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Connecting The Canadian Technocratic Dots, by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

Canada is right behind China in imposing technocratic totalitarianism on its citizens. From 2nd Smartest Guy in the World at 2ndsmartestguyintheworld.com:

This substack has previously covered the WEF penetrated Canadian government and their various crimes against humanity:

2nd Smartest Guy in the World
Technocratic State Sponsored Suicide Is Here: Why Is Canada Euthanising The Poor?
Elites engineering their 4th Industrial Revolution social credit score A.I. systems to determine which Genetically Modified Human (GMH) slaves are fit to live or qualify for recycling has finally arrived. Well, not exactly just yet. Some smartphone app, subcutaneous and/or nano implant technological updates are required…
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And if any Canadians refuse to subject themselves to the slow kill bioweapon injections and never-ending boosters, then the government will classify all bio-refuseniks as mentally ill, thus nudging them hard into ingesting psychiatric drugs which will presumably “cure” them into unreservedly accepting continuous “vaccines” and other State tyrannies:

In a seemingly unrelated development, Canadian bank Vancity, which claims to be member-owned, but is for all intents and purposes a WEF, UN, CFR, BIS and BlackRock captured ESG bank, will soon be issuing their very own PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE credit card:

“We know many Vancity members are looking for ways to reduce the impact they have on the environment, particularly when it comes to the emissions that cause climate change,” said Jonathan Fowlie, Vancity’s Chief External Relations Officer.

“As a member-owned financial cooperative, we believe it is our job to do everything we can to help, especially when it comes to the decisions people make with their money. This tool will equip Vancity Visa credit cardholders with valuable information on their purchases and enable them to connect their daily spending decisions to the change they want to see in the world.”

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Jordan Peterson: Worst is yet to come from Trudeau Liberals

Justin Trudeau and his cohort have set out to destroy an once great Canada. From Jordan Peterson at nationalpost.com:

Rough times are a-coming, what with the cascading consequences of energy shortages, supply chain disruptions, war in Ukraine and severe and looming food and fertilizer shortages

Article content

I have had the great privilege of travelling to 40 American cities in just about as many states and to 15 European countries in the last four months, in the waning days of the great COVID panic, and I have learned many things about our great and self-conscious nation.

First: I have not travelled anywhere else where the citizens and the government are more neurotically “concerned” about the pandemic. It may have escaped Canadians’ notice, but virtually nowhere else in the developed world is it now required to wear a mask, as is still mandatory in many of Canada’s airports and on flights out of our benighted country. There is absolutely no excuse for this, except the punitive self-righteousness of the Trudeau Liberals. What else might you expect, however, from a government that also includes Chrystia Freeland, a deputy prime minister who has bragged about her colleagues’ appalling economic performance, claiming that it is actually good for Canadians to empty their wallets at the gas pumps, because of its implications in fighting the “climate emergency.” I simply cannot believe that this absolute failure of economic policy is now being trumpeted as a positive accomplishment. Here’s a hint for you saintly progressives: if you cared about the poor (the real poor, not the hypothetical poor you are hypothetically saving in the future), you would seek to drive down the cost of energy — energy that is precisely equivalent to work and, therefore, to the wealth that ameliorates poverty.

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Trudeau Proposes Law Banning Handgun Sales In Canada, by Tyler Durden

Canadians can trust the government to protect their rights because governments have a documented history of doing so. Guns are a silly fetish, that’s why America’s founding fathers reckoned them of no importance. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Fresh off his disturbingly authoritarian response to trucker protests against Covid-19 vaccine mandates, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau turned the dystopia dial all to way to 11 on Monday, introducing legislation that would completely freeze the import, purchase or sale of handguns, while compelling compensated forfeitures of “assault weapons.” 

On the same day President Biden declared there’s “no rational basis” for 9mm ammunition in the context of self-defense, Trudeau said:

“Other than using firearms for sport shooting and hunting, there is no reason anyone in Canada should need guns in their everyday lives.

Flanked by families of shooting victims and a group of officials that included Canada’s “Minister of Women and Gender Equality and Youth,” Trudeau declared, “It will be illegal to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns anywhere in Canada.”

In 2020, Canada similarly banned the sale of more than 1,500 models of so-called “assault weapons.” Owners were allowed to keep existing rifles provided they had a permit; others were given a two-year amnesty period in which to turn them in.

While the government estimated that 105,000 weapons were affected by the policy, Canadians had turned in just 160 of them through December 9, 2021. To this point, no compensation has been provided.

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Once a liberal democracy, Canada is now an authoritarian state, by Rav Arora

How many Canadians have said: “It can’t happen here.” From Rav Arora at nypost.com:

Two decades ago, when I was 4 years old, my parents immigrated to Canada from India in search of greater freedoms, autonomy and economic opportunities. They’re core Canadian values — enshrined in our national anthem, which gloriously heralds “The True North strong and free.”

However, the past two years have seen a near complete erosion of the foundational liberal values that have attracted millions of immigrants like myself to this country.

Under the once-righteous guise of COVID safety and online protections, the Canadian government has taken its power to extreme levels once only imaginable — let alone permissible — in a dissent-stifling authoritarian state.

The control has extended to nearly every element of Canadian society, but nowhere more so than in our everyday personal lives. Take my own case contending with Canada’s COVID bureaucracy a few months back.

I was returning to Canada from the US when multiple Air Canada employees refused to let me on the plane. Although I had a negative COVID test, the government was suddenly requiring even returning citizens to be vaccinated (unvaccinated foreigners were already barred from entering).

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The Pandemic Has Proven Democracy Is an Illusion, by Joseph Mercola

The pandemic is ushering in a global police state. From Joseph Mercola at theburningplatform.com:

Story at-a-glance

  • As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pulled out all the stops to quash the trucker protest against vaccine mandates, it became clear that democracy has been an illusion
  • For many years, the technocratic elite, with their global authoritarianism goals, have infiltrated governments around the world and pushed for surveillance and national security tools intended to suppress dissent
  • A key part of that dissent-crushing system is the surveillance apparatus that has been erected. While sold as a tool to hunt down dangerous criminals, its primary purpose is to stifle dissent among peaceful, law-abiding citizens. Financial warfare — banning people from using financial services — is another
  • Dissent is also stifled by applying criminal terms to those who disagree with the narrative. Case in point: “Anti-vaxxers” and anyone who disagrees with pandemic measures are now labeled domestic terrorists or domestic extremists. Using terms of criminality allows those in power to justify the use of unconstitutional repression and punishment
  • The U.S. must repeal both the Patriot Act and the new biopreparedness initiative, or else all privacy and freedom will be destroyed

As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pulled out all the stops to quash the trucker protest against vaccine mandates, without ever having actually listened to their complaints, a truth emerged, clear as day. Democracy has been an illusion. That’s the conclusion drawn by Canadian journalist Matthew Ehret in a February 18, 2022, Strategic Culture article.1

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The Plandemic Enters Final Stage, Real Purpose Exposed, by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Now it’s obvious: the Covid “pandemic” was always about instituting totalitarian power and control, and had nothing to do with safety or health. From Dr. Joseph Mercola at lewrockwell.com:

February 21, 2022, the Canadian Parliament approved Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s motion to invoke the Emergencies Act, with 185 votes for and 151 against, in response to the peaceful trucker protest against vaccine mandates.While Trudeau in a February 14, 2022, press conference (above) promised the Act would be limited in time, geographical location and scope, he’s already reneging on that promise.

Financial Surveillance Powers Will Be Permanently Expanded

The act was invoked to allow the government to physically disperse the trucker convoy without actually listening to their complaint, and to punish anyone who has supported the protest.

Under the act, banks are empowered to seize the personal bank accounts of anyone suspected of participating in the protest, or supporting it with as little as a $25 donation. Disturbingly, the surveillance powers over financial transactions granted by the act are actually intended to become permanent. As reported by National Review:2

“In a February 14 news conference, Canadian finance minister Chrystia Freeland said that the government was using the Emergencies Act to broaden ‘the scope of Canada’s anti-money-laundering and terrorist financing rules so that they cover crowdfunding platforms and the payment service providers they use.’

That broadened power requires all forms of digital transactions, including cryptocurrencies, to be reported to the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada. (I.e., ‘Fintrac’).

‘As of today, all crowdfunding platforms and the payment service providers they use must register with Fintrac, and they must report large and suspicious transactions to Fintrac,’ Freeland said.

She justified the move as a way to ‘mitigate the risk’ of ‘illicit funds’ and ‘increase the quality and quantity of intelligence received by Fintrac and make more information available to support investigations by law enforcement’ …

Freeland said the trucker convoy, which had assembled to protest coronavirus restrictions, had ‘highlighted the fact’ that digital assets and funding mechanisms ‘weren’t captured’ by the Canadian government’s pre-existing surveillance powers.

As a result, she said, ‘the government will also bring forward legislation to provide these authorities to FinTrac on a permanent basis.’”

As noted by the National Review, we can already tell what the Canadian government will do with those expanded surveillance powers. We’re seeing their intentions in action. By invoking the Act, Trudeau has given himself the unilateral power to destroy the lives of Canadians who happen to disagree with him, regardless of the issue at hand.

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Trudeau’s Canadian Fascism Is a Bigger Threat to America Than Putin, by Kurt Schlichter

For America’s rulers, Putin is the detested enemy and Trudeau is the role model. From Kurt Schlichter at theburningplatform.com:

Trudeau’s Canadian Fascism Is a Bigger Threat to America Than Putin

Putin has sent has 100K+ troops into the fake separatist regions of Ukraine, and that’s bad. But the morphing of Canada into a fascist state before our eyes is exponentially worse. A garbage elite on our border – with the disgraceful support of 65% of American Democrats – has declared war upon the working class, outraged that mere peasants are refusing to submit to their betters. Due process, free speech, not beating the brains out of old ladies with walkers – these basics have gone by the wayside and our senile president, with his coterie of aspiring Castros – though Castro was potent enough to impregnate Trudeau’s trash mommy while our ruling class can’t make it happen unless they are on a Zoom call – have said nothing publicly. But privately, they are taking notes. They love the idea of criminalizing dissent – look at the January 6th witch trials – and they are taking notes.

And while Ukraine is bad, this is about us and our country and whether we will remain free or slide into a corporate-abetted social credit dictatorship.

I like Ukrainians. I deployed with them. I trained them in Ukraine. They like to party and they like to fight invaders. I get no problem giving them weapons to kill Russians. I hope the corpses of invaders are piled like cordwood as the Ukes channel the Finns when the Russian dictator-du-jour Stalin sent troops into reindeer land back in 1939. But the worst-case scenario if Putin takes over Ukraine – he’s actually only likely to secure some strategic chunks of it, but whatever – is that Putin adds Ukraine back into the Russian sphere of influence where it has resided for centuries anyway. As obnoxious as it is, we can live with that.

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The Treason of the Ruling Class, by Steve McCann

The rulers of both the U.S. and Canada try to stifle any resistance to their increasingly totalitarian rule. From Steve McCann at lewrockwell.com:

Because of the egocentrism and megalomania of the current ruling class, our country is inexorably and stealthily marching toward a tyrannical one-party socialist oligarchy beholden to a globalist agenda. These elites, in their determination to achieve political and societal status in perpetuity, are willingly allied with the relatively small number of true believers in their midst whose sole focus is to transform America into another failed socialist nation.

In a major step toward accomplishing that goal, the ruling class in both Canada and the United States have calculatingly acquiesced to these ideologues maliciously exploiting the Covid-19 pandemic in order to permanently consolidate their political and societal status.

The current and ongoing fascistic actions of the government in Canada in dealing with the trucker protest have revealed that this process is more advanced in Canada than it is the United States. However, this nation is not far behind as its government has also declared a de facto war on America’s unwashed masses they claim are marinated in white supremacy and racism as these “deplorables” endlessly plot insurrections and domestic terrorism.

Fearful of the spread of a populist uprising, the true believers in Canada’s ruling class, as personified by Justin Trudeau, convinced the rest of their fellow ruling elites that they must violently stifle a peaceful grass roots political protest fomented by their deliberate abrogation of individual freedom. They have brutally assaulted the demonstrators they refer to as domestic terrorists by invoking “emergency measures” designed for wartime. This has allowed the government to unilaterally and without any legal basis freeze bank accounts and seize assets, censor non-state-sanctioned media, jail people without due process and outlaw any political demonstrations opposed to the regime.

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Justin and Joe

h/t The Burning Platform

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Reality Honks Back, by N.S. Lyons

An excellent article about the Physicals and the Virtuals, from N.S. Lyons at theupheaval.substack.com: (h/t Western Rifle Shooters)

Like many, I have spent the last couple of weeks a bit entranced by the trucker protests happening in Canada (and now around the world, from Paris to Wellington). I initially tried to document here every twist and turn of the Freedom Convoy drama, but found it nearly impossible. Events continue to unfold very quickly. As I write this, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has just invoked the Emergencies Act (i.e. martial law), allowing him to suspend civil liberties and basically do whatever he wants (more on that later) to crush the protests. So they may soon be quelled. Or perhaps not. No one can yet say precisely how all this may end.

But in any case news and commentary detailing the protests can now be found everywhere, so I’m just going to assume you already have a familiarity with what’s happening, as I want to try to distill a few more unique thoughts on why I find these protests so striking.

Specifically, why all this seems like such a perfect reflection of the Reality War.

In that essay, I noted how from the perspective of those with the most wealth and power, as well as the technocratic managers and the intelligentsia (our “priestly class, keepers of the Gnosis [Knowledge]”), digital technology and global networks seem to have created an unprecedented opportunity for Theory to wrest control from recalcitrant nature, for liquid narrative to triumph over mundanely static reality, and for all the corrupt traditional bonds of the world to be severed, its atoms reconfigured in a more correct and desirable manner.”

In this mostly subconscious vision of “Luxury Gnosticism,” the “middle and lower classes can then be sold dispossession and disembodiment as liberation, while those as yet ‘essential’ working classes who still cling distastefully to the physical world can mostly be ignored until the day they can be successfully automated out of existence.”

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