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Hero Mom Jumps Out Of Shower, Fatally Shoots Home Invader While Dripping Wet To Save Kids, by Hailey Sanibel

Firearms are an equalizer. From Hailey Sanibel at thebluestateconservative.com:

A Milwaukee mother of two is being lauded as a hero after rushing to defend the lives of her children after a home invader threatened their safety. The woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, was in the middle of a shower when she heard her two teenagers begin to scream. She rushed into the bedroom to grab her gun and proceeded to fatally shoot the intruder while still dripping wet, according to reports.

Local news outlet KY3 summarized the harrowing details:

“A family of three is now traumatized after they say a strange man broke into their home, and the mother fatally shot him while defending her children, she claims.

A mother of two, who asked not to be identified, was showering before work Monday morning when she heard her children, ages 12 and 14, screaming from the living room.

Still dripping wet, she says she ran to her bedroom, grabbed her gun and faced down a strange man, who she claims broke into her home. She says the man charged, undeterred by her dogs, and she shot him in self-defense,.”

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Why We Need Our Guns, by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Guns are the last defense against government tyranny, and history has demonstrated repeatedly that governments will tyrannize defenseless populations. From Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., at lewrockwell.com:

Make no mistake about, brain-dead Biden and his gang of criminals want to take our guns away. And these efforts didn’t start with him. As James Bovard pointed out in 2020, ““’Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15,’ declared ‘Beto’ O’Rourke at a Democratic party presidential candidate debate in September. Compelling Americans to surrender their so-called assault weapons is ‘the newest purity test’ for Democratic presidential candidates, according to the Washington Post. O’Rourke and other Democratic presidential candidates, including Cory Booker, Kristin Gillibrand, and Bill de Blasio (now withdrawn from the race, as are Gillibrand and O’Rourke) have all endorsed mandatory buy-backs of assault weapons. Though such proposals are momentarily politically profitable, they could start a cascade of public-policy dominoes that ends in civil war.

When Australia and New Zealand mandated buy-backs of assault weapons, most gun owners ignored the decrees despite politicians repeatedly ratcheting up their threats. Similar noncompliance to laws requiring surrender or registration of assault weapons has occurred in California, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and elsewhere.

Congress passed an assault-weapons ban in 1994 that lasted for a decade. The original assault-weapons ban protected Americans from being shot with rifles that included features such as grenade launchers, bayonet lugs, or other detailing whose primary impact was to fuel the phobias of gun haters.

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Law-Abiding West Virginian Woman With Concealed Firearm Stops A Mass Shooting, by Tyler Durden

The mainstream media obscures, buries, or ignores stories like this, but they do happen, and they not as uncommon as the mainstream media would like you to believe. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Instead of waiting for the police to arrive, a woman with a concealed carry license in West Virginia acted fast to stop a crazed man with an AR-15-style rifle who was about to kill dozens of people at a graduation party.

“Instead of running from the threat, she engaged with the threat and saved several lives last night,” Charleston Police Department Chief of Detectives Tony Hazelett told local news WCHSTV

The incident occurred Wednesday when Dennis Butler,37, was angered by a group of people hosting a graduation party who told him to slow down through an apartment complex in Charleston. He returned 30 minutes later, parked his vehicle, jumped in the backseat, and discharged his weapon toward the group of 30-40 people.

Unbeknownst to the shooter, a law-abiding citizen with a CCW was within the group and quickly drew her weapon and engaged Bulter with direct fire, fatally wounding him.

“There was a graduation party, a party with kids,” Hazelett said at a press conference. “So obviously somebody just graduated high school and another birthday party. We could have had a casualty shooting there.” He estimated between 30 to 40 people attended the parties.

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Military Vet and Nebraska Bar Owner Jake Gardner Dies By Suicide Days After Being Charged For Shooting BLM Rioter In Self-Defense, by Jon Hall

Get on the wrong side of cancel culture and the pressures can become unbearable, especially if you’re looking at possible jail time. From Jon Hall at fmshooter.com:

Jake Gardner, a military veteran and bar owner in Omaha, Nebraska who shot and killed a rioter who was attacking him and his business, has committed suicide. Gardner was indicted by a grand jury on counts of manslaughter, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, attempted first-degree assault, and making terrorist threats. Omaha’s district attorney had originally ruled the shooting as self-defense.

Authorities detailed that Gardner confronted a group of men outside one of his bars in Omaha on May 30 and was knocked to the ground by the mob. Gardner then fired two warning shots and tried to get back up to his feet, prosecutors said. As he was getting up, Gardner got in a fight with a man, 22-year-old James Scurlock. The two got into physical scuffle before Gardner fired a shot that killed Scurlock. A day after the incident, Douglas County District Attorney, Donald Kleine announced his decision to not bring a case against Gardner, saying that he acted in self-defense.

After Douglas County District Court Judge Shelly Stratman appointed a special council – assistant U.S. Attorney Fredrick Franklin – the same outcome of Gardner acting in self-defense was expected to be announced. However, Franklin instead bowed to the mob, and announced charges against Gardner.

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Europe: “The Era of Liberal Babble”, by Judith Bergman

An ideological schism has opened up in Europe between those governments who embrace and reject multiculturalist open immigration. From Judith Bergman at gatestoneinstitute.org:

• Uninhibited by the obvious fear of their citizens, the EU nevertheless carries on its immigration policies.

• Ironically, Western political elites consider this clearly widespread sentiment against Muslim immigration “racist” and “Islamophobic” and consequently disregard it — thereby empowering anti-immigration political parties.

• “Islam has no place in Slovakia…. [the problem is not migrants coming in, but] rather in them changing the face of the country.” — Robert Fico, Prime Minister of Slovakia.

Europe, so many years after the Cold War, is ideologically divided into a new East and a West. This time, the schism is over multiculturalism. What Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has termed “liberal babble” continues to govern Western Europe’s response to the challenges that migration and Islamic terrorism have brought, especially to personal security.

The Western European establishment considers arming oneself against terrorists, rapists and other ill-wishers outlandish, even in the face of the inability of Europe’s security establishments to prevent mass terrorist atrocities, such as those that took place in Paris at the Bataclan Theater or the July14 truck-ramming in Nice.

The European Union’s reaction to terror has been to make Europe’s already restrictive gun laws even more restrictive. The problem is that this restrictiveness contradicts the EU’s own reports: these show that homicides committed in Europe are mainly committed with illegal firearms.

In Eastern Europe, on the other hand, it is still normal to want to defend yourself. Last summer, Czech President Milos Zeman even encouraged citizens to arm themselves against Islamic terrorism. “I really think that citizens should arm themselves against terrorists. And I honestly admit that I changed my mind, because previously I was against [citizens] having too many weapons. After these attacks, I don’t think so”.

Since the president’s remarks, the Czech Interior Minister, Milan Chovanec, has proposed extending the use of arms in the event of a terrorist attack. He explained that despite strict security measures, it is not always possible for the police to guarantee a fast and effective intervention. Fast action from a member of the public could prevent the loss of many lives.

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SLL Sinks To New Low: A Cat Picture!

From theburningplatform.com.