Saving Civilization, by Robert Gore


Savagery or civilization?

Imagine you had been picked as a juror for the Derek Chauvin trial. Before you hear a shred of evidence, you very well might make a decision most people would not only admit was the better part of valor, but that harmonized perfectly with prevailing morality.

Your pretrial verdict? Guilty. There had been threats since Chauvin was charged with second and third degree murder and second-degree manslaughter that acquittals would provoke rampaging riots. After the riots last summer, no one could doubt the threats’ credibility. A guilty verdict on all counts could avoid injuries, deaths, and billions of dollars in property damage. Against those consequences, what do the rights or the life of a policeman matter? You’re predetermined verdict is for the greater good.

Even if such considerations never entered your head, you’d need extraordinary courage and independence to impartially hear the evidence and if you thought it warranted, vote for acquittal. You’d have to withstand pressure from your fellow jurors. You’d run the risk that your personal information was leaked by some mainstream or social media scumbag and mostly peaceful thugs showed up at your door. You might be canceled out of a job, your business network, and your social circle. Your privacy would be obliterated and reputation ruined in the wilting glare of nonstop publicity and odium. Politicians and other public figures would denounce you.

The chance that one such person would land on the jury was remote, the chance of twelve nonexistent. Under the inverted standard of justice that prevailed, the outcome was always going to be dictated not by the facts of the case, reasoned consideration of the evidence, deliberation, and the applicable law, but by “social considerations,” which is a polite way of saying the mob.

The mob hailed the verdict as justice. It’s the same justice as John Gotti’s three acquittals after his goons intimidated jurors. Chauvin was guilty unless proven innocent beyond a “reasonable” doubt as defined by the mob. In the same vein, the policeman who shot and killed Ashley Babbitt at the Capitol is not guilty—without a trial—because that’s what the mob demanded. Such blatant contradiction is mob justice.

A morality that confers “rights” on mobs and strips those of an individual is the morality of savages. Maxine Waters is a savage, but so too are the members of the Minneapolis City Council who agreed to pay George Floyd’s estate $27 million before Chauvin’s trial had begun, the judge who recognized the prejudicial unfairness of Waters’ inflammatory statements but passed the buck for doing anything about it to the appellate courts, and the political, media, and celebrity jackals from Joe Biden on down who’ve been howling for Chauvin’s conviction since Floyd’s death.

Whatever the justifications they cite for their pre-verdict demands, they are implicitly insisting that Chauvin’s rights are of no consequence. When the “rights” of some outweigh the rights of one, anything goes. There are people who call for reducing the world’s population to 500 million, which implies a genocide of over 7 billion. That such people are on university faculties rather than denounced and shunned as advocates of mass murder shows just how far the barbarism of collectivist justification has advanced, even when the collective embraced is a fraction of the number of individuals whose lives are to be canceled!

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Service and sacrifice are the watchwords of government, the ultimate mob. Who’s served and who’s sacrificed? There has never been a government that has not arrogated to itself the privilege of using force and fraud to strip individuals of their production, their property, their rights, their liberty, and ultimately, their lives. That privilege is governments’ defining essence and is the privilege that has always threatened humanity. The rationales and rhetoric are invariably collective: the demands of the mob supersede individual rights and individual justice.

Is there any other kind of justice? Injustice to one cannot be justice for the many, no matter how many “warriors” stand with the many. It’s mob rule or individual rights—there is no other choice. The savages and cannibals denying individual rights can claim no rights for themselves; there will always be more violent savages and cannibals. It’s a race to the bottom when brutality reigns. The United States government, its foundational albeit imperfectly realized commitment to individual rights completely abandoned, is fast sinking to the nadir.

The high and mighty savages among us believe they can employ the brutality of more overt savages for their own ends. However, the overt savages, because they’ve abandoned even the facade of decency, are closer to the bottom and are therefore winning the race.. Spared the effort of pretense, those who nonchalantly bash store windows or heads won’t hesitate to bash high and mighty heads that hold mistaken notions of who’s the boss. In the race to the bottom, the most ruthless and bloodthirsty win.

Nothing will be fair about the coming fight. It’s no use whining about the other side’s lack of principles, its lies, hypocrisy, unfairness, ruthlessness, and control of virtually every important institution. They’re evil totalitarians, what the hell do we expect? Their principle is absolute power and they’ll do whatever is necessary to acquire and keep it.

Robert Gore, “The Gray Curtain Descends, Part 2,” SLL, January 14, 2021

The trial for Derek Chauvin and the lack of one for the Capitol Hill policeman (name still unknown) are another reminder—not that any are needed—that savages aren’t fair. It’s pathetic and ludicrous to expect an appellate court to grant Chauvin a new trial, although it would have ample grounds to do so in anything resembling a fair judicial system.

It’s like saying, “Wait until 22 and 24!” or, “Wait until the Arizona vote audit!” after last year’s blatant election theft. The savages have instituted corrupt arrangements that will enshrine their power in perpetuity. Expecting them to tolerate anything that would jeopardize those arrangements is like expecting water to run uphill. Fair or even quasi-fair elections would threaten their power. They are, like fair trials, but a memory.

Savages beget savagery and nothing else, until they are stopped or they stop themselves. Don’t count on them recognizing the production—a civilized and thereby forbidden act—and the producers—civilized and thereby forbidden people—that keep them fed and alive. And don’t count on them not making your weaponry, your last line of defense, a use it or lose it proposition.

They recognize no limits, certainly not the constraints imposed by reality. They may have to lay waste to the world before whomever remains of the honest and productive realize that their lives are a defend them or die proposition. For decades, America’s rulers and their accomplices have said about the enemies of the day: they only understand force. It’s projection, ascribing to others one’s own motivations. They’ve dressed it up in all sorts of verbiage, from Make the World Safe for Democracy to We’re All In This Together, but force is what they understand and to which they’ll always resort. The only thing that will stop them is superior force more competently wielded.

Abandon your mind and life is one big scary mystery. In their perpetual, pervasive fear of everything, savages will always respond to superior force. The civilized are abandoning savage strongholds, seeking refuge in states that still demonstrate a vestigial respect for individual rights, the font of civilization. These aren’t nirvanas of freedom, but they’re better than what’s left behind.

Live and let live are not options for savages; they have to prey on someone. The migrants may find relief in their new locales, but unless they’re prepared to defend them that relief will prove temporary. Having run out of victims at home, the savages will invade, plunder, and destroy any place that maintains a modicum of freedom, production, prosperity, and civilization.

Unless their would-be victims repel them. The U.S. is fracturing and that should be encouraged, as it may eventually lead to de facto political separation. However, as separatists found out in 1776 and 1861, it’s one thing to declare new political arrangements, it’s quite another to establish, maintain, and defend them. However, the separatists have most of the advantages.

Governments produce nothing, they mostly destroy. The U.S. government is destroying itself and the nation with debt, confiscatory taxation, redistribution, corruption, a blizzard of laws and regulations, and maintaining a crumbling global empire in the face of challenges from Russia and China.

Government of the savages, by the savages, and for the savages doesn’t have much to draw on, and decades of propaganda have told savages to look to the government for every need. Vegetarian stew in every pot, two Teslas in every garage, paid for diplomas on every wall, a band-aid for every scratch, and a kiss for every boo-boo are just the minimum of what they’ve been told to expect. If they don’t get them it’s the selfish civilized’s fault. But who will they blame when the selfish civilized skip town or quit? And who will feed them?

The separatists will have the productive capabilities. Many of the country’s honest entrepreneurs (as opposed to its crony socialists) have already migrated. They will also have military expertise, especially after the savages eliminate retrograde rightwingerism and transform the US military into the most diverse, empathetic, and politically correct conflict resolution force the world has ever seen. (Oh, how the world trembles!) Notwithstanding the many thanks they’ve received for their service to the savages’ government, many veterans will join the civilized.

After last year’s mostly peaceful riots and the January 6 Insurrection That Nearly Overthrew The Most Exceptional Government In History, many savages bought firearms for the first time. Unfortunately for them, there’s a big difference between buying a firearm and knowing what to do with it, and most of that knowledge (and millions of firearms) are on the side of the vets and the civilized.

Many of the vets have also received on-the-job training in guerrilla warfare, against which the US government is batting zero. The government has many scary weapons, but it has repeatedly demonstrated an inability to keep such weapons out of the hands of its adversaries. Perhaps the separatists will prove as clever and capable as the Vietnamese, al Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban, and Iraqis and other groups have been at capturing US government weaponry. Notwithstanding their diversity, empathy, and political correctness, the conflict resolution forces would then find their weapons turned against them.

Among the separatists it can be assumed there will be experts in drones, robots, artificial intelligence, computer hacking, remote-controlled munitions, biological warfare, and most other future-war technologies, ready, willing, and able to employ their skills for the cause. There might even be some experts in good old-fashioned fission and fusion. While those are legacy technologies, they still have their uses.

At this point, imagination is far more important than a deer-in-the-headlights’ fixation on present realities, because those realities are changing so quickly and chaotically. When the ground is continuously shifting under your feet, you can’t know where you are with any certainty. Your chance of saving yourself depends on knowing where you want to go and having an idea of how to get there.

Skepticism about imminent revolutionary change is understandable, but often betrays a misunderstanding of how revolutions in politics, science, culture, art, philosophy, learning, and all other fields of productive human endeavor work. The explosion visible to all is almost always preceded by a long, burning fuse visible to few and understood by fewer, only generally apprehended after the explosion.

The burning fuse in this case is the awesome force of decentralization sweeping the planet; the revolution is actually well underway. Centralization is a legacy idea and government is its legacy institution. After centuries of centralized, resource-devouring, and tyrannical government failures, and after the failure of the most centralized, resource-devouring, and tyrannical government in history, legions of intellectuals of impaired intellect and infinitesimal imagination still hail or fear a centralized, resource-devouring, and tyrannical global government. That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of people out there trying to institute such a government, but they’re building a three-foot-high wall of beach mud and sand against a tidal wave.

That wave will arrive, of that there can be no doubt. Afterwards people will point to some contemporaneous event as the catalyst, but the catalysts have been accumulating for decades, their leitmotif decentralization. Multi-volume sets could be written about them all. (Maybe someday I’ll give it a try, knowing multitudes of new ones will pop up after I’m gone.) Just a sampling: microchips, computer networks, 3D printing, nanotechnology, satellites, blockchains, personal computing, cell phones, cable television, GPS, charge-injecting fluids (, the production and distribution of do-it-yourself video, publishing, and music, the fall of the Soviet Union, the irreconcilable tension between Chinese entrepreneurialism, brilliance, and free inquiry on the one hand and the Chinese government on the other, the bankruptcy of the welfare states, Trump, Brexit, the Yellow Vests, IEDs, shoulder-fired missiles, drones, hacking, blue-to-red-state migration, secessionism, the coming dissolution of the EU, and the coming collapse of governments and their fiat currencies, to name but a few.

Don’t get too attached to today; tomorrow it’s gone. The questions that will emerge from the chaotic maelstrom: Freedom or tyranny? Civilization or savagery? Anyone who chooses civilized freedom is going to have to fight for it, but it’s a fight that can and will be won.

33 responses to “Saving Civilization, by Robert Gore

  1. Thank you Robert, your insight has always been on the cutting edge. We know that what can’t go on forever, won’t. The one point that matters is there is no turning back. We have to play with the hand we have been dealt. I believe that the civilized are focused and becoming more so as the savage loose their sense of reality. It will be fun and games to say the least!


    • I don’t know if it will be fun and games, but the civilized are becoming more focused as the savages get farther divorced from reality.


  2. Best analysis of where we are that I’ve seen to date. Keep up the good work.


  3. JUST REMEMBER ,when they come to take YOUR weapons ..IT WON”T BE YOUR MOTHER AT YOUR DOOR,and when they kill your family and your dogs..YOU ASKED FOR IT..THERE IS A REASON THOMAS JEFFERSON WARNED YOU “NO STANDING ARMIES ALLOWED” he had just gone through it,NOW YOU’LL LEARN THE HARD WAY ,the worse bloodbath in history is coming,and YOUR on the wrong side of the fence…


  4. “The explosion visible to all is almost always preceded by a long, burning fuse visible to few and understood by fewer”.

    I believe many actually see the fuse and understand where it is leading,tis just tough to consider/think about and plan as best as one can for,facing tough realities is always a challenge,one though that needs to be met.


  5. In other words, rule by the Corporations without the Government middleman. Plutocracy. The people perish for lack of vision.


  6. Monks Of Doom

    Won’t the government save us?
    You must fight to live on the planet of monkeys with pants.
    Deal with it or find some way to escape and hope for the best.


  7. “Don’t get too attached to today; tomorrow it’s gone.”
    As Marty would tell Emmet Brown in Back to the Future , “that’s heavy Doc”.
    California lost a seat for the first time in its history after the census, with Texas picking up two. Those numbers might not even reflect the migration that’s happened more recently. As states Balkanize what are the odds of making successful gains via nullification of federal rule? If the trump admin showed us anything, it was that change at the federal level is impossible. Are we looking at a Kurt Schlichter novel type of split, or a Soviet style implosion where the fed just ceases and reverts back to a more loosely styled articles of confederation type system? Speaking of which Schlichter’s novels were supposed to be satirical works of fiction, not prophetic.



    Confide in no one. Government at all levels is your enemy. Train for what you need to accomplish. We are on our own. No one is coming to save us. Bleib ubrig.

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  9. Thank you for the best picture I have ever seen of the Sydney Opera House.
    I ‘ll be sticking my neck out when I say, the majority of Australians won’t have ac clue what you’re talking about. The rest will say “It will never happen here”. What they fail to understand is that it is already here and the Morrison Government is only too happy to enforce any and every new system of control it can
    “She’ll be right, mate” is no longer appropriate in Aus, It won’t be right unless there’s someone brave enough to give us a huge wake-up call.
    Channel 9 TV station in Sydney, and Current Affair presenter Tracy Grimshaw have publicly endorsed vaccinations for covid19.isn’t that coersion?. .


    • Mandatory vaccinations would be.


      • Robert, whats with the picture of the Sydney Opera House?
        How does that relate to this diatribe and incoherent rant?

        I guess I’ve just answer my own question.
        I really never understand what you’re on about, but it’s very amusing none the less.

        By the way, we have a 3-day lock down here in Brisbane.
        Mask wearing is mandatory in public places.
        I had to take my mum to the doctor, so we’re all happy to wear masks here.

        I know you are not convinced, even if I gave you the statistical analysis between my country in yours.
        But overcoming your raging confirmation bias, has never been your strong suit.



    • And you far-right Americans know what you’re talking about? Hahaha


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  11. There was 1 juror who didn’t know how she was going to vote right away. The rest had to badger her first.


  12. …..And don’t count on them not making your weaponry, your last line of defense, a use it or lose it proposition. One of your finest achievements Roberto, has been the terrific clarity of thought that produces a sentence like that. A statement of fact and a warning, all in one sentence. No wonder the Marxists hate you. You’re like a teacher I knew, long ago, who in high school, broke into my conscience with a few thoughts that changed who I was. What he said, in so many words was,” What do you believe, and why do you believe it?” He may have been the first person I ever knew who told me to look at something, and THINK about it. Looking at our nation, and our predicament, and knowing the truth, and thinking our way through through it is more valuable than gold and silver. Yes, it won’t end well. Yes, fire and sword are coming. Why should we be any different? In fact we have it pretty good, still. We’re well fed, and warned in advance. Thanks to the logic and perception of people like you.


    • Sean

      Have you seen the movie Amadeus? Salieri looks upon Mozart’s scores, amazed, and says:

      “Replace one note, and there would be diminishment.
      Replace one phrase, and the structure would fall.”

      That’s how I try to write. I don’t always get there, but profuse thanks for noticing when I do. Looks like your high school teacher hit the right notes as well.


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  18. Splendid analysis!


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  23. Much said in few words. Read to travel long and fast. Thought density matters.


    • Thank you. When I can find the time I’ve been reading some of your stuff. I’ll send an email when I get a chance.


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