2022: More Stupidity, More Arrogance, More Evil, More Rebellion, by Robert Gore


Chaos will reign as the future upends the past. Chaos doesn’t lend itself to prediction.

Stupidity, arrogance, and evil ultimately destroy themselves, but their rampage was unabated in 2021. A group of stupid, arrogant, and evil people are using a virus and its variants to shepherd the world into a scheme of totalitarian global governance. This was conspiracy theory when the virus first surfaced; now it’s nakedly obvious reality. The one redeeming feature of the year was that more people saw the light.

The self-impressed and self-anointed rule not by claim of divine right, but by claim of superior intelligence and virtue. Real intelligence and virtue hope to find the same in other people; our commissars prey on human weakness. Fear and panic are their allies, truth and rationality their enemies.

As word leaks out of Covid outbreaks on 100 percent vaccinated college campuses, sports teams, naval vessels, and cruise ships, and as fully vaccinated athletes drop incapacitated or dead in front of stadiums full of people and millions of TV viewers, the truth that can’t be hidden is grasped by anyone with a shred of intellectual integrity. The vaccines have failed their ostensible purpose, to protect against the virus and its variants. They have, however, admirably fulfilled their real purpose: a totalitarian grab for power and control.

The coming year will see attempts to institute the rest of the agenda: mandatory vaccination, implanted vaccine passport microchips, fully digitized money, a social credit system, and segregation or elimination for those who refuse to play along. The coming year will also see the inexorable progress of the Doom Loop described in “The Means Are The End.”

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The vaccines and their perpetual boosters are an intentional attack on the human immune system. They will continue to produce their adverse effects, including impaired natural immune system functionality, which increases susceptibility not just to Covid and variants, but to many other maladies as well. Early indications are that the omicron variant is more likely to strike the vaccinated than the unvaccinated.

Because it’s essentially the common cold, Omicron has been hailed as the usual downward viral mutation that either burns itself out or becomes an endemic but low-level threat. Covid, therefore, is over. The optimism is misplaced and betrays either ignorance or deliberate obfuscation of the true aims of the Covid commissars. Covid has never been about health and safety, it’s been about power and using vaccines to insidiously and inexorably degrade the true frontline health defense, the immune system. The commissars would insist on vaccinations and boosters even if Covid developed a beneficial variant (see “The Oopsilon Variant,” SLL, 9/1/21).

The gap between excess deaths and baselines will continue to widen in highly vaccinated areas. That makes blaming the steadily shrinking pool of unvaccinated scapegoats problematic, so the deaths will be blamed on breakthrough Covid even though its downward mutations make it less lethal.

Any actual science that might point the finger at vaccines, particularly autopsies, will continue to be discouraged or banned. The surprisingly few autopsies that have been conducted indicate that the spike proteins the vaccines prompt the body to produce end up in virtually every human tissue, organ, and system and cause persistent, long-term damage (see here and here). Real science will be ignored, as it has from the beginning, and the commissars will continue to chant: “Get vaccinated and booster, booster, booster forever.”

The Covid and vaccine charade is an excellent distraction from the mess they’ve made of the world, particularly the U.S. government and its satraps. In government nothing succeeds like failure and they continue to double-, triple-, and quadruple-down on failure.

No country has ever fiat-debted its way to prosperity, and many have done so to their ruin, but the last two years have seen an unprecedented explosion of such debt. While it initially produces an increase in demand from those who receive it, that sugar high soon runs into an iron law of reality: pieces of paper and computer entries don’t conjure real goods and services.

With more demand and the same or less supply, fiat-debt inflation conjures only rising prices as both producers and consumers catch on to the currency debasement. Count on prices ratcheting higher as those responsible for it continue to blame the phenomenon on everything but their currency debasement. It will continue as government debt “monetization”—exchanging government fiat debt for central bank fiat debt—remains essential to financing governments.

Creditors will express their dissatisfaction with microscopic yields in a world of non-transitory, persistently rising prices by selling the debt instruments that are handing them negative real yields (nominal yields minus the inflation rate). Interest rates being the inverse of bond prices, falling bond prices will cause interest rates to rise, which would put pressure on all debt-supported financial and real asset prices as well.

Rising interest rates will make it increasingly difficult for governments to fund themselves. Central banks will continue to fill the every-increasing gap in demand for government fiat debt, a financial Doom Loop of fiat-debt inflation met with more fiat-debt inflation that eventually becomes hyperinflation. It will be hard to blame this Doom Loop on the unvaccinated, although attempts will be made, but there is another set of all-purpose scapegoats available: Russia and China, the leaders of an Eurasian-centered multipolar axis.

They have seen this train wreck coming and have been “dedollarizing,” a polite term for getting out of crappy fiat debt before it gets even crappier. They’ve also been stockpiling “Real Money” (gold and silver). On current trend the Russians and Chinese will have most of the world’s real money when the American block’s currencies collapse. They will of course be blamed for that collapse, which bears a startling resemblance to blaming the unvaccinated for refusing dangerous vaccines that don’t protect the vaccinated. Like probity at a frat party, logic is always in short supply among collapsing governments.

If it weren’t, our collapsing government wouldn’t be trying so hard to antagonize the governments of Russia, China, Iran, and the rest of the Eurasian block. Vladimir Putin has issued an ultimatum. Perhaps he’s bluffing and the high-tech weapons he and his Chinese buddies have been bragging about are fictional. Perhaps they’re not, but don’t expect American policymakers to even acknowledge the possibility.

Good poker players always reckon the cost of being wrong before they call a bluff, but nobody in the Biden administration seems to have any recognition of the downsides. They include losing a world war against a powerful alliance. The American political establishment floats on an arrogant bubble of belief in a military that just lost Afghanistan, wastes much of its appropriations on boondoggles like the F-35, and whose leadership is more interested in woke doctrine and Covid orthodoxy than defending the country. Even victory would be Pyrrhic: a few more Americans than Russians and Chinese left standing after global nuclear annihilation.

The bright spot of 2021 can be summed up in three words: Let’s Go Brandon! Just as the Trump election had much wider significance—as much a vote against those who presume to rule as a vote for Trump—Let’s Go Brandon! encompasses the entire presumptuous class, not just the increasingly despised Biden. Their dirty secret is that they’ve been at war with the 99 percent since FDR. Their greatest fear is that the 99 percent catch on, which they increasingly are.

Once enlightened, they don’t go back to sleep. They don’t watch CNN or take out subscriptions to the Washington Post or New York Times. Instead, they turn to the alternative media, a hydra that continues to defy the many efforts to suppress or eradicate it. They make Robert F. Kennedy’s take down of Saint Fauci the number one Amazon bestseller and Let’s Go Brandon! a viral cry of rebellion. Never underestimate the power of great memes, which can be more powerful than blockbuster disclosures and incisive commentary.

The Internet is home to much of the world’s remaining vitality. Governments want to kill the vitality without killing the Internet, which is essential to commerce, finance, production, infrastructures, governance, and armed forces. It can’t be done. China offers a test case. By the government’s own falsified statistics its economic debt-fueled “miracle” is faltering as it stifles the Internet and enacts other totalitarian measures.

Vitality’s root word is vital, and the vitality and dynamism that flow from freedom are vital for economic, social, and political progress. If the presumptuous class thinks docile automatons and a state-approved, bulletin-board Internet will produce anything but regress they’re deluded.

And evil. Their ultimate aim is to kill millions or billions, and whatever remains of the human spirit. Ultimately they are cowards, as are their praetorian military and police who they think will protect them. Their loyalty only extends to their next payday and the opportunities their positions give them to extort and terrify the citizenry.

There is abundant docility, but the human spirit is unquenchable and animates the growing rebellion. The rebels already greatly outnumber the miserable mélange of rulers, hangers-on, and the praetorian guard. Most of the docile will meet the fate evil has in store for them. The graveyards will be filled with Darwin awardees who didn’t think or act for themselves. However, the hell this evil is bent on creating for us will assuredly be its own as well.

One bothersome detail dramatically ups their fear-and-loathing quotient: most of the U.S. enlightened own firearms. Imposing totalitarianism is going to be a whole different kettle of fish than in the EU, Australia, and New Zealand, although many of their unarmed citizens are commendably taking to the streets. Whatever bravado cowards demonstrate disappears when the other side starts firing back.

Beyond the continuing stupidity, arrogance, and evil of the presumptuous class and the intensifying resistance to it, predictions about 2022 are a fool’s errand. The centrifugal forces of decentralization and autonomy are overwhelming the dying forces of centralization, command, and control. The process is bloody and chaotic. Chaos doesn’t lend itself to prediction.

The obvious advice is to do the best you can to stay prepared financially, logistically, and emotionally. The only other nugget is to think and act for yourself. There’s no guarantee that will keep you out of the graveyard, but failure to do so guarantees a spot.

A warm thanks to SLL’s readers, who have made this a record year for SLL, and to the brave and independent thinkers who wrote many of the articles SLL posted this year, particularly concerning Covid and the vaccines. Happy New Year and Let’s go Brandon!

34 responses to “2022: More Stupidity, More Arrogance, More Evil, More Rebellion, by Robert Gore

  1. Great read as usual, Robert, and once again will be linking it @
    Keep up the good fight as I will continue to do so as well in the coming year!!!


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    Thank you, Robert. You are absolutely spot on with this article. Unfortunately, the Sheeple, Normies, and Cucks will dismiss it. Or they will not possess the intellectual capacity to even understand it. Maybe that is not such a bad thing. The jab will cull legions of the clueless. As cold as that may sound to some, it is the first step to restoring a normal society. I enjoyed your Godfather book and passed it along. Have a safe, healthy, and prosperous 2022. Bleib ubrig.


    • Dweezil

      Thanks for the comments and I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Have a great 2022.


    • To paraphrase a great man, “Revolution is a spectator sport. Most will stay in the stands, and cheer whoever wins.”

      A majority of normies will never stop being normies, because that is their essential nature. We have to work around that universal fact. Perhaps after this is all over the genes for being a normie will have been selected against so harshly that they’ll stop being such a problem.


  5. Great article, Bob. Happy New Year in spite of your dour perspective of 2022.


  6. Brilliant, SUPERB analysis Sir, as usual.
    All the best wishes for the new year.


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  8. Thank you for your bravery and courage. My wish for us all is a Happy New Year. What would make me really happy? In a word CONSEQUENCES. Deep, direct, unrestricted. Your constancy is a source of inspiration and motivation.

    PS the “Top of the Mountain” article is brilliant.


  9. Another great column. 2022 a great year? We’ll see. I intend to die honorably if necessary, and to make it count. Honor is all that is left. See you at the top.


  10. Excellent article. I just forwarded it to 16 others. We need to awaken the masses or the Globalists win with their Agenda 21/20/30 and 2050. Keep up the good work.


    • Thank you and thank you for distributing the article. Tell the 16 to whom you sent it to send it another 16 and so on, and pretty soon you’ve covered the world!


  11. Correction on the above. Agenda 21/2030 and 2050


  12. As always, a great article! Some folks are in total denial of everything that is happening in the real world. However, I do see more folks understanding the giant con game that has been spun and that gives me hope. We are still in for rough times-no matter how prepared we think we are.


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  16. The bright spot of 2021 can be summed up in three words: “Let’s Go Brandon”
    i do not see this as a bright spot, i see this as more as an indicator of how low we have gone.
    i laughed at first as many of us did. But as you watch parents clothe their children in this proclamation ??? i remember a better society, and no we are not going back without a great reckoning. And perhaps the better society i remember was an illusion, but i think not. we have evolved into something that is hard to be apart of with much joy and or pride.
    i do appreciate your articles and hope you do not take offence at my view.


  17. The US has always been the aggressor since Vietnam and now they are the aggressor against their own citizens but unfortunately most Americans are sheep standing in line for their own slaughter.
    Dr. Robert Malone mRNA Inventor – Kids Will Die from the Vaccines                 https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/vaccine/dr-robert-malone-mrna-inventor-kids-will-die-from-the-vaccines/               video link
    Twitter Bans Dr. Robert Malone The Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology             https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/civil-unrest/twitter-bans-dr-robert-malone-the-inventor-of-mrna-vaccine-technology/       
    Twitter on Wednesday banned the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, Dr. Robert W Malone after a claimed “misinformation reporter” named Josh Kelety claimed Malone misled people by claiming the vaccines are failing against the Omicron variant. These pretend self-anointed “misinformation reporters” who have no medical background are themselves obliterating the truth and are sending the nation cascading into what will ONLY be resolved by violence probably in the form of civil war.
    Already, military generals are warning that the United States may be thrust into civil war in 2024 over the elections. The Biden Administration is acting like tyrants and actually believes that they can use these fact-checkers and Big Tech to eliminate the Constitution and usher in the new age of Schwab/Marxism. This agenda is out to destroy our way of life all because governments have been borrowing since World War II with no intention of paying anything back and the only path to reform they see is totalitarianism. They are seeking to divide the country by race and class which they think will prevent the overthrow of the government. But this is seriously flawed. It inspires civil war.
    This is why they called the January 6th protest on Capital Hill an “insurrection” without any force of arms. They are so desperate to suppress the people for once they wake up, it will be as it always has been – revolution and civil war . This tyranny will by no means prevail. Our computer has been forecasting the period well in advance. This is not my personal opinion. It is simply how society has always unfolded for thousands of years. This entire effort will fail and the end result will be civil war. You cannot strip the people of their liberty. This is not Russia where there were serfs who owned nothing to inspire them to storm the rich and seize all their wealth. This time it is different. This nonsense of a one-world government will eliminate war was the inspiration to create the European Union. This is absolutely absurd…………There is no way a one-world government will ever end war. We have 13 years into 2032 and by then the corruption we see from Big Tech to Fact-Checkers, Mainstream Media, will only intensify. They will turn the screws ever more in hopes of winning this battle. But they will fail . There will be no new world order of Schwab/Marxism in our future. But the resolution to prevent it will, unfortunately, end up in violence. This we cannot escape.
    Sadly, we could have avoided this had the government taken the high road and saved the nation rather than their personal desire for power. History repeats BECAUSE the passion of those in power never change throughout the centuries.
          To those in Pfizer, Twitter, CNN, YouTube, and Google, you will fail and it may be your bodies drug through the streets in celebration of ending tyranny so have so eagerly endorsed.
    As I have said before they have invested billions in this Great Reset, Build Back Better and Agenda 2030 scheme of a one world government and depopulation. They are intentionally thinning us thru jabs, hunger, civil war and creating the Great Depression all over and the coming war as there can be no GR if Russia and China does not bend the knee which they will not. To Build Back Better to must destroy everything first. Those who think these psychopaths are simply going to fold up the tent after investing billions just because two major nuclear powers are blocking them are living in a twilight zone. Money, greed, power, domination are what drives these psychotic satanic psychopaths. 
    The Two Paths to Build Back Better
    “If there was ever a time when the West is crumbling from within, and the end gold is to Build Back Better creating a new world order from the ashes, there have been two schools of thought. First, there have been those who believed that creating another Great Depression would achieve that objective just as Roosevelt ended free-market capitalism. The second is that to also reduce the population, we need a war to achieve all the goals and Build Back Better as they did following World War II”.
                                   Anything less than those two types of events will not achieve their goal.

    We must understand that the idea that ONLY a war will achieve this goal of a one-world government goes hand-in-hand with this theory that Marxism would have worked if it spread to Europe and the United States – not just Russia and China.
    That historical view of looking at the past through rose-colored glasses is absurd. Communism in Russia sought to brainwash the people, instructing children that the state was their parent, not their biological parents, and if they spoke against the state, they should report their biological parents to the state.
    Russia outlawed religion. The Pope is a Marxist linked to the World Economic Forum who has been turning religion on its head. He is the first Pope ever to claim that adultery is no big deal and the first to demand that Latin Masses be banished. He has been part of the Catacomb Pact that was intended to strip the church of its religious doctrines and instill those of Marxism. Pope Francis’ links to the World Economic Forum are very disturbing, for the very heart of Marxism is the rejection of God.
    We see this listening carefully to the words of Klaus Schwab, where he dismisses both God and nature and is really proclaiming that humans construct the future. He assumes we are all-powerful and can reshape the future to fit our theories. Every respect for nature and even God has been rejected. This is Marxism, where we possess the power to change how the world functions, despite the fact that this very arrogance precludes any debate or research.
    If there was ever a time when the West is crumbling from within, and the end gold is to Build Back Better creating a new world order from the ashes, there have been two schools of thought. First, there have been those who believed that creating another Great Depression would achieve that objective just as Roosevelt ended free-market capitalism. The second is that to also reduce the population, we need a war to achieve all the goals and Build Back Better as they did following World War II.
    Anything less than those two types of events will not achieve their goal. They tried the whole climate change agenda using a 16-year old girl but that failed. They raised her to the world stage and paid for her travel to even Canada in an attempt to get Alberta to stop producing fossil fuels.
    They put her in at Davos and Schwab made his movie, “The Forum,” which was supposed to be about his 50-year career, but it became a propaganda pitch for climate change. Jenifer Morgan of Green Peace allegedly authored all the scripts that Greta would stand up and read.
    Russia’s Demands v USA
    The publication of the demands of Russia for peace in Europe comes amid soaring tensions over a Russian troop buildup near Ukraine that has drawn fears of an invasion. Moscow has denied plans to attack its neighbor but demanded the West provide a set of legal guarantees precluding NATO’s expansion to Ukraine and the deployment of the alliance’s weapons there, a demand NATO has rejected. Putin is displaying force which honestly NATO would be unable to match and Biden is the perfect president to invite World War III because not that he has lost his mental ability to handle decisions in war (i.e., Afghanistan), but that the cronies constituting his Administration are only focused on the environment t and aiding the World Economic Forum’s agenda to create a one-world government under Marxism headed by the United Nations. This is the PERFECT time for Russia to make such demands that the USA and NATO would never agree to thereby justifying the invasion of Europe.
    Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Russia’s relations with the USA and its NATO allies have approached a “dangerous point,” noting that alliance deployments and drills near Russia have raised “unacceptable” threats to its security. Russia has used this as justification to publish its draft security pacts, demanding that NATO deny membership to Ukraine and other ex-Soviet countries and roll back the deployment of troops and weapons in central and eastern Europe. None of this would have happened under Trump or any other sound politician who is NOT the puppet of Klaus Schwab and his consortium, which includes George Soros.


  18. Gore’s concern of the prematurity of any declaration that COVID is over may be missing a subtle legal point: Regardless of ongoing variants that may affect primarily the immune-reduced vaccinated, any U.S. region merely declaring “it’s over” has nullified the legal shield for that jurisdiction, equipping its population with recourse once again to litigate vs. adverse reactions. Colorado was a recent case in point, and one wonders if the wildfire outbreak might have been retribution.


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