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Explaining the Unexplainable, by Karen Kwiatkowski

Who are you going to believe, the U.S. government or one of the most revered journalists in America, a man with a decades-long record of breaking big stories the U.S. government didn’t want broken? If you’re having trouble with that question you’re on the wrong website. From Karen Kwiatkowski at

The US Government and its political apologists have repeatedly called the Seymour Hersh expose of what really happened, the who, how, and why of Nordstream 1 and 2 fantasy, fiction and completely false.  All of a sudden, “US government investigators” have identified a vessel from which the Nord Stream sabotage was committed and …wait for it…. traces to a company owned by Ukrainians, according to new reports in Die Zeit and the New York Times, and well, everywhere!

Who’d a’ thunk it?

The pipeline sabotage was an act of war by the United States, as explained and documented a few weeks ago by Seymour Hersh with his extensive range of deep state sources. A major question remains: Was this an unlawful US Executive Act of War against Russia, against Germany, or horrifyingly, both? It is unlikely that German intelligence has not known the basic facts of the pipeline attacks for many months, but until Hersh’s reporting the German Chancellor and his party could simply remain silent, and they did.

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Life Among the Ruins, by Victor Davis Hanson

The deterioration of America is accelerating. From Victor Davis Hanson at

The few sowed the wind, and the many reaped their whirlwind.

American society is facing three existential crises not unlike those that overcame the late Roman, and a millennium later, terminal Byzantine, empires.

Premodern Barbarism

We are suffering an epidemic of premodern barbarism. The signs unfortunately appear everywhere. Over half a million homeless people crowd our big-city downtowns.

Most know the result of such Medieval street living is unhealthy, violent, and lethal for all concerned. Yet no one knows—or even seems to worry about—how to stop it.

So public defecation, urination, fornication, and injection continue unabated. Progressive urban pedestrians pass by holding their noses, averting their gazes, and accelerating the pace of their walking. The greenest generation in history allows its sidewalks to become pre-civilizational sewers. In a very brief time, we all but have destroyed the downtowns of our major cities—which will increasingly become vacant in a manner like the 6th-century A.D. Roman forum.

All accept that defunding the police, no-cash bail, Soros-funded district attorneys, and radical changes in jurisprudence have destroyed deterrence. The only dividend is the unleashing of a criminal class to smash-and-grab, carjack, steal, burglarize, execute, and assault—with de facto immunity. Instead we are sometimes lectured that looting is not a crime, but lengthy incarceration is criminally immoral.

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“They Lied To Us All”: Tucker Exposes January 6 Fraud And Kangaroo-Court Cover-Up, by Tyler Durden

If you’re surprised that “they lied to us,” you probably should find another website. From Tyler Durden at

On Monday night, Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson dropped unseen footage from the January 6, 2021 Capitol protest which revealed that the entire Democrat / RINO / MSM narrative underpinning the event was a complete lie.

For starters, the surveillance footage show Capitol Police calmly escorting the so-called “QAnon Shaman,” Jacob Chansley, throughout the Capitol complex, and even helped him find open doors.

“The tapes show the Capitol police never stopped Jacob Chansley,” said Carlson. “They helped him. They acted as his tour guides.”

Chansley and his two helpful Capitol police escorts make their way to the Senate chamber 

Chansley, shirtless, adorned in red, white and blue face-paint and wearing a furry bison-head hat, emerged as one of the most iconic symbols of Jan 6. He was sentenced to 41 months in federal prison for “obstructing an official proceeding.” 

The video of Chansley is jarringly inconsistent with the leftist characterization of Jan. 6 as an “insurrection.” Far from thwarting Chansley’s ambition to reach the Senate chamber, two Capitol police officers escorted him there. 

Along the way, the trio passed a large group of Capitol police officers, who appear disinterested in Chansley, even despite his flamboyant attire.   

The video shows Chansley and his police escorts approaching various doors to the chamber, with a police officer pushing and pulling them to see if they’re unlocked.

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One Year Later in Ukraine: Washington and NATO Got It Very Wrong, by Ryan McMaken

The writing was on the wall. Too bad so many people passed by without reading it. From Ryan McMaken at

It’s been a year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In spite of claims from the regime and its media allies that Russia was the next Third Reich and would soon roll through half of Europe, it turns out that was never even remotely true.

In fact, things have unfolded more or less just like we predicted here at the Russians aren’t even close to occupying any place in Europe beyond eastern Ukraine. It’s not Munich 1938. Economic sanctions have not crippled the Russian regime. Most of the world remains ambivalent on the conflict. The conflict will likely end with a negotiated settlement—contrary to what the Washington wants.

The fact is that in spite of the United States’ and North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) efforts to turn Ukraine into World War III, the war in Ukraine remains a regional conflict. It seems most of the world is uninterested in making sacrifices to carry out US policy in Ukraine and that many see the inherent hypocrisy behind US talk about respecting national sovereignty. 

There’s also an important lesson here about listening to the war maximalists who incessantly promote full-scale war as the “solution” to every international crisis. The US clearly wants to fight the war to the last Ukrainian, in what the US is packaging as a global crusade in the style of World War II. But, it seems now that more pragmatic thinkers—i.e., the French and the Germans—recognize that negotiations are the more humane solution. 

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Catte’s Corner: “lab leaks” & brick walls, by Catte Black

Is the Covid lab leak story just a standby narrative, and the only thing that was actually real was the killer vaccines? From Catte Black at

The “covid was a lab leak” story was always a back door official narrative that reinforced the reality of the “pandemic” while appearing to be a suppressed “alternative”.

You know, one of those “suppressed alternatives” that end up in the WSJ.

It’s now going to be used to finally bury any hope that 2020-21 will wake us up to the full modern reality of geopolitics.

Remember the grotesque spectacle of supposedly ideologically opposed world leaders all in lockstep, promoting the non-existent “pandemic”, giving the same advice, talking the same talk?

Yeah, they’d much rather you didn’t remember that…

Do you recall how suddenly it was so obvious what they all were?

Little actors, with their lines carefully written for them, scurrying about doing as they’re bidden by forces we had heretofore barely realized were operational?

They suddenly looked so small & ridiculous didn’t they – in their masks & bio-hazard costumes. Speaking with one voice – that belonged to none of them.

We could see they were just employees toeing some company line.

ALL of them. East & West. Left & Right. Putin & Biden. Trump & Xi. All differences forgotten. All rivalries put aside.

Just to sell a lie.

And kill some people with “solutions” to a problem they knew did not exist.

Remember the shock factor as realization dawned – my God, they are literally all in this together and not even pretending otherwise.

Remember how it started to wake us up – like we had never been before?

We had to abandon all our “heroes” because they all abandoned us. Or made it clear they had never really been with us.

They took the covid shilling & got in line to read from the covid script & forced us to face the fact they had never been what we thought they were.

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How This US Lie Will Likely Lead to War, by Dr. Joseph Mercola

The Nordstream sabotage may lead the U.S. not only into war with Russia, but also into a war with Germany, an ally of the U.S. From Dr. Joseph Mercola at

Story at-a-glance

  • September 26, 2022, Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 — Russian pipelines that deliver natural gas from Russia to Europe underneath the Baltic Sea — were blown up
  • Months before the sabotage, President Biden publicly announced that “if Russia invades Ukraine, there will be no Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.” Undersecretary Victoria Nuland also delivered a near-identical message, saying, “If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another Nord Stream 2 will not move forward”
  • February 8, 2023, legendary investigative journalist Seymore Hersh published a shocking article based on whistleblower testimony claiming the sabotage was carried out by U.S. Navy divers during BALTOPS 22, a NATO exercise that took place in the Baltic Sea in June 2022. Three months later, the planted explosives were remotely detonated, destroying the two pipelines
  • According to the whistleblower, Norway was in on the plan, and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz OK’d the operation
  • According to Hersh, the “why” behind Biden’s decision to blow up the pipelines was threefold. First, it would massively impact Russia’s economy. Second, eliminating Germany’s and Western Europe’s ability to buy low-cost gas from Russia would force them to buy U.S. gas. And third, he feared Europe would be reluctant to supply Ukraine with money and weapons if they were reliant on Russian gas

September 26, 2022, massive leaks were detected in two Russian pipelines — Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 — that deliver natural gas from Russia to Europe underneath the Baltic Sea. Within a couple of days, several countries, including Russia, agreed the leaks were the result of intentional sabotage.

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On The Precipice Of The Great Awakening — On The Eve Of Defeating The Great Reset by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World and Leonard Murphy

Awareness and anger of the Covid scam has reached critical mass and is ready to ignite. From 2nd Smartest Guy in the World and Leonard Murphy at

Good always defeats evil.

The below comment was recently posted on a C19 forum for doctors and researchers. The thesis of this researcher and pattern recognition expert is that we are rapidly approaching critical mass for a societal shift that will allow humanity to break free from the One World Government global tyranny.

Many of this substack’s subscribers have commented and emailed requesting solutions above and beyond nonviolent noncompliance, local community building and decentralization strategies. Now is your chance to not only offer your solutions in the comments section of this article, but to reach out directly to Leonard Murphy and actively participate in building out our freedom network.

I decided it was the best way to reach out to as many folks as possible, while sparing your inboxes from a massive email chain.  As people respond and engage, I’ll loop those interested in taking this further into a collective thread.  

You all know me through my work in research, marketing, and strategy on the groups we have been mutually involved in. But you may not be aware that I am a trend spotter and pattern recognition expert. That is the core of my day job; using disparate data sources to separate signal from noise, consider the long tail of implications from those signals, and craft strategies to adapt to them. In one form or another, it’s how I have made my living for 25 years, and for the past few years I have tried to deploy those same skills to assist in our movement.  

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The Dark Biden Rises: The Reinvention of Hunter in a New and Menacing Image, by Jonathan Turley

So, Hunter Biden has become like on of those celebrities who every year or two refashions their “image.” From Jonathan Turley at

Below is an expanded version of my New York Post column this week on the latest moves by Hunter Biden and his team. It is the latest reinvention of Hunter but it is unlikely to succeed any more than the earlier incarnations. Yesterday, the deadline to turn over evidence passed for Hunter, his uncle, and one of his associates. They have decided to go full Bannon, even though this course took the former Trump adviser to a speedy conviction for contempt.

Here is the column:

It appears that the Biden franchise is about to follow a new vision for the male scion of President Joe Biden. Just as Christopher Nolan introduced a darker Batman, a new team of political advisers and lawyers have reinvented Hunter Biden in a new and more menacing image. Biden is threatening lawsuits and reportedly preparing a scorched Earth campaign against political and media critics. He is even in court trying to prevent his own daughter from using his name.

Welcome to the new Dark Biden.

Hunter Biden has long been a reclamation project for the media and the Biden team. Despite ample evidence that he and his family may have engaged in one of the largest influence peddling operations in history, the media has struggled to find a redeeming image for someone who has committed his life to a toxic mix of nepotism, narcissism, and narcotics.

First, there was the “Hunter: the wrongly accused international businessman.” This blanket denial of wrongdoing was maintained by his father and dutifully repeated by the media. Hunter Biden did “nothing wrong” and reporters pressing questions of corruption were immediately attacked.

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Earthquake Unveils Turkey’s Many Ugly Faces, by Burak Bekdil

Tragedy often brings out the worst in governments. From Burak Bekdil at

The worst disaster in modern Turkey’s history, the earthquake killed, as of February 15, more than 35,000 people and injured 100,000. The death toll will likely reach 40,000 or more. According to one estimate, the quake will result in $84 billion in economic losses to Turkey, more than 10% of gross domestic product.

It was not the quake that killed tens of thousands, but politics and suicidal profit-maximization behavior on individual level.

[I]n the aftermath of the 1999 quake, Erdoğan said: “What broke here is not the fault line … It is [the state’s] sense of shame. This is [the result of] poor building planning and stealing from construction materials.” Now that he is in power, Erdoğan explains that the loss of life in this month’s earthquake was (God’s) fate.

As part of his election campaign in 2018, Erdoğan granted “amnesty” to 7.4 million applications for unregulated buildings in return for fees, of which his government collected more than $13 billion.

More than 10,000 buildings were destroyed in the latest earthquake.

With the amnesty, contractors were allowed to skip crucial safety regulations, increasing their profits but putting residents at risk. Few buyers and tenants could guess that those permits would be their death certificates.

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The Crusades of the Virtuous, by Nora Hoppe

Degenerate cultures generally produce degenerate art, and our degenerate culture is no exception. From Nora Hoppe at

The culture and arts of a society, of a civilisation can be seen as a barometer of its development and the quality of its statehood. Confucius, who saw music as the noblest of all the arts, said: “If one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, if its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will furnish the answer.”

The arts – in their truest and noblest forms – have always posed a serious threat to despotic powers because they represent a freedom of spirit and independence of thought.

During the Third Reich, the Nazis engaged in “Cancel Culture” by censoring various forms of music, literature, films, theatre plays that were considered an “an insult to German feeling” and which they condemned as “Entartete Kunst” [degenerate art]. Instead, they promoted works that exalted the “blood and soil” values of racial purity, militarism, and obedience.

In times of Roman imperial decay the arts had no fertile soil from which to develop as the previous arts had either been “cancelled” or perverted for propagandistic purposes. Edward Gibbons described the state of culture during the Decline of the Roman Empire: “…this age of indolence passed away without having produced a single writer of original genius or who excelled in the arts of elegant composition. […] The beauties of the poets and orators, instead of kindling a fire like their own, inspired only cold and servile imitations […] The name of Poet was almost forgotten; that of Orator was usurped by the sophists. A cloud of critics, of compilers, of commentators, darkened the face of learning, and the decline of genius was soon followed by the corruption of taste.”

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