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Why Is CDC Trying to Put a Mask on Your Face Again? By Jeffrey A. Tucker

The CDC is having trouble letting go of the glory days when they could make people look and feel like idiots by making them wear the masks. The mandates will be reinstated at the first sign of trouble. From Jeffrey A. Tucker at brownstone.org:

We know the wicked truth about Chairman Mao’s “Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom.” He said this in 1957 while inviting anyone to criticize the Communist Party. There were cheers all around and the criticisms were unleashed. This lasted six weeks, after which many of the biggest critics were shot. It was a bait and switch.

It’s a brilliant tactic for evil regimes. Ferret out the enemy and then make them go away.

That’s not exactly what happened this week but the analogy works. A judge in Florida this week struck down the Biden administration’s transportation mask mandate. The opinion was highly technical and turned entirely on issues of administrative law. The judge ruled that the Public Health Service Act of 1944, the first ever to give the quarantine power to the federal government, did not authorize the imposition of universal mandates on what is really an article of clothing in the name of “sanitation.”

Instead, what appeared to happen here was entirely arbitrary. The Biden administration wanted masks and the CDC imposed them, including with criminal penalties. For a full year, travelers have been hectored and threatened at every turn.

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Team Doom Reversing Covid Restrictions Shows It Was Never About Science, Only Your Compliance, by Matt Agorist

For anyone deeply skeptical of government it was obvious from the outset that the Covid response was never about health and safety, but rather power and control. From Matt Agorist at thefreethoughtproject.com:

“The Science,” we have been told since March 2020, is the rigorous set of guidelines that must be “followed” with unquestioning obedience in order to reduce the spread, flatten the curve, return to normal, get our freedom back, end the lockdowns, or any other arbitrary carrot placed on the stick (yes they literally said this) that is wielded by the tyrant class.


If you don’t follow said “The Science” you are a science denying buffoon who wants grandma to die, doesn’t care about the children, are an alt-right Trump humper, a white supremacist, extremist, and most likely a domestic terrorist.

“Don’t wear a mask!” “Wear a mask!” “Wear two masks!” Wear three masks!” “Cloth masks don’t work!” “Only N95s will protect you!”

“If you’re vaccinated you can’t get covid.” “Vaccines are 100% effective at stopping covid.” “Vaccines are 96% effective.”

“Vaccines are 70% effective.” “Vaccines no longer effective after six months.” “Boosters are our only way out of covid.” “It is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

“The Science,” as our readers know has been a shifting goal post since day one and has had almost nothing to do with actual science at all. When the pro-mandate psychopaths changed an arbitrary dictate, we are told that the virus has changed, not “The Science.” Now, however, they are reversing course.

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Were masks a waste of time? By Geoff Shullenberger

“A waste of time” is putting things too politely. Masks did more harm than good, unless you believe mask meshes 100 to 1000 times the size of a virus can actually stop the virus, or that breathing your own respiratory waste is good for you. From Geoff Shullenberger at unherd.com:

Experts advocated an intervention they once thought useless

Last summer, as the Delta wave was upending hopes that widespread vaccination would end the pandemic, several Democratic-run cities and states in America reintroduced the mask mandates they had ditched earlier in the year. A few other blue states and cities, notably New York, as well as many Republican-led states and municipalities, opted not to require masking again at that point.

This policy divergence created an opportunity to examine the impact of mask mandates. Those areas that rescinded their mandates could function as control groups for evaluating the effect of the policy on cases and mortality. But neither public health experts nor any of the major media outlets took up this opportunity. The reason, most of them would likely have said if pressed on the subject, was there was nothing to learn: “the science” was settled.

For their part, critics of masking and other Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) typically relied on principled assertions of freedom. This gave them little reason to examine the evidentiary basis of these policies, since they would have rejected them on moral grounds even if they worked. Only a few sceptical observers drilled into the data that could be found on sites such as the New York Times — even if the paper’s own reporters made little of it. The most prolific of these was Ian Miller, who over the past two years has published copious data-driven commentary on the track record of various Covid public health interventions.

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Just Mask and Vaccinate Harder

Diaper Report 8/16/21

The majority of people are discarded their masks. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

This Diaper Report is filed from a “hot spot” of sickness psychosis and weaponized hypochondria – Earth Fare, in Roanoke, VA. It is a good barometer of the spread – or not – of this mental illness because it was one of the most extremely sick (in the head) places in the area, at the height of this engineered mass panic.

Everyone was Diapered – except your narrator, of course – who was denied entry for that reason. The most extreme forms of sick Kabuki were “practiced” within – with face-effaced Nurse Ratcheds behind the plexiglass at every cash register. This was the case – for months, even after the governor-gesundheitsfuhrer lifted the face-effacing “mandates” (this strange new practice of issuing personal orders that some respect as having the force of law, as if duly enacted by a legislature accountable to the voters).

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Sen. Rand Paul: Mask mandates and lockdowns from petty tyrants? No, not again. Choose freedom

Rand Paul boils it down to one word: resist. From Paul at foxnews.com:


They can’t arrest us all. They can’t keep all your kids home from school. They can’t keep every government building closed – although I’ve got a long list of ones they should.

We don’t have to accept the mandates, lockdowns, and harmful policies of the petty tyrants and feckless bureaucrats. We can simply say no, not again.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi — you will not arrest or stop me or anyone on my staff from doing our jobs. We have all either had COVID, had the vaccine, or been offered the vaccine. We will make our own health choices. We will not show you a passport, we will not wear a mask, we will not be forced into random screening and testing so you can continue your drunk with power rein over the Capitol.

President Biden — we will not accept your agencies’ mandates or your reported moves toward a lockdown. No one should follow the CDC’s anti-science mask mandates. And if you want to shutdown federal agencies again — some of which aren’t even back to work fully — I will stop every bill coming through the Senate with an amendment to cut their funding if they don’t come to work.

No more.

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The Pointless Drive To Make Masks Great Again, by Brian McGlinchey

Nobody has been able to document that masks stop or slow the spread of Covid-19, and why would they? The meshes on mask range from 100 to 1000 times larger than the virus, thus the well known line that they’re like a chain link fence stopping a mosquito. From Brian McGlinchey at starkrealities.substack.com:

Governments keep forcing masks despite indications they’ve done little to slow Covid’s spread

Just when the forces of rationality had seemingly established a beachhead in the public health domain, they’re back on defense again, as the CDC declares vaccinated and unvaccinated people should wear masks indoors in areas of the country experiencing high transmission, and every schoolchild should be condemned to wear a mask all day long.

The moves, which come in response to surging case counts, seem to demonstrate an impulse that animates many questionable government policies: “We have to do something,” regardless of whether that something can be reasonably expected to have a material impact on the problem at hand.

Ample Reason to Doubt Masks’ Value

Most public and media discussion of mask policy reflects a foundational assumption that may well be false—namely, that widespread, all-purpose mask-wearing has had any meaningful impact on slowing the spread.

Intuition tells us covering our faces must be worthwhile. After all, if the virus is emitted from our noses and mouths, covering those openings has to make a big difference, right?

That gut feeling misleads us, though, because we tend to only think of the virus in terms of visible, tangible droplets masks can absorb. Indeed, the initial scientific consensus held that Covid-19 was exclusively transmitted by droplets, prompting the emphasis on distancing six feet from each other—room enough for gravity to pull those droplets out of the air.

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Diaper Report 7/27/21, by Eric Peters

For many people, losing weight and getting healthy would lower their chances of contracting Covid far more than masks, social distancing, lockdowns, or vaccines. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

You can run, but you can’t hide goes the saying. True enough. But you can refuse. And you can quit.

That is the advice I have given a good friend of mine upon hearing the news that the Department of Veterans Affairs will require workers to submit to medical experiments using FDA-unapproved “vaccines” as the price of their continued employment.

My friend is a nurse who works at a VA hospital. He needs a “vaccine” like a sheep needs a wool sweater. This friend is my lifting buddy and he’s as hale and hearty as an oak and neither old nor obese – though many of his co-workers are the former. And – wouldn’t you know it – it is precisely these people who are the most adamant that he be “vaccinated.” 

This is one of the many halting inversions of CoronaMonoMania. People who clearly make no effort to be healthy – who guzzle six packs of soda daily, do not exercise, eat grotesque quantities of junk food and often smoke on top of it – finger-wag at people like my buddy, who isn’t “at risk” and presents no risk to them – because he chooses to be healthy by taking care of his health.

These fatties – sorry, but honest language is often necessary language – could greatly reduce their risk of getting sick (from anything) and from getting chronically sick (as from diabetes, hypertension and heart disease- all of which magnify the risk of the ‘Rona) if they would just drop the extra 50 pounds they’re lugging around their waists.

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The CDC is about to be canceled by Google and Facebook for COVID heresy, by Simon Black

We’re all supposed to follow the official science, but the official science keeps changing. From Simon Black at sovereignman.com:

On Friday afternoon, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (still called the CDC, even though they added a ‘P’) released a heretical report about mask-wearing and COVID-19.

The report, authored by at least a dozen medical doctors, PhD researchers, and, bizarrely, a handful of attorneys, examined how mask mandates across the US affected COVID cases and death rates.

You’d think with all of the media propaganda about mask effectiveness… and all the virtue signaling, with politicians and reporters appearing on live TV wearing masks… that the data would prove incontrovertibly and overwhelmingly that masks have saved the world.

But that’s not what the report says.

According to the CDC’s analysis, between March 1 and December 31 last year, statewide mask mandates were in effect in 2,313 of the 3,142 counties in the United States.

And, looking at the county-by-county data, the CDC concludes that mask mandates were associated with an average 1.32% decrease in the growth rates of COVID-19 cases and deaths during the first 100 days after the mask policy was implemented.

Wait, what? Only 1.32%?

You read that correctly, they didn’t misplace the decimal: according to the federal government agency that is responsible for managing the COVID-1984 pandemic, the difference between mask mandates and no mask mandate is literally just a 1.32% difference.

And bear in mind, it’s entirely possible that the real figure is even lower than that, given all the questionable COVID statistics.

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16 States Are Now Following The Science, by Jordan Schachtel

A number of Republican governors are now lifting lockdown and mask mandates they never should have imposed. From Jordan Schachtel at aier.org:

It took an entire year, but lockdowns and mask mandates are officially incredibly unpopular with half of the country, to the point that governors are rapidly making sweeping changes to their year-long COVID-19 policies.

Jumping onto the coattails of pro-individual freedom leaders like governors Ron DeSantis (R-Florida) and Kristi Noem (R-SD), the governors of Mississippi and Texas decided Tuesday to announce an end to business restrictions and statewide mask mandates.

Both Tate Reeves (R-MS) and Greg Abbott (R-TX), who had long taken a nanny state approach to the COVID-19 crisis, acted almost simultaneously to announce the end of statewide restrictions.

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