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Farage’s “Big Ask” May Save Brexit As Johnson Concedes, by Tom Luongo

Nigel Farage may have saved the day for both Brexit and Boris Johnson. From Tom Luongo at tomluongo.me:

Nigel Farage is the face of Brexit. From the start of his political career he’s gone for the “Big Ask,” as his friend Donald Trump would put it, get the U.K. out of the European Union.

Everyone in the Western political establishment hates him because of this.

Over the past year he has been prophetic in his analysis of how the Conservatives have maneuvered to betray the U.K.’s departure from the European Union.

For more than a week since announcing the Brexit Party’s electoral strategy, Farage has been under enormous pressure from all quarters to stand down many of his candidates and not fight the Tories.

Farage’s initial strategy, contest the whole election, was exactly as I suggested in my last article on Brexit.

It was a high risk, Trumpian “Big Ask.”

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A Tale of Two Coups, by Andrew Ash

There are similarities between the efforts to undermine Brexit and Trump. From Adnrew Ash at gatestoneinstitute.org:

  • The good news is that it is wholly unlikely that either of the “two coups” will succeed. The increasingly transparent nature of the opposition’s underhanded tricks to reverse the outcome, will in fact, be their undoing.
  • The president was requesting that Zelensky cooperate with the US Attorney General in investigating possible crime and corruption from 2016. It is the president’s job as the Chief Executive to investigate such matters, as well as required by the Treaty with Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, signed September 30, 1999. No outcome was recommended.
  • There are also allegations that the entire attempted coup to unseat President Trump is actually an effort to head off an exposure of widespread criminality in the previous administration.
  • House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has reminded the House of Representatives that while the US Constitution does not explicitly require a vote by the entire House to launch an impeachment enquiry, neither does it support one “by a unilateral decree of the Speaker.” The Democrat-controlled House has so far tabled McCarthy’s resolution — twice. And in the traditionally “wrong” Congressional committee — Intelligence rather than Judiciary — to boot.
  • There are now apparently claims in the US by “multiple whistleblowers”… As [former prosecutor] Andrew McCarthy recently observed, however: “Remember your elementary math, though: Zero is still zero even when multiplied…..”
  • “Trump is the real whistleblower.” — Stephen Miller, White House senior policy adviser, Fox News Sunday, September 29, 2019.
  • The public sorely need their faith restored: that their rights as voters, along with fair play, will ultimately win out.

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Twisted Pair 2 – UK, by Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Raúl Ilargi Meijer has some words of advice for Brexiters: be careful what you wish for. From Meijer at theautomaticearth.com:

The US and UK are both at risk of severe legal challenges and hence “barrelling down towards great troubles” as I wrote yesterday in Twisted Pair 1 – US. The reasons are not exactly the same in both cases, but they’re close. It’s about who holds the ultimate power.

Before moving on to the UK’s specific issues, I want to share this from the BBC, one of many pieces yesterday that discuss President Trump talking to foreign leaders, and that all accuse him in one way or another of wanting to ‘dig up dirt’ about Joe Biden (something that could just as well be defined as trying to find out how Russiagate started).

This one is about Trump asking Australia for help because obviously there’s a strong connection to the country in the person of former Australia High Commissioner to the UK Alexander Downer, who claims Trump ‘aid’ George Papadopoulos told him in May 2016 that Moscow had dirt on Hillary Clinton. Papadopoulos has always denied saying it.

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Brexit “Surrender” Strategy: Winning Ugly, by Mish Shedlock

Taking a page from Donald Trump’s book, Boris Johnson and his political consigliori Dominic Cummings have branded their opposition’s Brexit strategy “surrender.” It is brilliant labeling. From Mish Shedlock at moneymaven.io:

Boris Johnson and his political strategist Dominic Cummings have labeled the efforts by Parliament a “Surrender” act.

Surrender Act

Boris Johnson labels the acts of Parliament to stop No Deal a “Surrender Act”.

This is correct, of course.

If you take away the EU’s incentives to negotiate, they are less likely to do so.

It’s not a complete white flag as Johnson has other, albeit undisclosed options, in which he proclaims two seemingly contradictory ideas.

  1. He will abide by the Benn legislation seeking an extension
  2. He will not ask for an extension

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Stopping Brexit Is About Saving the European Union, by Tom Luongo

The British people are getting the EU jammed down their throats and hang their vote to leave it. From Tom Luongo at strategic-culture.org:

Brexit and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered yet another setback after the Supreme Court ruled his proroguing of Parliament illegal. I’m no British legal scholar, and I certainly don’t want to be, but from what I understand the arguments used seem incredibly dangerous.

In effect, the plaintiffs argued that if the Prime Minister can suspend Parliament for any length of time, say three days, it would be legally no different then him suspending Parliament for a year or, even, indefinitely.

That’s a dangerous line of argument given the more than 300+ year history of this process, with the Prime Minister proroguing Parliament under far more dubious conditions in the past. This does limit the role of the Government to conduct business and set the agenda, especially if and when the day comes that Parliament is not staffed by people who are loyal to their constituents and not the political elite.

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Heroes, Villains and Establishment Hypocrisy, by Craig Murray

The establishment and its media have their heroes and villains and truth and facts have become irrelevant. If your the former you’re protected and if you’re the latter, you’re crucified. From Craig Murray at craigmurray.org.uk:

Trump and Johnson’s populism have shaken the old Establishment, and raised some very interesting questions about who is and who is not nowadays inside the Establishment and a beneficiary of the protection of the liberal elite. Yesterday two startling examples in the news coverage cast a very lurid light on this question, and I ask you to consider the curious cases of Hunter Biden and Brendan Cox, two of the most undeserving and unpleasant people that can be imagined.

The BBC news bulletins led on the move to impeach Donald Trump for, as they put it, his efforts to get the President of Ukraine to undermine a political opponent. To be plain, I think Trump was quite wrong to get personally involved in this, but please park the entire subject of Donald Trump to one side for the next ten minutes.

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It’s a Numbers Game in the Coup to Stop Johnson and Brexit, by Tom Luongo

The slithering reptilians that populate the British government will go to any lengths to stop or neuter Brexit. From Tom Luongo at tomluongo.me:

I told you the other day that there was a coup underway by the elites I call The Davos Crowd. It started with the British Supreme Court overturning centuries of the balance of powers and ended with the Democrats in Congress announcing impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

When the decision came down from the Supreme Court I began my weekly article for Strategic Culture Foundation. They published it today. In that piece I outline what the dynamics are and what the options were for both sides of the Brexit conundrum.

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