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“Racist” College Researcher Ousted After Sharing Study Showing No Racial Bias In Police Shootings, by Tyler Durden

There goes what remained of academic freedom. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

The vice president of Research and Innovation at Michigan State University, physicist Stephen Hsu, has been forced out of his position at the university after daring to show actual facts from a 2019 study that show there to be no racial bias in incidents of police shootings.

Hsu wrote on his blog on Sunday that “The [Graduate Employees Union] alleged that I am a racist because I interviewed MSU Psychology professor Joe Cesario, who studies police shootings.”

“Cesario’s work…is essential to understanding deadly force and how to improve policing,” Hsu said.

Cesario’s 2019 study found “that the race of the officer doesn’t matter when it comes to predicting whether black or white citizens are shot.”

The conclusion of the study was that “contrary to activist claims and media reports, there is no widespread racial bias in police shootings.”

Cesario’s study was then cited in a June 3 Wall Street Journal op-ed called “The Myth of Systemic Police Racism”. The MSU communications team highlighted the mention of Cesario’s work days later and on June 10, the GEU “blasted” Hsu for sharing the research, claiming that it “did not alight with public statements issued by MSU,” according to blog The Police Tribune.

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In America Emotion Rules Reason, by Paul Craig Roberts

America becomes increasingly unhinged. From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

For many years I have observed and commented from time to time on the rise in American narcissism and decline in cognitive ability. American narcissism has an emotional coloration. Utterly ignorant Americans have no problem believing that they know more than experts they belittle, demonstrating all the while that they have no understanding of what the expert has written.

Emotional responses are gradually crowding out fact and evidence based reason. Truth is losing its connection to objectivity and is becoming agenda based. If it serves the agenda, and agendas are increasingly emotion based, it is truth. Many can no longer comprehend the content of what they read. Words become like a bullfighter’s red cape. They set off emotions, not thought. Depending on how people have been programmed by their education, indoctrination, and value inculcation, they have emotive responses. One consequence is that discussion is replaced by denunciation.

Yet even I was stunned by the instantaneous universal demonization of Trump and the American people who elected him as “racist white supremacists” by the entirety of the US media, Democratic Party, and American liberal/progressive left. The catalyst for this launching of hate speech against the American white population was a mass shooting in El Paso. As the shooter had shot immigrants, Trump and those who elected him, were blamed because Trump’s attempt to control US borders in accordance with US law, which is his duty, alledgely inspired the shooter even though the shooter stated in his explanation that Trump had nothing to do with it.

I was struck by how primed were those who control explanations to lay the blame on Trump and the American electorate for a shooting incident. It reminded me of how primed Germans were in the 1930s by Jewish financial and economic control, real or alleged, to Nationalist Socialists’ attacks on Jews. A long period of demonization of Jews ended in massacres.

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The Final Blowout Sale, by Jeff Thomas

Morals, truth, and reason collapse when regimes do. From Jeff Thomas at internationalman.com:

Increasingly, both Europeans and North Americans whom I meet are expressing their concern that the social structure of their countries appears to be breaking down.

Americans and Canadians speak of people of who, for making an off-handed comment that could possibly be interpreted as racist, can lose their livelihoods as a result. In the UK, it’s worse, with people being sentenced to prison for publicly denouncing rapes of children by Muslims in UK cities.

In the US, some universities now have “non-white-only” days, when Caucasian students and faculty are banned from school grounds. (Those who do attend have at times been harassed, threatened and even physically attacked in the new racist anti-white trend.)

The quest for illogical “diversity” is arising in a host of surprising contexts. For example, in applications for air traffic control positions, applicants are given five times more points for seemingly irrelevant “qualifications,” such as “having played team sports in high school” or for “having been unemployed for more than three years,” than for being pilots. This, in spite of the fact that air traffic control is not about diversity, it’s about knowing how to get planes full of people to land safely.

A teenager who is caught smoking marijuana can be jailed for it, but, worse, under Civil Asset Forfeiture, if he brings marijuana home, his family can have their house, cars and bank accounts confiscated under the suspicion that they “may” be drug traffickers.

However, bankers, who embezzle hundreds of millions, simply pay a fine, which is then charged to shareholders.

As one American said to me recently, “It’s as though everything I was taught about truth, reason and morality as a child has been turned upside down.”

And that’s exactly right.

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Viscerally Visceral, by Robert Gore

Reality doesn’t give a damn how you feel.

A long time ago, I was talking with a woman and the discussion turned to abortion. I don’t remember our exact words, but she said something to the effect that she was viscerally opposed to anything that curtailed women’s right to abortions. I do remember her use of the words “visceral” and “viscerally” because she used them repeatedly, emphasizing her stance.

I asked if the right to control one’s body implied a right to control one’s mind, and the right to control the products of one’s body and mind. Should freedom be general, or does it apply only to the specific case of freedom to abort a fetus? I didn’t get a response, other than one last exclamation that she was viscerally opposed to anything that curtailed women’s right to abortions.

The dictionary defines “visceral” as: “Relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect.” I was trying to get the woman to define the principle supporting her assertion and perhaps extend it to other issues. She had a deep inward feeling, that’s all, no principle, a product of the intellect.

It was some years before I realized that “visceral” was a key to understanding the world. Its definition is not just a definition, it’s a description of how most people perceive and interpret reality most of the time—with their emotions rather than their intellects.

That isn’t an original insight, it’s been around for centuries (most of my “original” insights have been around for centuries). Aristotle defined rhetoric’s three persuasive appeals as logos, pathos, and ethos: the mind, the emotions, and the conscience.

The leaders throughout history who incited their followers to storm ramparts, mount invasions, or march on crusades appealed to pathos—emotions—hatred of the enemy and love of family, clan, country, or God. The led only encountered the often-grim realities after they’d signed up.

Emotional appeals kicked into high gear with the development of mass markets and advertising. The first tenet of marketing copywriting is you sell to emotions, not reason. Reasons come later, after you’ve emotionally hooked the mark prospect and he is rationalizing his decision.

List a car’s many fine features and make bullet-proof logical arguments that they’re better than anybody else’s and you might sell a few. Show the car in front of a high-class hotel, the owner holding the door for a smoking hot babe, her breathtaking legs emerging seductively from the car as he takes her hand, and you’ll sell a lot more.

Naturally this primacy of emotion became part of politics, which has become a playpen of intellectual infants demanding the world take note of their visceral emotions and respond to them…now! The playpen hosts much of the media, especially social media. In education, children can progress from preschool to graduate programs without ever leaving the playpen, and without ever leaving childhood.

Only by completely isolating one’s self can one escape the “demands” of those who perceive reality through the lens of their oh-so-precious feelings. Their paramount demand: the world acknowledge and kowtow to those unique and special feelings. Primacy of emotion is their privilege, and anyone who questions it (questions being the weapon of the rational) is subject to scathing attack. They are viscerally visceral.

There’s one obvious problem. If everyone’s feelings are uniquely special and the object of justifiable self-absorption, who’s left to acknowledge and kowtow to everyone else’s unique and special feelings? The answer is straight from Animal Farm: some feelings are more special than others.

The feelings on display during CNN’s Parkland shooting town hall were extra special. The feelings (and thoughts) of those who oppose gun control were shouted down. The “gun control debate” is a phrase much in the media recently. As the town hall demonstrated, there’s no “debate.” It’s passion for the “right” side uber alles, and the other side had best just shut up and kowtow.

It’s not clear what the implicit “or else” is, maybe a collective holding of breaths until everyone’s blue, but there’s no mistaking the snarling anger. The more cowardly captains of corporate America caved.

However, there’s a much bigger problem with self-centered primacy of emotion: while other people may respond to your emotions, reality doesn’t give a damn. A strong desire for food, even if fervently expressed, won’t make a garden grow. Hoping for a windfall doesn’t prevent poverty. Cursing blizzards or droughts doesn’t change the weather. Wishing doesn’t make it so.

It would be instructive to check the majors of students drawn to today’s fashionable campus demonstrations. Engineering, chemistry, biology, physics and the other hard sciences are undoubtedly underrepresented. Students in those fields must apply rigorous and unremitting logic to unlock reality’s mysteries—hard and demanding work—or they drift to other disciplines. Those who succeed learn to check their feelings at the door. If they think at all about their epistemological opposites raising a ruckus across campus, it’s probably with a mixture of wonder and contempt.

Abandon reason and one emotion dominates: fear. Scared people are not rational, they’ll buy virtually anything that promises to alleviate their fear. Every totalitarian, every proponent of curtailing freedom, knows this. It’s the equivalent of the smoking hot babe: fear sells government.

How will gun control or confiscation stop criminals, who by definition don’t observe laws, from shooting up schools, churches, movie theaters, and other places where people peaceably assemble? Those places are generally gun-free zones, wouldn’t it be better if the shooters weren’t assured that nobody would fire back, so that maybe they’d think twice? The gun controllers ignore such questions. Something must be done now, they screech. Pass more laws so we’ll all “feel” safer. (Anytime someone sells a law touting its benefits for “all,” it’s a rock-solid bet the only beneficiary will be the government.)

Fear is not confined to one part of the political spectrum. It sold the Patriot Act and the like, gargantuan defense budgets, global military intervention, the surveillance state, the militarization of local police departments, and all manner of regulatory intrusion and extortion. Tell people you’re protecting them and you can do damn well whatever you want to them. It’s doubtful Americans will figure it out even as they’re herded into protective and preventative detention facilities, aka concentration camps. You can’t be too safe.

Reason is the toughest sell out there. As the advertisers know, what passes for reason is usually emotion-based rationalization. Yet, reason always wins. It has an unbeatable ally, reality, the anchor for those who live their lives guided by their intellects rather than their emotions.

Remember the tears, screaming, and general hysteria after Trump won the election? Imagine when our system, built as it is on wishful thinking, finally collapses. Imagine confronting these hysterical creatures. You, your family, and friends saw what was coming and are riding out the storm. They are screaming, demanding that you take care of them. However, you have the firearms they eschewed, so demand is all they can do. “Imagine how we feel!” they scream. You stare at them with complete indifference.

Nobody gives a shit how you feel.

Collapse will have its compensations.

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Civilization Declared “A White Male Construct”, by Paul Craig Roberts

From the article: “Reason, says Professor Caputo, “is a white male Euro-Christian construction.” Reason is not anybody’s construct, but if it were a white male construct, then they did something right. From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

A number of readers have turned out to be excellent research assistants. In response to my articles, “The American Left: RIP,” and the two follow-ups, “The Absurdities Mount” and “Goodbye Western Civilization,” readers have supplied the following.

A white male professor of philosophy has discovered that in order to have an academic career in these days he must find “white privilege” everywhere. Professor John Caputo, according to this report, https://downtrend.com/robertgehl/professor-calls-reason-itself-a-white-male-construct, has found white male privilege in reason itself.

Reason, says Professor Caputo, “is a white male Euro-Christian construction.” Since reason is white, reason is not neutral. It implies that what is not white is not rational. “So white is philosophically relevant and needs to be philosophically critiqued.”

Professor Caputo ties into University of California professor Sara Giordano who defines science as a “colonial and racialized form of power” that “must be replaced with an anti-science, antiracist, feminist approach to knowledge production.” https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=10021

I can’t say that this would be all bad. This way we wouldn’t have nuclear weapons and the frustrating digital age. But before I vote for it, I want to know what feminist science is. I have a disturbing feeling that it brings with it the genocide of the white heterosexual male. After all, if white heterosexual males are responsible for all the evil and ills of the world, how can we tolerate their existence?

The University of Oregon’s Jewish president was prevented by students from giving an university address this month about free speech. Free speech, declared the student protesters, perpetuates “fascism and white supremacy.” http://ijr.com/the-declaration/2017/10/1004087-protesters-block-speech-college-president-supporting-free-speech/?utm_campaign=Conservative%20Daily&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=57696223&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_lEYnedyjzkJdQg3N0OOoF5PhhKtm5yUGqIhbxb5fs878ae8aYjTk2wdWuWYc-7oq7BaJJbOQ6kJI-21n_qpeRECaKqA&_hsmi=57696223

Journalists seem to agree with the Oregon students. The European Federation of Journalists is leading a “Media against Hate” campaign against hate speech and stereotyping of illegal immigrants. https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/11214/europe-journalists-free-speech In other words, any European who protests his/her country being overrun by foreign invaders must be shut up. The scenario in The Camp of the Saints is now happening before our eyes.

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