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I Don’t Much Like What Is Happening. I’m Tired Of Seeing The Coward Staring Back At Me In The Mirror. By Wes Rhinier

Yes, if you want your life to be anything more than what the New World Order crowd has in store for you, you’re going to have to fight. From Wes Rhinier at ncrenegade.com:

I knew we were in trouble way back in my Tea Party days. Once I became comfortable there and had made many good friends, I began speaking more freely. It never failed, every time I said we couldn’t vote our way out of this mess and that a “Revolution” would be necessary to restore Liberty, I’d get those you’re insane looks or comments. So for over 10 years now I have been trying to open people’s eyes to the farce of voting to no avail.

It’s heartbreaking to read article’s such as this from WRSA yesterday. “Complacency, compliance, and cowardice together with bountiful heaps of apathy, indifference, and denial are pretty much all I see.” Oh, how many times I have written about that. Yet we continue to do nothing but hope for the best in voting. Early voting is taking place here locally already, and it seems that the enthusiasm is high. Politicians signs are everywhere. One of the early voting stations was packed this past Saturday. The cycle of hope on voting our way out continues it seems.

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The Rebellion of America’s New Underclass, by Joel Kotkin

The economic prospects of the young people are bleak, and certainly not helped by the mountains of debt their elders are leaving them. From Joel Kotkin at americanmind.org:

Serf’s up.

Like so many before them, our recent disorders have been rooted in issues of race. But in the longer run, the underlying causes of our growing civic breakdown go beyond the brutal police killing of George Floyd. Particularly in our core cities, our dysfunction is a result of our increasingly large, and increasingly multi-racial, class of neo-serfs.

Like its Medieval counterpart, today’s serf class consists of the permanently marginalized—like the peasants of feudal times, these people are unlikely to move to a higher station. This does not only apply to the residents of our ghettos and barrios. Many of our young people, white and otherwise, appear to have little or no hope of attaining the usual milestones of entry into the middle class—gaining a useful and marketable skill, starting a small business, or buying a home or other property.

Throughout much of the 20th century, this aspiration was very much alive as more and more people, including racial minorities and immigrants, entered the middle ranks. Now, in contrast, the doors are slamming shut for millions of Americans.

This trend has been made worse by the lockdowns surrounding the pandemic. Almost 40% of those Americans making under $40,000 a year have lost their jobs. The unemployment rate of those with less than a high-school diploma jumped from 6.8% on the month to 21.2%. For college graduates, it rose from 2.5% to 8.4%. Salaried workers have been laid off at roughly half the rate of hourly workers.

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This Is Madness, and You Will Now Be Required to Build Your Own Prisons! by Gary D. Barnett

The coronavirus completes the transition to totalitarianism. It will also initiate the revolt against totalitarianism. From Gary D. Barnett at lewrockwell.com:

 “I admit that I myself am far from having a complete command of every topic I touch on, but my knowledge of my subject is always greater than the interest or the understanding of my auditors. You see, there is one very good thing about mankind; the mediocre masses make very few demands of the mediocrities of a higher order, submitting stupidly and cheerfully to their guidance” ~ Alfred de Vigny, Stello

The newest pandemic to strike America, and the rest of the world as well, is a disease with many strains of the gene called “stupidity.” I have not in my lifetime seen this much ignorance displayed by so many all at the same time. Something so normal as a minor flu has stilled the earth, and has caused almost all of humanity to be consumed by fear and a total lack of logical thought. It is even worse than I present here, as people are going against each other, monitoring their neighbors for the state, hiding in their homes as ordered, closing their businesses, voluntarily leaving their jobs, and cowering to the false authority of a government that is pretending to be God on high.

As of this writing, a little over 10,000 people have supposedly died from this so-called coronavirus, and that number is most likely much overstated. All this as 300,000 to 700,000 will die worldwide this year from the common flu. This is no pandemic; it is madness. Why are so many so blind? 

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