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The Best Laid Plans, by The Zman

You’ve gotten rid of Trump, what do you do with his mentally incapacitated replacement? From The Zman at theburningplatform.com:

Anyone who has had to plan a project or organize an event knows that the plans never turn out as expected. Even the most cynical veterans know their plans will run into some unexpected snafu. In fact, the word “snafu” comes from the people who spend most of the time planning things, the military. The word “snafu” comes from the acronym SNAFU, which was popularized during the Second World War. It is why we have another military saying. “No plan survives contact with the enemy.”

This may be what we are about to witness with The Pretender. The people who rigged the election knew Biden was unlikely to last his entire term. He is an old man in poor health and the White House is not the place for an octogenarian. He would either drop dead, become incapacitated or, most likely, lose his marbles so bad that he would have to be removed. This is why Pelosi pushed a bill to form a 25th Amendment commission in the fall of last year. She was planning ahead.

The thing is though, the plan was for Biden to be well enough to sign off on whatever the Democrats could rush through the House and Senate. The rhythm of politics is the first year of a new administration is when things can get done. The people inside the Green Zone believe the public is as happy as they are to be rid of Trump, so they want to push through all of their schemes as fast as possible. It is why the people who really run things have had Biden sign close to 50 executive order.

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