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New Harvard Data (Accidentally) Reveal How Lockdowns Crushed the Working Class While Leaving Elites Unscathed, by Brad Polumbo

Harvard researchers certainly weren’t goal seeking the conclusions that came from their own study. From Brad Polumbo at fee.org:

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The Past Lives On: The Elite Strategy To Divide and Conquer, by Edward Curtin

Every politician pays homage to the working class, then ignores it (at best) or pursues policies that destroy it. From Edward Curtin at off-guardian.org:

Photo by Sonder Quest on Unsplash

They call my people the White Lower Middle Class these days. It is an ugly, ice-cold phrase, the result, I suppose, of the missionary zeal of those sociologists who still think you can place human beings on charts.  It most certainly does not sound like a description of people on the edge of open, sustained and possibly violent revolt,” wrote the marvelous New York journalist, Pete Hamill in “The Revolt of the White Lower Middle Class” in New York magazine.

He added:

The White Lower Middle Class? Say that magic phrase at a cocktail party on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and monstrous images arise from the American demonology. Here comes the murderous rabble: fat, well-fed, bigoted, ignorant, an army of beer-soaked Irishmen, violence-loving Italians, hate-filled Poles. Lithuanians and Hungarians….Sometimes these brutes are referred to as ‘the ethnics’ or ‘the blue-collar types.’ But the bureaucratic, sociological phrase is White Lower Middle Class. Nobody calls it the Working Class anymore.

He wrote that on April 14, 1969. Yesterday. Little changes.

Transferred from NYC to the middle of the country half a century later, these people are referred to as Trump’s “deplorables.” They comes in baskets, as Hillary Clinton said.  And even though they represent nearly half the voting public in the last two presidential elections – 70+ million Americans – their complaints are dismissed as the rantings of ignorant, conservative racists.

Name calling substitutes for understanding. This is not an accident.

Like Hamill, I am a NYC born and bred Irish-American – my working-class Bronx to Pete’s Brooklyn. We both attended the same Jesuit high school in different years. Unlike Hamill, known for his gritty street reporting, because I have been a college sociology professor, I could falsely be categorized as a northeastern liberal intellectual oozing with disdain for those who voted for Trump.  This is false, because, like Hamill, I see it as my intellectual duty to understand what motivates these voters, just as I do with those who voted for Biden.

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As the Democratic Party Hates “Trump Deplorables,” How Can It Represent White People? by Paul Craig Roberts

How do you demonize a whole class of people then ask them for their votes? From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

The Democrats are toast because they are incapable of producing a leader and are the politicians of divisive Identity Politics.  The party’s ideology is anti-white and anti-male. 

The party is also ensnared in Biden’s corruption. The Obama regime used Ukraine as a money laundering operation.  Billions of US taxpayers’ money flowed to Ukraine and most then flowed back to Democrats like Biden and Son.  The Clintons perfected this kind of scheme and accumulated $1,500 million in their “foundation” and $120 million in their private pockets. Tell me, from where did a poor boy from Arkansas and a second-rate lawyer get this amount of money?

The utterly corrupt Democrats have spent the entirety of Trump’s first term in CIA/FBI orchestrated coups—Russiagate and Impeachgate–for which they never could produce a gram of evidence.  The US media is so corrupt and so devoid of integrity that the Democrats could get away with this with the media.  But not with the American people, a growing majority of which trusts neither Democrats nor the lying corrupt media, CNN least of all.

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Down with the Working Classes! by C.J. Hopkins

Here’s a nifty satire. From C.J. Hopkins at unz.com:


If the Left is ever going to come together to save the world from Donald Trump and his legions of fascistic Putin-Nazis, we’re going to need to confront our primary enemy … the international working classes. Yes, my comrades, I’m afraid it’s time to face the facts, depressing as they are. The working classes are not our friends. Just look at how they’ve been betraying us … and after all we’ve done for them all these years! This cannot be allowed to continue, not if we are going to rescue democracy from Trump, Putin, Assad, the Iranians, and Palestinian kids with terrorist kites, and eventually stem the blood-dimmed tide of neo-fascist anti-Globalism!

Now, OK, I know you’re probably asking, “how can the international working classes possibly be the enemy of the Left?” and “wouldn’t that render the whole concept of the Left completely absurd and essentially meaningless?” and other pertinent questions like that. And that’s totally fine, you’re allowed to ask that. Questioning aspects of the official narrative the ruling classes are forcing everyone to conform to like members of a worldwide cult doesn’t make you a Nazi or anything. It’s perfectly OK to ask such questions, as long as you don’t continue to ask them, over and over, and over again, after the facts have been explained to you. Here are those facts, one more time.

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