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Maduro 1: Abrams 0: but this match is far from over… by the Saker

If at first it doesn’t succeed at something it shouldn’t have been trying in the first place, the US government will most certainly try again. From the Saker at thesaker.is:

Maduro wins the first round

The standoff between Venezuela and the AngloZionist Empire last week-end has clearly ended in what can only be called a total defeat for Elliott Abrams.  While we will never know what was initially planned by the demented minds of the Neocons, what we do know is that nothing critical happened: no invasion, not even any major false flag operation.  The most remarkable facet of the standoff is how little effect all the AngloZionist propaganda has had inside Venezuela. There were clashes, including some rather violent ones, across the border, but nothing much happened in the rest of the country.  Furthermore, while a few senior officers and a few soldiers did commit treason and joined forces with the enemy, the overwhelming majority of the Venezuelan military remained faithful to the Constitution.  Finally, it appears that Maduro and his ministers were successful in devising a strategy combining roadblocks, a concert on the Venezuelan side, and the minimal but effective use of riot police to keep the border closed.  Most remarkably, “unidentified snipers” did not appear to shoot at both sides (a favorite tactic of the Empire to justify its interventions).  I give the credit for this to whatever Venezuelan (or allied) units were in charge of counter-sniper operations along the border.

Outside Venezuela this first confrontation has also been a defeat for the Empire.  Not only did most countries worldwide not recognize the AngloZionist puppet, but the level of protest and opposition to what appeared to be the preparations for a possible invasion (or, at least, a military operation of some kind) was remarkably high, while the legacy corporate Ziomedia did what it always does (that is whatever the Empire wants it to do), the Internet and the blogosphere were overwhelmingly opposed to a direct US intervention.  This situation also created a great deal of internal political tensions in various Latin American countries whose public opinion remains strongly opposed to any form of US imperial control over Latin America.

In this respect, the situation with Brazil is particularly interesting. While the Brazilian government fully backed the US coup attempt, the Brazilian military was most uncomfortable with this.  My contacts in Brazil had correctly predicted that the Brazilian military would refuse to attack Venezuela and, eventually, the Brazilians even issued a statement to that effect.

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Covert US Plot For Venezuela Coup Detailed In Explosive NYT Report, by Tyler Durden

Hugo Chavez and Nicolás Maduro’s nutty socialistic ideas are weak enough to fall on their own. They certainly don’t need any help from the US. However, given our government’s history in Latin America, it would be no surprise if the above headline was true. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

“This is going to land like a bomb” in the region, a former Latin America diplomatic official told the New York Times in this morning’s explosive lengthy report detailing how the Trump administration held covert meetings with Venezuelan military coup plotters targeting President Nicolás Maduro.

The “clandestine channel” involved contacts with what are described as “rebellious officers” bent on bringing about regime change with the help of Washington.

The astounding revelation though perhaps familiar-sounding when considering the historical string of coups and CIA covert interventions across the 20th century from Cuba to Nicaragua to Chile comes just over a month after a bizarre assassination attempt involving two C-4 explosive laden drones which detonated near Maduro as he gave a televised speech during a military parade in Caracas. Continue reading

Erdogan False Flag, US-Gulen Botched Job or Joint US-Turkey False Flag? by Joachim Hagopian

Here are multiple conjectures and a tentative hypothesis on the coup in Turkey, from Joachim Hagopian at lewrockwell.com:

The latest mystery puzzle on the geopolitical chessboard is who was really behind that failed military coup to overthrow Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan over the weekend? Erdogan immediately blamed his former ally and now exiled enemy in Pennsylvania – the 75-year old Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen. The Turkish labor minister went so far as to charge the United States with inciting the quickly quelled “uprising” as described by both Erdogan and Western media.

A rebel Turkish military faction seized two airports closing a third as well as closing both bridges over the Bosphorus Strait separating Asian Turkey from European Turkey, and launching air attacks on Istanbul and Ankara with helicopter gunships and F-16 jets as well as tanks rocking Ankara’s parliamentary building and Turkish intelligence headquarters, totaling 294 deaths from last Friday evening through the morning hours on Saturday. The Erdogan government immediately honed in to arrest senior military officers in command at Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey, which closed temporarily the crucial launch pad facility used by US Empire for airstrike dominance over Syria and Iraq ostensibly to target ISIS terrorists, the same proxy war terrorist allies that both the US and Turkey for the last four years have been deploying in their still ongoing regime change war against Assad’s Syria. Turkish police are now searching the air base after Incirlik’s commanders were arrested for his and others’ involvement over the weekend allowing the base to be used for refueling planes deployed during the foiled coup attempt. Incirlik also happens to store the largest NATO nuclear arsenal.

In the weekend’s aftermath, a number of analysts, pundits, and political armchair quarterbacks are all abuzz, speculating that the sultan madman Erdogan, known for executing false flags against his own citizens, may well have staged yet another clumsily faked operation this weekend. Already by Monday, the sultan arrested over 6,000 of his enemies in the Turkish military and Turkish legal system in a nationwide purge. By Tuesday that number extended deep into security police and teachers alike, skyrocketing to 20,000 arrested or suspended, eliminating in one fell swoop any and all serious threats from anti-Erdogan opposition camps. Perhaps for that very reason alone, in rare form even every rival political party in the Ankara Parliament unanimously condemned the coup from the get-go, knowing if they didn’t, the resurging dictator-in-charge would include them in his lethal kill roundup too. European Union leaders are expressing concern that the dictator has abandoned all rule of law arresting thousands from his alleged preplanned lists of potential enemies.

On the other hand, The Guardian’s former chief foreign leader writer David Hurst, now editor of Middle East Eye, is enamored by Erdogan’s sudden newfound strength and power, gleefully pointing out in his latest piece how Western mainstream media outlets were all too quick to miscall the coup as already successful:

BBC Arabic, Sky News Arabic, El Arabiya TV, the ITN diplomatic editor, the US networks were all running commentaries saying Erdogan was finished or had fled to Germany.

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