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Government and WHO CORONA Lies, by Robert W. Malone, MD, MS

Here’s a handy compendium of all the lies that government and the WHO told us since Covid started in early 2020. From Robert W. Malone at rwmalonemd:

This is not subtle. Incompetence or Nefarious Evil Intent? Hard to tell the difference.

As the sitting POTUS and his entourage is about to head over to the UN and WHO for a little quality time and a vote on circumventing the constitution, this seems a good time to briefly review the current state of affairs.

Ask yourself, have these people earned our trust? Do they have any right to set and police global health policies? Apparently Joe Biden (or whoever is his current puppet master) and Tony Fauci think so.

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The Afghan Adventure and Other Lies From America’s Elite, by Bill Bonner

Bill Bonner keeps asking the question: What else are they lying to us about? There’s a vast array of possibilities. From Bonner at rogueeconomics.com:

The Afghan army wasn’t real. The Afghan Civil Authority was never real. They never collected taxes. There were no courts outside of police robbing people. None of it ever existed… it was just a big jobs program funded by American money, and the moment it looked like the money would go away, everyone went home.

– Former U.S. soldier Graham Platner, interviewed by The Jerusalem Post

POITOU, FRANCE – What a jolly, schadenfreudian week.

The American elite have had their noses rubbed in their most precious delusions and pretensions.

They spent $2.2 trillion, equal to $55,000 for every person in the nation, building a modern, democratic Afghanistan (and coincidentally, enriching themselves).

And now, instead of receiving polite “thank you” notes, they are chased from the country in appalling scenes of disorganization and incompetence.

And this was not just the “military-industrial complex” that president Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against.

If this was a “ship of fools,” the universities, think-tanks, media, liberals, conservatives… Republicans as well as Democrats… do-gooders and world improvers – all were in the first-class cabins.

They imagined that they were bringing the indisputable virtues of the American way of life – with its unlimited fake-dollar spending, Prozac, and transgender bathrooms – to the ancient lands south of the Hindu Kush.

And it was all a fraud, marked by lies and deceit over 20 years.

Meanwhile, the rest of the nation begins to wonder. If the elite could be so wrong for so long about that…

What else are they wrong about? And when will the next appalling collapse occur?

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An Elite Con Job, by Bill Bonner

The powers that be have clearly been lying about Afghanistan for years. The progress of the war, the capabilities of the Afghan army, the level of corruption—you name it, a lot of people with fancy titles have prevaricated to the American people. So what else are they lying about? From Bill Bonner at rogueeconomics.com:

POITOU, FRANCE – The financial news this week is overshadowed by the disgraceful fall of Kabul.

On July 8, President Biden said a Taliban takeover was “highly unlikely,” adding that there would be “no circumstance [where] you see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy.”

And even if the Taliban did eventually take over, said U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken in June, it won’t “be something that happens from a Friday to a Monday.”

But that’s exactly what did happen. The Afghan troops that the U.S. trained, bribed, and supported for 20 years didn’t fight to the last man… They simply dropped their guns and joined the other side.

Incompetent and Unreliable

In all of military history, we can’t think of any defeat so quick… so complete… or so ignominious.

Biden and Blinken were advised and informed by 17 different “intelligence” agencies – the CIA, the NSA, etc. – with billion-dollar budgets, thousands of big-head analysts, and all the latest spy technology.

How could they all be so incompetent?

Journalist Glenn Greenwald reports that the Pentagon had long reported that the Afghan army, which outnumbered the Taliban 4-to-1, was both incompetent and unreliable.

They didn’t make a “mistake,” said Greenwald, interviewed on Fox News by Tucker Carlson this morning, “they lied.”

So add Biden, Blinken, and a few spook chiefs to the gallows list. Hang ‘em high as a warning to the others.

Corruption and Conflict

But today, we wonder: What else are they lying about?

COVID-19 vaccines? Inflation? The economy? The green agenda?

Yes, Dear Reader, it’s amazing what you can’t see when you’re paid to be blind. And for a long time – 20 years, in the case of Afghanistan – you can keep the fantasy intact.

Then, in just a few days, it collapses like a punctured balloon.

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Afghanistan War – The Crime of the Century, by Ron Paul

The war was the crime of the century, the lying about ranks a close second. From Ron Paul at ronpaulinstitute.org:

“We were devoid of a fundamental understanding of Afghanistan. We didn’t know what we were doing.” So said Gen. Douglas Lute, who oversaw the US war on Afghanistan under Presidents Bush and Obama. Eighteen years into the longest war in US history, we are finally finding out, thanks to thousands of pages of classified interviews on the war published by the Washington Post last week, that General Lute’s cluelessness was shared by virtually everyone involved in the war.

What we learned in what is rightly being called the “Pentagon Papers” of our time, is that hundreds of US Administration officials – including three US Presidents – knowingly lied to the American people about the Afghanistan war for years. This wasn’t just a matter of omitting some unflattering facts. This was about bald-faced lying about a war they knew was a disaster from almost day one.

Remember President Bush’s Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld? Remember how supremely confident he was at those press conferences, acting like the master of the universe? Here’s what he told the Pentagon’s special inspector general who compiled these thousands of interviews on Afghanistan: “I have no visibility into who the bad guys are.”

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