Seven Great Truths, by Robert Gore


The truckers’ rallying cry—Freedom!—inspires the many and thrusts greatness on a few.

Justin Trudeau and his globalist ilk are an unimpressive lot. Trudeau’s interminable Wikipedia profile is over 8000 words and has 324 references. Never has so much been said about so little except, perhaps, in other globalist profiles. Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, was, like Trudeau, one of Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders, a finishing school for the Davos set.

Trudeau’s resumé lists bachelors’ degrees in literature and education, and studies but no degrees in engineering and environmental geography. He was a substitute and then a permanent teacher in secondary schools. Wikipedia says he gave his father, Pierre, prime minister from 1980 to 1984, a nice eulogy. He started a winter sports safety fund after his brother was killed in an avalanche, portrayed a distant relative in a CBC miniseries, started the Trudeau Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Toronto, fought a zinc mine in the Northwest Territories, and was master of ceremonies at an award show and a political rally. (That comprehensive summation took three sentences and 105 words.)

His featherweight resumé screams politics and government as an ultimate career. He’s a Canadian Barack Obama. See the fawning Wikipedia entry for thousands of words on his ascent up the political ladder. In 2015 he was elected Prime Minister, a position he holds to this day, but perhaps not much longer.

Ottawa, Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, and Brussels are filled with globalist politicians, functionaries, and toadies who differ from Trudeau only superficially. Power, their “right” to tell and force others how to live, is really a self-bestowed entitlement. They are the insiders, and outsiders are ignored or deplored. Whatever differences they have among themselves, they close ranks when fellow insiders are under attack. The Wikipedia profile mentions several Trudeau scandals, including blackface photos, that might have ended the career of an outsider politician, but from which he survived.

Once in a while something cuts through the muck of modern life with diamond-cutter precision and finality, yielding a moment of clarity. The juxtaposition of two images creates just such a moment. The one: thousands of Canadians braving the the bitter cold to cheer and succor 18-wheelers and their drivers rolling towards Ottawa. The other: the empty chair of an empty-suit prime minister who absented himself rather than face what his arrogant totalitarianism had wrought.

Revolutions dawn when an appreciable number of the ruled realize their rulers are intellectual and moral inferiors.

Much More Than Trump,” Robert Gore, March 3, 2016

Justin Trudeau has done more to usher in that dawn than any other globalist. His invective and cowardice have rendered him contemptible in the eyes of millions of Canadians and others around the world despite the best efforts of the kept media to protect him. That he and his ilk are intellectual and moral inferiors is the first great truth to emerge from the truckers’ protest.

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In a modern economy, goods and people must be transported. Cars, trucks, trains, ships, and airplanes, and the people who operate them, are essential. Southwest Airlines’ pilots brought the company’s operations to a standstill with a few days of sickouts. The truckers established a chokehold on Ottawa and blockades at U.S. border crossings, exacerbating supply chain issues. Canadians will survive just fine without Ottawa, but supply chain issues bite in a hurry. Which prompts the second great truth: Production is the essential primary, everything else depends on it.

Is the political class essential? They’ve mandated useless masks, brutal lockdowns, deadly clot shots and vaccine passports. They’ve closed countless businesses and destroyed countless jobs. There’s more to come: proposed central bank digital funny money and social credit systems. They’ve imposed confiscatory taxes and stultifying laws and regulations. Their rampant cronyism, favoritism, corruption. and hypocrisy elicit widespread disgust. Education has become indoctrination, health care a pharmaceutical cornucopia. Welfare and warfare state insiders thrive, the rest of us get state propaganda and Big Brother. Why do we need this political class? The third great truth: We don’t.

Freedom Convoys are a milestone escalation in a rebellion that’s been gathering steam in Canada and elsewhere since well before Covid-19. Protest until now has been limited to voting, the alternative media, humor, and peaceful demonstrations, which the ruling class has ignored, deplored, censored, or canceled. Thousands of trucks are an order of magnitude greater than a march or rally. Freedom Convoys are coordinated movement and obstruction intended to throw a monkey wrench into society’s intricate workings. The fourth great truth: The battle has been joined, the rebellion has gone kinetic.

Trucking is one of countless choke points upon which modern production, distribution, and commerce depend, and there is no way they can all be defended and protected. The dominant trend of our age—decentralization—puts computers, smart phones, cameras, drones, robots, and weaponry in the hands of anyone who can access and afford them. The electric grid can be short-circuited, computer systems hacked, installations closed, cryptocurrency transactions conducted, demonstrations organized, and the high and mighty mocked in viral memes—the avenues of attack are endless.

Individuals have never had more potential power, and let’s not forget the most important power—brainpower. There are millions of essential jobs requiring high levels of intelligence, skill, and training, like driving an 18-wheeler or piloting a jet. Complicated systems can be brought to a standstill with the malfunction or sabotage of a component or two, or in the case of their human constituents, the refusal to perform essential functions. The fifth great truth: Complex systems are inherently vulnerable from outside and within and there’s little centralized bureaucracies can do to protect either entire systems or their constituent elements from decentralized attack.

Violence is the first refuge of the sub-mediocre. If you have nothing to offer in a free market system—an inability to produce and voluntarily exchange—you promote one that allows sub-mediocrities to kneecap their betters. That’s the point of collectivism: sub-mediocrities using violence or its threat to subjugate and rob the productive, from geniuses to those with few skills nevertheless striving to earn an honest living. Violence is collectivism’s animating principle.

Justin Trudeau is a sub-mediocrity, notwithstanding Wikipedia’s 8000-word tribute. Faced with a demonstration of truth number five, his only response is violence. For a sub-mediocrity there can be no other. He either negotiates with the truckers or clears them out with threats and outright force. The former, an ostensible defeat, would actually be the closest he can come to a victory—the gentle Canadians won’t string him up—while the latter, an ostensible victory, would only sow the seeds of inevitable defeat, after which the Canadians may not be as gentle.

That he has refused to negotiate or even acknowledge the demands of the protestors is an unsurprising indication of the path he’s chosen. Tyrants don’t voluntarily surrender power. He’s compounding his own stupidity.

After he invoked the Emergencies Act he froze some of the demonstrators’ bank accounts. The five major Canadian banks were simultaneously hit with outages Wednesday night. In this day and age there are no around-the-block lines of depositors trying to get their money out of a bank, which used to let everyone know a bank run was in progress. Now, depositors use their computers or bank ATMs and try to withdraw simultaneously. Did Trudeau’s foolish order prompt millions of Canadians to question the security of their bank deposits and hurriedly take action? The possibility can’t be dismissed. The order certainly didn’t increase confidence in the banking system.

In fractional reserve banking, simultaneous withdrawals by enough depositors will collapse the entire system, it’s a mathematical certainty. Governments’ deposit insurance funds have only a pittance of the deposit liabilities they supposedly insure. Once those funds are depleted the government either closes the banks or informs people they’ve lost their deposits. If that happens in Canada, you’ll have a Depositors’ Insurrection joining the Truckers’ Insurrection. (See “Revolution in America,” Robert Gore, SLL, January 7, 2015 for a fuller exploration of bank runs’ revolutionary potential.) An interesting side note: there are probably a lot of Canadian police and members of the armed forces who have bank deposits.

A depositors’ revolt would hasten Trudeau’s discovery of the same truth discovered thirty-one years ago by the Soviet Union’s commissars, the sixth great truth: You can’t run a country by threatening its citizens, stealing their money and property, imprisoning them, torturing them, or executing them.

You can be “they” or “we”—Trudeaus or truckers. There are more of us than them. The former will grow with each new outrage of the latter. They have their violence. We’ll choke the choke points and we have our own responsive violence. They have their command—Obey! We have our rallying cry—Freedom! The one makes cowards cower and compels obedience. The other inspires the many and thrusts greatness on a few. The seventh great truth: We will win.

51 responses to “Seven Great Truths, by Robert Gore

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  3. “Is the political class essential?”
    Typical bullshit for a grifting mutt, Cuckservstive Inc., GOPsucking PAYtriot, to disguise pathological stupidity as a legitimate question, of a political and social question answered in 1850.


  4. Except his father was the Supreme Leader of Cuba, not the PM of Canada

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  5. Great article Robert.
    As citizens of a country we elect (the majority rules) and therefore pay these elected persons to do a job. That action by no means empowers the elected to go against the majority that elected them. How simple is that! The globalist undercurrent has infected the “elected” of almost ever country! There is no longer loyalty by the “elected” to the country and its citizens that voted them in office. How can this be? No country-no citizens -no vote. We are headed in that direction or should we say, “herded” in that direction, of global hegemony. A man without a country. No choice. No identity. Just nameless numbers.
    If this is called progress then count me out! If voting is no longer a safety valve for terminating tyrants and their tyrannical governments then what is left? Like you stated Robert, we can and must find ways to fight back to depose these insignificant despots for what they are.


    • Except that the elections have been rigged FAR longer than the last US presidential election. The ‘elected’ ignore the voters because they know the voters didn’t put them in office in the first place. Trump won in 2016 because the electorate was so completely against the nonsensical left that even the massive cheating endeavors of the ‘powers that be’ weren’t enough. Up until that point most people never suspected the fraud that had been going on for decades.


  6. “Wikipedia says he gave his father, Pierre, prime minister from 1980 to 1984, a nice eulogy.”

    His father is Fidel Castro… and he gave Castro a nice eulogy.


  7. Very well said, Robert. Will be linking tomorrow as usual @



    So, the question remains: Who will bell the cat? The Canuck Orcs and Orcettes with badges are arresting the Canuck Patriot Truckers as I write this. How is the protest, eh?

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    • “Who will bell the cat?”
      Apparently no one in authority, and not the unarmed and peaceful protestors who want change either.
      The protest was useful in that it forced the hand of the State to show that there are enough Police forces who won’t resign or refuse to follow orders that will, if the situation requires it, trample protestors to death who won’t disperse, and blame what happens on the protestors. And seize the financial assets and business licenses, etc. of those who are supporters of the protest.
      Speaking for myself I think we (mostly) never thought it would come to this over this type of protest in a country like Canada, but now we know for sure.
      What happens with that knowledge is for everyone to decide for themselves.


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  10. Most of us reading this get it, but we’re surrounded by mindless sheep, awaiting further instructioins from their masters on the TV.
    This cannot be un done, this is reality and our place in the world. As much as we seek freedom and support the truckers, the proles will work against us, and that includes hating us and voting for more wars. Orwell was right.
    I can’t find anyone with a clear head, the majority of people around me are walking zombies, vaxxed and waiting on tonight’s faux news.

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  11. Trudope may be the Canadian Barack Obama, but I’ve seen a picture of him. He’s much darker skinned than Barry.


  12. The police in Ottawa, and other protest areas, willfully carried out the orders of violence from Justin.

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  14. The communist urban centers are seated atop the greatest pile of fragile complexity ever assembled on planet Earth. Keeping it running requires constant effort by sophisticated people cooperating with each other on a routine basis, as Robert points out.

    Breaking such a system can be easily done at so many vulnerable points by a minimal number of malicious actors it is almost ridiculous to contemplate trying to protect it. It is built on voluntary cooperation and nothing else.

    The truckers protest has shown us the city people want the smelly deplorables to do their work unseen in their wonderful cities. “Your reality is intruding in my imaginary world”. “Go away and get back to working hard to deliver the lifestyle I deserve or we will have you beaten and imprisoned.”

    So let’s destroy the cooperative spirit and see what happens to that pile of fragile complexity.

    The battle is joined.

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    • It’s always gratifying when somebody gets it. I’ve received so many comments through the years that betray incomprehension. “Most people are sheep and won’t join a rebellion.” The government has so many weapons and surveillance capabilities.” “We can’t fight them.” And so on.

      This will be guerrilla war. The sheep will be the other side’s responsibility to shepherd, not ours. They’re the last people you want on your side. What you want are decentralized, autonomous brains, know how, ideological commitment, courage, and most importantly, imagination. A cell structure with no centralized command and control that can attack the many “vulnerable points by a minimal number of malicious actors” autonomously. This is how guerrilla wars are most effectively fought, and nobody in the US government or any other government has really found a way, short of wholesale and indiscriminate extermination, to counter an effective guerrilla force. The cause and the fight will attract the right people, including veterans with abundant experience.

      I hope you don’t mind if I cite part or all of your comment as I encounter the inevitable fallacies. Thank you.

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      • I look forward to your commentary. The truckers can actually win this all by themselves. They don’t need to do anything other than not drive their trucks. There is already a big shortage of truck drivers, and supply chain backlogs are already significant. If the food, spare parts, and manufactured goods don’t move, everything falls apart extremely quickly. Yes, there will be casualties, but “you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs”.


      • I trained in guerrilla ops as a young Marine, but I’m almost 70 now. You think the youth can figure this out, so far nothing has happened to lead me to believe they have any intentions of becoming the new team leaders. It’s all the old farts who seem to understand this.

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      • Robert, I don’t mind at all, I appreciate the reply. Your writing is excellent as always.


        • I posted your comment and my reply on The Burning Platform comments section to my article, which is posted there. There are a lot of “the glass is half-empty; I’m surprised it’s not entirely empty, but it soon will be” types over there. I’m looking forward to the responses.


  15. The struggle clicked up a notch with the freedom truckers blockade; but not during the months and months of peaceful demonstrations around the world. Good observation.
    Also, when the response of the government turned violent, they gave away their true intent as well as their location. As they are not mobile, they should expect incoming at any time. True.
    Just hoping that if the US does Balkanize, I end up in your territory.



    • It won’t be my territory, it will be our territory. And we’ll rationally apportion it as private property (plots auctioned to the highest bidder and free trade in them afterwards, with the initial proceeds used for defense) and we’ll all be responsible for its defense.

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      • Ah, rule by wealthy oligarchs and bankers. That always turns out well.
        Or, rather, it always turns out to be that way, despite the putative system.
        wealth = power, power = wealth
        “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.”


        • Or we can be “fair” about it and let the Free Sh!t Army vote away your rights and redistribute your wealth. If I’m going to be ruled by someone, I’d rather it be land owners and business owners who have “skin in the game” rather than a mob of low IQ but numerous people making demands to be taken care of at my expense and your expense.


          • The Founding Fathers had it right all along. In order to vote you had to be a male property owner. Problem solved. You can’t buy votes with welfare on a system like that.


      • I’ve always thought it a good policy to promise land to one’s Soldiers. Give ’em a stake in the fight.

        I’d rather expected that ‘the Left’ would have made more use of this strategy. It worked well for Mugabe, I think. I’ve been anticipating its use in England … “overthrow the Establishment/whites/Monarchy, and redistribute all their property”.

        And why not?


  16. Ottawa is Canada’s Tiananmen Square. Ghandi’s tactics will not win the day, neither in Canada nor in the United States. The Canadian government has gone “all in” (up to and including using lethal force if necessary) and the US Government is prepared to do the same. Now is the time to decide how YOU will respond to the merciless “brute force” that will soon be used against you to cower you into obedience. Canadians hadn’t thought this through, never believing it could escalate this far. Have Americans? Really? Seriously? Do you have a “Hill”? You’d better choose one soon.

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    • Everyone still wants to play nice, they cannot bring themselves to understand the Bolsheviks will kill them in an instant to preserve their hold over the masses. This game is for all the marbles, on both sides.
      And yes, the old saying still holds true, “the only reason Ghandi got away with his protests is because he did it against the British,. had he tried it against the Japanese, his bloody headless corpse would have been floating down the Ganges”. Some people don’t play as nice to achieve their goals.
      Look at Oz today, the leadership is using every nasty weapon they can, short of bullets. And those will come tomorrow.

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      • There’s a short story by Harry Turtledove, called “the Last Article”.

        It describes a German (Nazi) occupation of India, during WW2. The Indian people are inspired to peaceful mass-resistance. It does not go well for them.


  17. One word.



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  20. Remember always, Never be a sheepdog. Be another wolf….


  21. Jon Ossoff is another of the same mold.


  22. So glad serendepity led me to find your writings!!!! What a brilliant article. Thanks…..will be scouring your older ones plus never miss any future ones. A gem found is a gem treasured!


  23. Once again, you demonstrate a brilliance in using the right words to get the message across. Turdeaux is a Bolshevik, and has demonstrated that he wants to hang on to power for its own sake. Lord knows how all this is going to play out, but a historical perspective would say we’ll be adrift in a sea of blood, and that, right soon. With the American Convoy starting this week, Sleepy Joe won’t wait till they get close to D. C. And being a Bolshevik himself, he’ll go to the whip before they reach KC. At least I expect his handlers to react that way. Interesting times, if it weren’t for all the pain that comes with them. And what, I wonder, will occupy all those illegal aliens while we tear each other to bits? Never underestimate the power of a question, you always say.


  24. the rottenschild whoreberg and fuckefeller demonic era has a spiritual root planted by our creator for spiritual purposes. The root has been killed by the Creator and the evil carcass it fed is dead but still in paroxisms. Incidentally justine castreax father openly spent one month a year at his sponsors kingdom in ny, d rockefeller , whose children live as royalty in cuba. castro was officially a CIA agent from 1956. The CIA crafted a new persona for him in 1959 and created false flag Bay of Pigs incident to exterminate decent Cubans so the NWO could have their base in Cuba. They used this strategem to incite and pop jfk. Justine like barak homobama, was concieved by an mkultra cia prostitute as ruler puppet.


  25. The abyss between productive class and top-of-the-pyramid parasite class brings to mind the 1920’s German film “Metropolis”, wherein the untermenschen
    slaved away underground to provide a luxe life to the above ground ubermensch, a condition which was well known to working class Germans in the late ‘teens to early thirties.

    And the rest of course is history. Repeating or rhyming?


  26. Thank you, Robert, for this amazing article! Brilliant and to the point, if folks would just stop cooperating, the system would collapse in a few weeks. Get your individual larders stuffed and be prepared for the long haul……..of nothingness. Once the trucks are shut down, you won’t be worried about gluten free, non fat, organic bread. You will be happy to find a stale loaf of Wonderbread. I believe we commanded to get our houses in order. Now is a great time to start. Again, thank you Robert!


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