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WHAT IF….. By Hardscrabble Farmer

What if Covid and the Ukraine-Russia war are just psyops to enslave the world, and Putin and Xi are just part of the script? From Hardscrabble Farmer at theburningplatform.com:

Being There - Rotten Tomatoes

If one were cynical enough they might look at the last year as an effort of the Globalists not to undermine Russia and defeat it, but rather as a means to get them to rebuild their military forces to levels not seen since WWII. Ditto the Western powers. Perhaps, rather than an actual war in Ukraine where no one has eyes to see what is actually unfolding, this may have been a means of those who frequent the WEF conferences to build a force capable of defeating internal resistance of the people being crushed under the totalitarian practices world-wide. Ditto the “conflict” with China. Covid, for all it’s byzantine intrigues looks in the rear-view mirror to be a lot more like a well coordinated Sino-American Psy-Ops than a divisive era.

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Will Trump Rescue China’s Communism? by Gordon G. Chang

Any trade agreement the Chinese sign with Trump be heavily weighted in their favor. From Gordon G. Chang at gatestoneinstitute.org:

  • China has violated its WTO promises and all the other trade deals. Now, President Trump is seeking to remedy Beijing’s failure to follow promises — and its continued annual theft of hundreds of billions of dollars of American intellectual property — by inking another pact.
  • Moreover, Washington’s determination to end Chinese theft of intellectual property also undermines Xi Jinping’s signature Made in China 2025 initiative to dominate eleven critical technologies by that year.
  • In short, there is no chance that Xi will comply with any agreement that is acceptable to the United States.
  • A trade agreement now will be seen as an end to the “trade war” and as Trump’s support for Xi. A pact, therefore, would constitute America’s fourth great rescue of Chinese communism.
A trade deal with President Donald Trump looks as if it is the only thing that can revive the Chinese economy and thereby save Xi’s brand of communism. Will the American president do so? Pictured: President Trump takes part in a welcoming ceremony with President Xi on November 9, 2017 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Thomas Peter-Pool/Getty Images)

Three times — in 1972, 1989, and 1999 — American presidents rescued Chinese communism. Now, Xi Jinping’s China, plagued by problems of his own making, desperately needs a lifeline.

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