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Being Thankful Is the Path to Victory Over Davos, by Tom Luongo

Our would-be rulers are devoid of the emotions that make life worth living. From Tom Luongo at tomluongo.me:

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It is the one day where we celebrate putting aside our differences and doing the most basic thing humans can do together, share a meal.

It is also the one holiday that does nothing to aggrandize The State in all its rotten guises. For that alone it would be my personal favorite. Ultimately this is just a story about two very different people coming together to share the fruits of the harvest and the hunt to begin the long and difficult process of building trust.

Trust, by the way, is the basis for civilization itself. Without trust there is nothing, just The Hunger Games.

It doesn’t matter whether the stories of the first Thanksgiving are true or not. Only those with an obsession with demystifying the world to salve their own inner emptiness care about such historical ‘truths.’

It is the story itself that has power, like all great stories.

It’s a story that is deeply embedded in the Myth of America as the great experiment in governance and rebellion against the colonial powers of Europe.

In the end, that Myth is just that, of course, a myth.

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