The Brain Standard, Part One, by Robert Gore

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A society’s well being is directly calibrated to its adherence to the brain standard.

The world is moving towards multipolarity. One axis, the West, is led by the U.S., the other—Eurasia and the global south—by Russia and China. Ukraine currently serves as a cauldron of the military conflict between the two axes. Taiwan may become a second such cauldron.

Through sanctions, the West has made economic and financial warfare a part of the conflict. The longest arrow in the U.S.’s quiver is the dollar’s reserve currency status. Western economies are based on credit. Central banks serve as the focal point of fiat debt issuance and monetization, interest rate manipulation, and currency debasement. Russia, China, and their cohorts are exploring alternatives to the dollar’s role and the West’s fiat currency, debt, and financialization, discussing arrangements based on gold and commodities, and economic activity centered on agriculture, mining, petroleum, manufacturing, and trade.

It’s a common sense conclusion that these are a more durable economic foundation than fiat debt, whose value is wholly dependent on the ever-shifting whims of politicians and monetary functionaries. Several commentators have hailed the shift away from the West’s fiat currencies and credit to that which is tangible and real. Currently, however, Russia and China’s currencies and credit are just as fiat as the West’s.

Oil was as tangible and real in 1600 as it is now. Why was it regarded as a useless nuisance back then and now it trades at around $76 (or about 1/24th of an ounce of real money, or gold) per barrel? What made oil valuable, the linchpin of the global economy, for which countries have been invaded and wars fought? Somebody figured out how to unlock and control oil’s energy and use it to generate light and power, and to distill it to derive chemicals now used in everything from fertilizers and plastics to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Direct barter is the means of exchange in primitive economies. Money is the intermediary agent that allows a producer to indirectly trade his or her production for someone else’s, to the benefit of both parties. Gold’s suitability as money has been recognized for millennia. Credit allows those who consume less than they produce to invest their surplus in economic activity that generates returns higher than the interest charged.


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There is no mystery what the best and brightest seek: freedom to think, express, and produce; protection of property and contract rights; security from crime and war. The conundrum is how few times those conditions have even come close to being fulfilled. They stand out like isolated lighthouses, beacons shining through history’s all-too-frequent darkness and tempest tossed seas. There are no such beacons today; the world shuns the brain standard.

It is the human mind and productive activity that imparts value to oil, gold, and credit. The mind is the fountainhead of human progress and wealth. The world has always run on the brain standard. A society’s well being is directly calibrated to its adherence to that standard. Its requirements are not conceptually complicated, but throughout history its sporadic implementation has proven problematic.

There is a great reset coming, but it has nothing to do with the shadowy machinations of Klaus Schwab and his cohorts. They believe that the many failures of totalitarian states in the past are because they weren’t totalitarian enough. In their dystopia, technology will be used to control behavior from cradle to grave, to make everyone not part of their ruling class docilely dependent on a global government. We’ve already pointed out the fatal contradiction in that scheme.

The globalist plan is order emerging from the ashes of a world in ruins, built back better per their totalitarian design. By whom? With what? There’s that crucial contradiction: the chaos they will have fomented will destroy the energy, resources, and production necessary to control it. The globalists’ slaves will neither build much beyond their own barracks nor produce much beyond their own subsistence. Innovation is out of the question.

SLL, “Bonfire of the Governments, Part Two,”Robert Gore, March 23, 2022

Klaus’s great reset would be a complete repudiation of the brain standard, the culmination of governments’ ongoing war against the mind, epitomized by their destruction of actual science in favor of state-directed science, most recently the global warming and Covid frauds. Turning “scientists” into functionaries of governments, “science” into officially approved propaganda, and persecuting the few who refuse to prostitute themselves are having disastrous consequences. Chaos is what’s left when the best minds either surrender or withdraw to the safety of their own private pursuit of truth (that is, they shrug).

What’s coming is chaotic splintering, not totalitarian consolidation. We made the case in “Bonfire of the Governments, Parts One and Two” that we’re already at peak government, so we won’t belabor it. Today’s behemoth governments and nations serve no purpose other than to commandeer resources, vaporize freedom, perpetuate tyranny, and wage war. Confronted by burgeoning chaos, they have become increasingly desperate, fraudulent, rapacious, totalitarian . . . and archaic.

After global collapse, what support they now receive will dissolve into recrimination, vengeance, hatred, and violence. Most of them will fail. The irresistible political forces will be secession, separation, and insurrection. If a tenth of the Chinese population took to the streets, the Chinese government—the current poster child for totalitarianism—would find itself overwhelmed.

Mindless chaos and collapse are the inevitable outcome of war on the mind. They are the desired outcomes of those who wage it. “Build back better” is a meaningless slogan. The vile hatred that propels the war builds nothing at all: it steals, destroys, and kills. A war on the mind is a war on consciousness and existence itself, which means it must self-immolate.

Homicide and suicide (see SLL, “The Last Gasp,” Robert Gore, March 24, 2020) are the ultimate objectives of the war on the mind. Understand that and the kaleidoscopic jumble of the last few years falls into place. Fail or refuse to understand and the alternative explanations offered are as confusing and incomprehensible as the events themselves.

Building is the province of the mind. In a splintered, shattered world, the brain standard will be supreme. As chaos and collapse burn themselves out and new, much smaller social groupings emerge from the rubble, brains, know how, competence, and innovation will be at a premium. The new entities will have to compete for them. For once brains will be able to dictate terms.

Like most other places, the U.S. will splinter. That process has already begun. Secession is no longer the dirty word that it’s been since the War Between the States. There’s been a massive internal migration from blue states to red. The Idaho legislature just voted to expand Idaho’s western border to incorporate the Oregon counties who want to escape Portland’s political control. The best and the brightest are rejecting the lunacies and ideologies that have destroyed most of America’s major cities, including Portland, and befoul the intellectual and political firmament.

The federal government is desperately trying to preserve a crumbling empire. “Crumbling empire” is almost a redundancy; all empires eventually crumble. Governments inevitably become the monsters they went abroad to destroy, and there are always myriad negative feedback loops between a crumbling empire and its crumbling homeland.

The only things those who cherish freedom and adhere to the brain standard can do is reject the war on the mind, protect themselves the best they can, and steer clear of the carnage. Chaos and collapse burn themselves out, but until they do fighting them is like trying to swim Class 6 rapids—you’ll get crushed on the boulders or drown.

Part Two


16 responses to “The Brain Standard, Part One, by Robert Gore

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  4. my only objection to this article is the use of the term ‘negative feedback loop’: Negative feedback loops are self correcting, Positive feedback loops are self destructive.
    Other than that, SPOT ON!!!!


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  6. Thank you for this. I printed it out and will ponder it.


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  8. Thank you, Robert.
    I am pondering too! We have delegated our responsibilities (and therefore our power) to strangers and those strangers appear to be thieves and vagabonds.
    Time to take our power back.

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  9. I was beginning to think the pervasive drug use in first world nations (legal or illegal) and 5G were the cause of all this demented thinking from pretty much everyone. It’s ruining the thought processes of mankind. Thanks for clarifying the outcome of the obvious destruction. I, too, suspected that only thinking people live peacefully in civilizations working and trading for all the myriad things we need to keep “Mother Nature” from killing us all off.
    Keep up the good work!

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  10. I found myself perking up as I read along, looking for nuggets from Ayn Rand’s thinking.

    And the world goes on, a concentration of power like we see now contains the seeds of an opposing remedy, where history shows just how rarely the resolution leads to more freedom.

    The sadness I feel when I realize the human cost of the day to day divisions that have been applied this power, drunk with new mass media tools, invades further and further into our lives – men and women who more and more are deluded and hopeless of ever finding even that basic human happiness of love and a home and children.

    This time power has made the mistake that will awaken many in a way never seen in the past – the attempt to put every one of us into a virtual panopticon will make the lessons of this country’s founding something of a modern holy grail.

    It could have been fine, if those pathological seekers after ultimate power had simply respected that most people just want to live their lives.

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