Rage, Rebel, Replace, by Robert Gore


Let’s try something different.

We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—-That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security.

The Declaration of Independence, 1776

It is disheartening how many people are pinning their hopes on the next two elections. We still don’t know exactly how the last one was stolen—the thieves were never charged, evidence was never presented, there was no discovery, cross-examination, or verdict in a court of law—but stolen it was. Yet, many believe Lucy won’t pull the football away this time.

In 2020, no one showed up for Joe and Kamala’s appearances while Trump was pulling them in by the tens of thousands. Trump got more votes than any sitting president had ever received, but Biden supposedly beat him by 7 million votes. There were myriad inconsistencies and irregularities, many connected with procedures concocted to deal with the overhyped Covid threat. However, the election was pronounced free and fair, January 6 protestors were arrested and jailed, Trump relinquished the presidency, and that was that, a bipartisan-endorsed end of story.

Everything the Democrats have done since Biden halted the Keystone XL pipeline on inauguration day seems designed to lose votes, and the polls register fading support. Yet, the Democrats are acting as if they have this year’s elections in the bag, just as they did in 2020.

Politicians interested in winning legitimate elections don’t appropriate $80 billion three months before the election to hire 87,0000 new IRS agents, some of whom will be armed, to harass tax-paying voters. They don’t conduct a raid on the home of their hated opponent, handing him an issue which solidifies his support. They don’t engage in a Quixotic proxy war on the doorstep of a nuclear power. Their nominal leader doesn’t disparage half the population in a creepy, neo-Nazi setting and speech. Is it because the vote doesn’t matter, only, per Joseph Stalin, who counts the votes?

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On that score not much has changed. The documentary 2000 Mules came and went; once in a while someone mumbles something about election integrity, and a few states have passed a few laws purportedly ensuring fairer votes (“restricting voter access” in Democratic parlance).

The “who” counting the votes will be, for the most part, the same officials who counted them the last time. Many states will continue to use programmable and internet-connected voting machines. Ranked choice voting is the newest scheme. The Biden administration has opened the southern border for millions of sure-thing Democratic voters. No one will be surprised if a manufactured emergency requires mail-in voting and the rest of the 2020 rigamarole. And no one should be surprised if the Democrats “miraculously” hold on to the House and Senate. Republicans, of course, will shout, “Just wait until 2024!”

The professed faith in elections dismays. The notion that changing from blue to red will change anything substantive dismays still more. The delusion that government can solve problems created by government, the lack of understanding that it is the mortal enemy of the honest and the productive, dismays the most.

Neither party cares about fair elections because together they constitute the Corruptocracy. The U.S. government is the largest criminal enterprise in history and there’s enough booty to go around. Regardless of who is nominally in power, warfare and welfare-state rackets rake it in. Nothing says “Republican” quite like their failure to repeal Obamacare when they controlled the House, Senate, and presidency, although they voted seven times to do so when Obama was president (and they knew he’d veto the legislation). It’s all for show.

Trump was a welcome rhetorical hand grenade, but nothing fundamental changed during his presidency. The government got bigger, more powerful, and more indebted, as it has under every president since Hoover. The warfare and welfare states thrived. The same deep staters who controlled the permanent bureaucracy in 2016 control it now. Trump’s Covid response was a totalitarian expansion of power for politicians and medical bureaucrats. He warp-speeded gene-altering agents that will injure and kill more people than the virus and its variants. And he still brags about it! Trump is all about Trump.

Faith in government is the deepest and most misguided faith in human experience. At root, it’s faith in violence. Every human confronts two unalterable truths. From Francis Bacon: “Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.” Nature—reality—operates according to its own laws. The second verity: we all live and interact with other human beings.

Violence has no place in the discovery and employment of nature’s laws. Pounding the earth with a club won’t free you from gravity. Discovering the principles governing flight might. Ritual human sacrifice to the rain gods won’t produce water for crops. Devising systems of irrigation and water storage might. Nature is a trove of secrets, but they’re only revealed through inquiry and experimentation, not violence.

Violence has no place in human interaction, except in self-defense. It is fundamentally immoral for one person to initiate violence against another. A supposed right to do so cannot be exercised by everyone and thus, being non-universal, is not a right. It doesn’t become right or moral when someone in government is pointing the gun. Ayn Rand argued that the immoral is also impractical, it is contrary to human survival. Violence destroys progress, happiness, and life itself.

The foundation of government is violence. The only conceivable justification for it is as an agent that uses violence solely in furtherance of its principals’—the people—right of self-defense. That’s not what today’s believers in government have in mind.

Governments’ record of destruction and death is there for all to see. Whatever rationale those who seek to control governments offer, at core they want to force those they subjugate to comply with their whims and dictates, and to eliminate those who won’t. Volumes have been written on the motives and psychology of such people, although it’s not a particularly interesting subject. For our purposes, it’s enough to say that they are intellectually, psychologically, and morally deficient. They have failed to reach the “live and let live” stage of human maturation, with its implicit commitment to the Golden Rule.

To expect the Deficient to reform the systems that confer their power is the ultimate triumph of hope over experience. The next election will not change anything, nor will the election after that one nor the one after that, not even if we elect “our” people rather than “their” people. Governments guided by might makes right don’t improve from within, regardless of who runs them.

Resting on violence and run by the Deficient, governments invariably fail. The ones that haven’t are in the process of doing so. Failure is ascribed to insolvency, rebellion, or invasion, but no system based on violence is sustainable; it is always the base cause of failure.

Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. So far the evils have been sufferable, however, tyranny-fueled rage builds to a point where a spark ignites a conflagration. That point may be closer than anyone thinks.

Covid tyranny has made it clear to the subjugated that the Deficient have a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, a design that will impoverish, immiserate, and further tyrannize. We are in the design’s collapse phase, followed by chaos, followed by the imposition of totalitarian order. No estimates of the total body count are available.

Collapse is coming as the Deficient egg it on. Although the full ramifications of chaos can’t be predicted, the financial and economic aspects loom large. Most financial assets are debt or equity, and most real assets are collateral for one or more loans. Nominal global debt is multiples of global GDP, and that doesn’t include unfunded pension and medical liabilities and financial derivatives. The unraveling has begun and most promises to pay aren’t going to be kept. Future production is mortgaged to past consumption, and the world will be one big foreclosure sale.

Full unraveling will leave billions impoverished and enraged. The Deficient are gambling that rage can be diverted from those responsible—themselves—and directed such that we beg for their totalitarian order. Skeptics, critics, and refuseniks will be eliminated. It’s a huge gamble, considering the Deficient have so publicly promoted their design. We know who they are and where they live.

One deficiency of the Deficient is real world acuity. Totalitarianism is an expensive proposition, what with all that monitoring, incarcerating, and executing. It eliminates many of the most productive people. When debt-collapsed markets wipe out much of what was reckoned wealth, from where do the resources for totalitarian order come? Other Deficient deficiencies are competence and productive ability. They are gambling that they and their artificially intelligent machines can replace the productive class and they’ll continue to live in splendor. Anyone with that much faith in artificial intelligence has never used Autocorrect.

Such gambles should be causing the Deficient sleepless nights, but do they even realize the danger? They like to blather about order from chaos. Order is rarely imposed on chaos—their plan—but it may well emerge from it. Some of the subjugated are going to realize that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

The order that will emerge from the coming chaos is that of organized resistance, guerrilla war, and rebellion, not the Deficients’ reset. There is little chance that present governments and political subdivisions will be sustained. When the rebels are at the gate and the Deficient realize that they and the few praetorians who haven’t deserted them are outmatched, they’ll do what the Deficient have always done under such circumstances—scatter like cockroaches in a dirty kitchen when the lights go on. Another Deficient deficiency is courage.

This may seem unlikely, but it’s far more likely than the fantasy in which elections and wise politicians lead governments to dramatically reduce their size, shed their powers, and restore a semblance of freedom. When has that ever happened?

But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American War? The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people.”

John Adams, 1818

The revolution has been effected. The Deficient, clinging to their copies of The Great Reset, their woke praetorians, and their F-15s, feel it as creeping, nameless fear. The rebels already know in their minds and hearts—it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security. They’ll miss an historic opportunity if they replace old despotism with new. It’s time to give freedom—the system most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness—its chance.

46 responses to “Rage, Rebel, Replace, by Robert Gore

  1. Some say we only have two choices. Vote or shoot.
    What say you?


    • I think my answer is clear from my article.


      • i see. there is but one way to stand, one way to fight. Never mind this is what the enemy needs and demands to further our fall.


      • This Nation was not founded by men. The founding of this Nation is the fulfillment of a Biblical promise. The Birth-rite promise.
        Men have made it about themselves, the founders, their bravery, etc. mankind has once again turned its back on God. This is why we can not simply vote or shoot our way out of this. Repeating history is not an option.


  2. Amen. Let’s get this party started.
    FJB and his gestapo.


  3. Robert,

    I agree with every word. I will also answer this question for you:

    “When debt-collapsed markets wipe out much of what was reckoned wealth, from where do the resources for totalitarian order come?”

    They will issue a new currency-thing, like SDR’s or some such, and almost certainly in some digital, trackable form. I am not saying it will work, I am merely saying that is what they will do. It will possibly “work” for awhile, as all the major corporations have obviously signed on to the new order, based likely on a promise they will also survive and based on the support they are currently receiving, and these major corporations will salute whatever it is and accept it as currency, settle trades using it, pay taxes with it, etc. But it will also fail. We must ensure it fails from the get-go, because they are going to do it.


  4. You cannot vote your way out of slavery.


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  6. Many of our brethren, on both sides, still do not “get it”. I still think you, Robert, are a masterful expression of the American Mind. Long ago, Pete, at WRSA sent me here. Since then I’ve drunk from the well of your clarity and intellect. Without your iron, I might well have always been nothing but a fountain of rage without reason. What I see in this particular post is the reasoned position that we are where we are, and that’s not the best place one, or many could be. Worse still, you are right again, and you know full well the horror-to-come. Same here, and when the dust settles, my hope is that we do better. Never in my life, except by studying the Nazis and the Eastern Communists, have I seen such a devotion to the lack of integrity, as here in FUSA. It seems that humans run to evil, after a while, and it has to be stomped out periodically. Chin up!


    • Sean

      Thank you.

      “It seems that humans run to evil . . .”

      They run to evil when they are subsidized by misbegotten or tyrannical notions of the good. I think this time evil is not going to be stomped out so much as starved out. The future is completely mortgaged and the world is about to discover that the amazing productivity and innovation produced by capitalism in the past and what remains of it today cannot be taken for granted, it must be nourished and protected. Collapse, chaos, rage, rebellion, and replacement – my chin is up because I foresee a chance, finally, to live in a free society. However, it’s a long way over the valley.


  7. Oceans of tears, rivers of blood, and mountains of skulls.
    No way out, but through.

    Anyone pitching anything else is selling bunk.


  8. Another very good read, Robert and will be linking as usual @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/
    An interesting tidbit on mail in voting.
    I live in a small town in a midwestern state and just the other day, as a current registered voter, I received a form from the county clerk to apply for PERMANANT vote by mail status.
    The two choices that I had to choose from were:
    I wish to vote by mail in all subsequent elections that do not require a party designation.
    I wish to vote by mail in all subsequent elections and wish to receive the party ballot indicated below in all elections that require a party designation ( Voter MUST check ONE ).
    Looks to me like they are getting things set up for the next fraudulent election by letting everyone vote by mail. What could go wrong here!!!!!!


  9. Thomas Paine had it right, “These are the times that try men’s souls!”

    Excellent article sir. May God bless us all with the will to do the hard work which is to come.


  10. Whatever you do, don’t allow rank choice voting. Use my State as an example. We are (were) a red State….now not so much thanks to RCV.


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  12. One Party, One Rule.
    This has been the case for over a hundred years. Everything to do with politics has just been theatre.


  13. George Washington said it best. That Government is not Eloquence, but Force. Government, like Fire, it can be either a Faithful Servant, or Fearful Master.
    My Father always said it will never happen hear. There was always an “if” or an “but” following the statement. If you don’t allow this or that, but if you stand fast.


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  16. What of the un-Americans living amongst us? Those enemies to freedom that have been imported to change our culture? What of them? They can not be allowed to stay. What litmus test shall be given? There are areas in the FUSA that have been given under to islam, it must be cut out like the cancer it is. These and others will not be allowed to stay. It will be ugly, brutal, and bloody.
    America is for Americans.
    I love the John Adams quote.


  17. Like a cowboy friend of mine from the timeless plains of western South Dakota said to me weeks ago, simply as a statement of fact………

    “You know…….there’s this thing called Frontier Justice.”


  18. Robert said:

    “..Resting on violence and run by the Deficient, governments invariably fail. The ones that haven’t are in the process of doing so. Failure is ascribed to insolvency, rebellion, or invasion, but no system based on violence is sustainable; it is always the base cause of failure..”

    So, if the above is true, then why is islam continuing to spread through the world, especially in ‘Western Countries’ like kudzu?

    Islamic colonies like ‘Dearbornistan’ and ‘Lil Moghandishu’ and others are flourishing and expanding..they, like their fellow ‘No –
    Go’ enclaves in France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain and elsewhere absolutely prove that ‘violence works’!!

    Not a single one of those moslem enclaves have been effectively
    disbanded or dealt with…and they won’t be either now or later.

    None of the native authorities dare to attempt to violate the
    moslems ‘No – Go’ declared zones…maybe it’s something that
    the white non-bolshivek population should pay attention to
    and why such works to provide and protect the moslem enclaves.

    Something to do with A: having enough people of the same culture inhabit an area or region to dominate it and call it
    ‘HOME’ and B: ALL the members being ready with current
    military pattern arms and other accoutrements (home made or
    otherwise) being able to immediately rise up in a practical and
    effectively tactically proficient manner to address a armed threat
    from the outside.

    This is what the moslems in their enclaves ALREADY have…
    and the ‘Alt – Right’ and ‘Christian Nationals’ are still ineffectually
    mentally dancing around debating and arguing philosophy while
    failing to find their ass with both hands….

    But don’t take my word for the fact that violence works, here’s
    what Patriot Nurse had to say to all of us 6 years ago:

    Islam, US Policy and Violence: What Nobody Wants to Say

    The ‘violence isn’t a solution’ euphemism is a tawdry
    bromide belched out by lolobertarians and others too
    pussified by their whaaaamenfolk to know how to deal
    with a knock down, drag out fistfight in an alley…such
    were most likely threatened that if they tried to watch
    ‘Fight Club’ at home there’d be NO Puuuyniitii for them
    that night, let alone being banished to the couch like a
    misbehaving mutt.

    Violence, controlled and purposefully directed, but
    violence none the less IS a part of what it is to be a
    MAN, never forget that!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense


  19. “… We are in the design’s collapse phase, followed by chaos, followed by the imposition of totalitarian order. No estimates of the total body count are available.”

    It will be an interesting to see if that hypothesis holds true. For never in history has it been tested that the wolves have fewer guns than the sheep. And that the sheep are also willing to use them when confrontation arises.


  20. @drdog09 ATF reported 700 million guns in circulation. Through August over one million guns sales for 37 months.

    They didn’t get the guns first and at this point they won’t.


  21. tldr, however you did put the truth in the center and danced all around it. death to all trannies


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  24. Not only will Josef Bitem be hanged but those that protected and enabled him are just as guilty. This won’t end well for anybody but if it has to come to a Mussolini and his mistress – so be it!

    You WILL be hunted down.


  25. I see the usual boomer gibberish here in the comments, assuming that if they chimp out enough online other people will chimp out IRL. Which then somehow leads to victory, in spite of there being few records of spontaneous chimpouts in history and no record of victories. Peasant rebellions tend to get put down fast and hard, with the survivors being made an example of. J6 comes to mind.

    Before we can think of any sort of physical pushback, we need the organization that tells people to do what they know needs doing, and to provide moral cover for those actions. We need to get local and state power, we need to organize with our neighbors.

    There will be no spontaneous chimpout such that you people don’t have to actually talk to people IRL. Get over it.


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  27. This post is a masterful summation of the whole problem in America today. There is much truth to it. But my message to the “Rebels” who intend to overthrow the corruption they imagine to be everywhere around them is this: “When at last you start your process of overthrowing the government, you had better find a peaceful way to do it because if you are contemplating doing it by force of arms you had also better be prepared to face off high-flying jet planes with Hellfire missiles on them and not depend on your impotent little militias armed with nothing more than automated popguns.


  28. Bob:

    I wish I were able to add some obtuse – yet profound bit of insight to your sobering piece. Alas, I am unable to do so.

    As if to underscore one tidbit of yours, yes, the Dems (and many Repubs) seem politically oblivious to polls, facts, and the general reality of what they have most-recently inflicted upon the rest of us. They either know something we don’t, or they have allowed “belief” to trump (no pun intended) reality. “Trump” it to the point where they may indeed, as you speculate, “Hale-Bopp” right on out of here like the “Heaven’s Gate” cult! (Flight, not suicide!)

    The latest issue of Richard Maybury’s, “Early Warning Report” agrees with you. He believes the rats will ultimately vacate the premises. Bound for where they have sequestered their largess, as their “rule” no longer remains tenable.

    On the other hand, one looming potential “trigger event,” specifically NOT economic, is that in the face of such obvious facts, polls, and reality, the Dems seem to miraculously retain power in both Houses! Many will then come to understand that elections are unalterably fraudulent and there remains no means other than submit or physically resist. “Go along to get along” will no longer remain a viable option for a substantial segment of the populace.

    Then, once again, “the times that try men’s souls” will return.



  29. Great piece Robert – thank you. From Covid-19 to the War in Ukraine – our world has changed much in 2.5 years. As striving to gain insight and understanding, I connect the “dots.” With the “master dot” being “Cui Bono” (who benefits). Spoiler – Gangsters.


  30. Look at the “Governments” of “Israel” the U.S., and London.
    Look at the lack of Borders.
    Why does God allow or more correctly ’cause’ Our hedge of protection to collapse?
    Why did He confuse the languages of Babylon?
    Hosea 2
    Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary
    2:6-13 God threatens what he would do with this treacherous, idolatrous people. They did not turn, therefore all this came upon them; and it is written for admonition to us. If lesser difficulties be got over, God will raise greater. The most resolute in sinful pursuits, are commonly most crossed in them. The way of God and duty is often hedged about with thorns, but we have reason to think it is a sinful way that is hedged up with thorns. Crosses and obstacles in an evil course are great blessings, and are to be so accounted; they are God’s hedges, to keep us from transgressing, to make the way of sin difficult, and to keep us from it. We have reason to bless God for restraining grace, and for restraining providences; and even for sore pain, sickness, or calamity, if it keeps us from sin. The disappointments we meet with in seeking for satisfaction from the creature, should, if nothing else will do it, drive us to the Creator. When men forget, or consider not that their comforts come from God, he will often in mercy take them away, to bring them to think upon their folly and danger. Sin and mirth can never hold long together; but if men will not take away sin from their mirth, God will take away mirth from their sin. And if men destroy God’s word and ordinances, it is just with him to destroy their vines and fig-trees. This shall be the ruin of their mirth. Taking away the solemn seasons and the sabbaths will not do it, they will readily part with them, and think it no loss; but He will take away their sensual pleasures. Days of sinful mirth must be visited with days of mourning.


  31. How many Bible verses and prophecies come to mind while viewing the following Video?
    Is this coincidence that while mankind is bent on destroying itself and each other, our Creator has this in the wings?

    Preparing for Disaster


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