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A Christmas Parable, by James Howard Kunstler

Did Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016 ignite the paroxysms that plague the nation to this day? From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

“The powerful are panicking, and so they should. Their secrets are leaking.” —Miranda Devine, The New York Post

As the Yule log burns down, and the trivialities of the season melt into air, the nation might ask itself how the authorities who run things went to war against the citizens of this land. I will tell you, and, it will probably make you angry: It started when the women of the professional and managerial class watched their avatar, Hillary Clinton, lose the 2016 election against a man who seemed the quintessence of everything they hated about Daddydom.

     Donald Trump, flawed to perfection, wrecked the chance of the amalgamated successful women of America to run the national household. Out came the pussy-hats, the shrieking Wiccans, and the celebrities threatening to “blow up the White House.” Out came a savage animus against men generally, and a campaign to feminize them in retaliation — and then punish them for objecting to it. Up rose a social movement, Wokery, that had the earmarks of a histrionic religious mania, with Satanic overtones. Up rose the demons, the Antifa louts, the BLM arsonists, the drag queens.

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The MSRP of Wokeness, by Eric Peters

GM has cast its lot with the go woke, go broke crowd. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

It is hard to make money selling virtue – especially when your buyers cannot afford it.

General Motors’ net income is down by . . . 40 percent. Its business model is almost as successful as the Biden Thing’s presidency – and for dovetailed reasons. The Biden Thing crippled the supply chains upon which all companies depend in order to make the things they sell. GM has had fewer cars to sell on account of this.

But it goes much deeper than that.

GM’s other problem is the same problem every company selling cars is dealing with, also caused by the Biden Thing. Or at least, by the things behind the Biden Thing. That thing being the devaluation of the buying power of the currency people use to buy everything. The admitted-to devaluation is close to 9 percent; it is probably closer to 12. Either way, it amounts to an equivalent tax on every American’s buying power.

Put another way, it means the price of every new car has increased by whatever the percent actually is – on top of increases caused by scarcity (those supply chain disruptions) and (more subtly but much more fundamentally) the actual increase in the cost of cars, due to the cost of complying with the decrees of the  Biden Thing’s regulatory apparat.

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American Education Is Rotten from Top to Bottom, by Jack Cashill

It will be interesting to see, in the same way it’s interesting to see a multi-car pileup on the interstate, how the next generations function on their own when their brains are filled with goo. From Jack Cashill at americanthinker.com:

In reading the “overview” of Dr. Jill Biden’s 2006 doctoral dissertation from the University of Delaware, I am reminded just how rotten, from top to bottom, are America’s schools of graduate education.  That a doctor of anything could write a sentence like the one that follows speaks to the historic worthlessness of most graduate programs in education:

Three quarters of the class will be Caucasian; one quarter of the class will be African American; one seat will hold a Latino; and the remaining seats will be filled with students of Asian descent or non-resident aliens.

An advisory committee had to approve this mumbo-jumbo. Apparently, none of the committee members noticed that when you add three fourths to one fourth, you’ve pretty much exhausted all the “fourths” available — all the seats as well.  Although the temptation is to write Dr. Jill’s dissertation off to the power of political pull, her dissertation, from my experience, represents something of a norm in the illiteracy, innumeracy, and race obsession of grad-level education.

My oldest brother, an exceptional high school principal, refused to pursue a doctorate in education — the key to becoming a school superintendent — because he thought the courses he took to get his Master’s a waste of everyone’s time.  My middle brother became a very good high school math teacher without getting any education degrees.  He simply retooled through a special quickie program after retiring as an engineer from Exxon.

On the other hand, an in-law, since deceased, did go on to get his Ed.D.  As a “doctor,” he quickly climbed the ranks and became a school superintendent.  Oh, one caveat: I took his Graduate Record Exams for him.  He could not have passed on his own.  My bad.

In the fifteen years since Jill Biden became a “doctor” — Whoopi Goldberg once pitched her to become surgeon general — the average school of education has gone from being merely a bad joke to becoming scarily woke.

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The Elitist NYC Dalton School Is Having A Racial Policy Meltdown, by Tyler Durden

This is called chickens coming home to roost. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

The Dalton School, one of the most prestigious private schools in Manhattan, is in the throes of a full-on racial meltdown.

As The Naked Dollar blog details, the precursor of this, as first reported by Bloomberg News, was the school refusing to reopen even while most other public and private schools in New York did. (This despite the lack of any scientific evidence suggesting schools were significant vectors for COVID 19.) Parents signed an angry letter, saying that the $54,000 annual tuition, none of which was being rebated, should buy something more than Zoom classes.

Possibly relenting under the pressure, Dalton has announced plans to reopen, but this has ignited another firestorm, this time from the faculty.

Apparently, reopening is racist. 

In a detailed twitter thread, Quillette Managing Editor Colin Wright reports:

The Dalton School in Manhattan is having a race meltdown. It’s absolutely insane. Teachers are holding the school for ransom with demands, but they’re so extreme the school will crumble if they give in. But they’ll crumble if they don’t, too!

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