice, and try to think of the most ridiculous, least verifiable piece of ludicrous prevarication they can attempt to pass off as truth.  And why shouldn’t they?  A significant percentage of Americans seem willing to believe anything at all.

So President Biden says there are no Americans trapped in Kabul.  All right, now tell us the one about the three bears.  His press secretary, Jen Psaki, says we need to get the military out of Afghanistan first, so we don’t risk anyone getting hurt.  Yes, forget about the thousands of American civilians trapped in Kabul.  Ignore the pictures of mothers throwing their babies over fences.  Um, Jen, we send our troops to places specifically to confront danger and instability…and often to fight the bad guys.  That’s why, unlike civilians, they are armed to the teeth and wear body armor.  That’s why they have attack helicopters, A-10 Warthogs, missiles, rocket launchers, grenades, and submachine guns.  Or used to, before the Biden administration decided to donate them to the Taliban.  But we are told we can trust the Taliban, that its members are turning over a new leaf.  (Perhaps moving from the 8th century to the 9th century?)

We are told the vaccines work wonderfully and are totally safe.  And then told we need to start wearing masks again.  And that hospitals are filling up again.  And that we need a “booster” shot.  We are virtually assured the coronavirus didn’t come from a laboratory in Wuhan.  Until we were told that it might very well have come from a laboratory in Wuhan.  But, Biden says, the Chinese are Hunter’s our friends., and Iran, too, poses no serious threat.

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LA Times Dubs CA Recall Frontrunner Larry Elder “The Black Face Of White Supremacy”, by Tyler Durden

The liberal establishment despises blacks who frees themselves from their control. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

If you’re looking for proof positive that Larry Elder is making progress toward winning California’s recall election, look no further than the LA Times.

The paper published a column on Friday claiming that longtime conservative, Fox News contributor and syndicated talk radio host Elder “is the Black face of white supremacy”.

Columnist Erika D. Smith wrote: “Few things infuriate me more than watching a Black person use willful blindness and cherry-picked facts to make overly simplistic arguments that whitewash the complex problems that come along with being Black in America.”

Despite ostensibly representing the political party of equality and being anti-racist, Smith’s arguments against Elder seemed to mostly focus on his race: “Like a lot of Black people, though, I’ve learned that it’s often best just to ignore people like Elder. People who are — as my dad used to say — skin folk, but not necessarily kin folk.”

Just another run of the mill white supremacist…

Melina Abdullah, cofounder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, even chimed in: “He is a danger, a clear and present danger.”

Abdullah continued: “Anytime you put a Black face on white supremacy, which is what Larry Elder is, there are people who will utilize that as an opportunity to deny white supremacy. They say, ‘How could this be white supremacy? This is a Black man.’ But everything that he’s pushing, everything that he stands for, he is advancing white supremacy.”

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The Governor California Voters Don’t Deserve, But Surely Need, by The Issues and Insights Editorial Board

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if California elected Larry Elder, a black conservative, governor? From The Issues and Insights Editorial Board at issuesinsights.com:

Courtesy of Elder for Governor


The California gubernatorial recall election was a dull affair that looked to be a loser for those who want to remove Gov. Gavin Newsom from office. Then Larry Elder entered the race. Now we get to see how ever-so-tolerant, diversity-obsessed Californians deal with the angst of seeing a black man with a serious chance on the Sept. 14 ballot.

No one would shake up single-party California more than Elder, a talk show host – the “Sage of South Central” – who is also a small business owner, author, and columnist. Though the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger to replace recalled Gray Davis in 2003 was a landmark political moment, it’s small-time compared to the state electing a black libertarian-leaning Republican, one who happens to lead the field of possible replacements by a large margin.

Anyone who has listened to Elder’s radio shows knows he’s smart, that he supports his beliefs with facts. He’s also a happy warrior, not a scold like the current governor, who is an operator; a slickster, ​​who according to veteran California journalist Dan Walters “continues to say and do things to bolster that image”; an angle-player; and one lucky man who has relied on his good looks and extensive Democratic Party IOUs to reach the governor’s mansion.

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