Coronacide, by Robert Gore

Grasping the obvious—this was all planned beforehand.

As the totalitarian horror unfolds before our eyes, only the willfully blind will ignore it. Only those who refuse to think will fail to grasp its implications. Only the irretrievably corrupt will embrace it.

The Last Gasp,” Straight Line Logic, 3/24/20

There are a lot of blind, unthinking, and corrupt people out there. Start with virus basics.

Viruses typically show exponential growth early on, but that cannot continue or eventually the virus would take over the entire planet and then the entire universe.

Basic Math,” Straight Line Logic, 3/25/20

The Experts offered projections based on exponential growth even as their own statistics showed that growth curves were becoming non-exponential.

Which means that many of the projections both globally and for the US, based as they are on exponential growth that no longer exists, will be off the mark by orders of magnitude. As this becomes clearer, the dictatorial types will panic and try to enact still more dictatorial measures.

Basic Math

It looks like it will be two orders of magnitude—globally from tens of millions of deaths down to hundreds of thousands and in the US from millions of deaths down to tens of thousands. If you were charitably inclined toward the Ruling Caste, you could offer the excuse that they realized their own mathematical and scientific ignorance and illiteracy and so accepted the Expert projections.

That is not just misplaced charity; it’s downright delusional. The Ruling Caste accepted the projections because they were the avenue to what they wanted, those “dictatorial measures.”

So now we’re supposed to believe that the powers are regretfully eliminating what’s left of our freedoms and destroying our economy to protect us from this scourge that might kill five one-hundredths of 1 percent of our population? The notion is idiotic on its face, and could only work on a docile, emasculated, and brain-dead populace who yearns for the sterile safety of a rubber room, straight jacket, and ball gag, removed three times a day when the nice nurse spoons them their gruel. They’ll be free of want and fear…and everything else.


The powers want absolute power, period. Their panic and police states are designed to instill and further the want and fear they say they deplore. Their stocks in trade are want and fear; they’d never eliminate them even if they could….

The Last Gasp

Mission accomplished—they have certainly instilled and furthered want and fear, allowing them to consolidate and extend their power.

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From fearful, compliant automatons the silence was deafening. Even much of the alternative media failed to ask the most basic questions, working off of medical establishment, government, and mainstream media assumptions, projections, and scare tactics.

Perhaps the most distressing aspect of this whole ordeal is that Americans have surrendered to panic and propaganda without a shot.

Surrendered Without A Shot,” Straight Line Logic, 4/6/20

The strongest and most cogent objections came from a few doctors and epidemiologists. Stanford epidemiologist John P.A. Ionnidis was one of the first. Dr. Ron Paul early on called out the coronavirus hoax.

Unfortunately, doctors and epidemiologists also were responsible for many of the scariest projections and much of the agitation for police state measures. It’s as if the world’s auto mechanics decided that cars’ useful lives would be meaningfully extended and public safety enhanced if everyone was forced to drive 25 mph. Probably true, but think of the costs in time and money if we had to drive that slowly. The mechanics have their perspective, and doctors and epidemiologists have theirs. What’s been lacking is broader perspectives that reckon, or even acknowledge the response’s staggering costs to liberty and the economy.

Fast forward to now. If you predict that governments’ response to the coronavirus outbreak will reveal not so hidden agendas of globalist power and domination (Why do you think they keep saying, “The world will never go back to the way it was”?), terminate the last vestiges of freedom, destroy the economy and financial markets, kill far more people than the virus itself, and set precedents for everything from enforced confinement to martial law to mandatory vaccinations to electronic money to compelled microchipped identification and surveillance whenever a group of experts makes scary projections about lethal microbes—which from now on will be almost always—you’re well on your way to being proved right on all counts.

Surrendered Without A Shot

If you still doubt that coronavirus response is intended to “terminate the last vestiges of freedom,” check out “Techno-Tyranny: How The US National Security Is Using Coronavirus To Fulfill An Orwellian Vision” by Whitney Webb.

The tide has turned on coronavirus projections and the officially ginned up numbers. Unfortunately, it’s just going out on the economic damage from the response to the coronavirus. There’s a widespread propaganda ploy when the media refers to the carnage: they attribute it to the coronavirus and not the draconian measures enacted to address the coronavirus. So 26.5 million Americans filing jobless claims in five weeks is due to the coronavirus and not the decrees destroying the economy, closing businesses, and putting millions under house arrest. As if 26.5 million Americans are out sick rather than forcibly prevented from earning a living.

It’s not like these measures even work. There is not an inverse relationship between the severity of isolation policies and severity of the disease. Keeping those with the disease isolated (the true definition of quarantine) makes sense, house arrest (the true definition of lockdown) doesn’t. Some countries that do not house arrest have death rates per million far lower than countries that do. Confining people to their homes keeps them away from sunlight and fresh air, whose therapeutic benefits have been known since the Spanish flu a century ago and were used to fight it. House arrest also makes it more difficult to exercise, another proven immune system and health builder.

Isolation of the healthy also slows the development of herd immunity. Most people who are infected by the coronavirus will have few or no symptoms and will develop antibodies to it. To the extent home confinement actually prevents exposure, it also prevents herd immunity, potentially setting up a second wave of new cases during next autumn and winter’s flu season. The coronavirus will be a gift that keeps on giving to the Ruling Caste.

For every thousand mentions of vaccines and potential vaccines against the coronavirus in the media, there is one mention of nature’s most potent defenses against viruses—the immune system and naturally acquired immunity. There’s only the tangential reference when they note that a disproportionate number of coronavirus deaths befall people with compromised immune systems.

The logical, albeit unstated inference is that bolstering your immune system may be a more effective strategy for dealing with the coronavirus than trying to hide from it. Vitamins C and D, zinc, sunlight, fresh air, exercise, a healthy diet, and sleep are all proven immunity boosters, but there’s not much money in promoting them. The voices in the alternative media boosting those boosters—Bill Sardi, Dr. David Brownstein, Dr. Joseph Mercola—do far more good than the mainstream’s endless admonitions to stay indoors, wear face masks, and socially distance until Bill and Melinda find a profitable vaccine. Too bad the former don’t get a tenth of the attention the latter does.

Now that the global numbers are headed the right direction, there are fewer stories reporting, analyzing, or putting them in any kind of context. Instead, we get personal interest stories to divert attention—patients and their loved ones struggling with the disease, medical heroes, and how celebrities are coping with enforced isolation and idleness. Most of the numbers stories are about spikes up in new cases or deaths in various localities and countries. There are few personal interest stories about the newly unemployed, food line standees, or the heroes trying to keep their small businesses afloat.

The coronavirus response is infecting a global economy whose immune system is severely compromised by its addiction to debt. Like many of the coronavirus victims before infection, the economy was already on death’s door. The apparent economic growth during the recovery since the 2008-2009 financial crisis was bought with huge expansions of government, business, and personal debt, facilitated by all manner of central bank sleight of hand—quantitative easing, low or negative interests rates, and monetizing government debt. Its akin to a terminal patient kept alive by a constant drip feed of drugs.

Interest compounds exponentially, leaving aside the central-bank created abomination of negative interest rates. Debt must be paid back or rolled over, it’s the debtor’s liability and the creditor’s asset, and it’s ultimately a claim on, and is often secured by, real assets and production. World debt is over 2.8 times world GDP. That number has been on a steady ascent, so the world is well past the point where additional debt buys growth greater than the debt. Most debt has funded consumption, which generates no economic return. Debt service was exacting its ever-increasing toll on a slowing global economy before the coronavirus made its appearance.

And let’s not forget derivatives. The Bank of International Settlements puts the notional amount at $640 trillion—a conservative estimates, others are much higher—as of last June, or over 7.2 times world GDP. It’s often claimed that the true picture is nowhere as worrisome as suggested by the notional amount because many derivatives are offset by opposite positions. Netted out derivatives exposure is much less, more than 90 percent less. That’s all well and good until major counterparties start failing, as they did in the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Positions that were supposedly offset no longer are, and all hell breaks loose. The risk is then measured by the notional, not the netted, total, the one that’s at least 7.2 times world GDP.

The impending financial and economic collapse as the debt and derivative daisy chains break is both obvious and inevitable. There will be no quick bounce back when we’re paroled from our pandemic prisons. The world needs all the production it can get simply to pay debt service, but the global production shut down and piles of new debt put us that much deeper in the hole. The Ruling Caste knows that debt and bailouts of parasitic but politically connected individuals and corporations make the collapse that much worse, but that’s part of the plan.

In the Ruling Caste’s perfect world, there are two castes: theirs and everybody else—call it the untouchables, or better yet, the deplorables—impoverished, dependent, and subservient. A thriving, independent middle class—one of capitalism’s greatest creations—simply has no right to exist. It doesn’t need a Ruling Caste—reason enough to hate it—and must be eliminated. The global depression will eliminate it, as well as many of its former members. That a slave society may not be much fun for the masters has seemingly not entered into Ruling Caste calculations.

The Ruling Caste has fine-tuned fear. It worked well with 9/11, but nineteen years later it’s obvious there aren’t terrorists under every bed. They couldn’t get what they wanted from their global warming doomsday scenarios and garbage science. Their models kept yielding erroneous predictions and they had to keep shoving the dire consequences farther into the future. The integrity of the research was severely compromised by committee science and so-called consensus conclusions, ad hoc and unexplained data adjustments, opacity where transparency was required, and private communications that undercut public pronouncements. Global warning just hasn’t lit any fires.

Ah, but tell the public they’re at risk from an unseen virus, even if the risk of death is comparable to other viruses and is smaller for healthy people than risks we run everyday, and there you have something. They’ll let you: confine them to their houses, close their businesses, eliminate their jobs, prevent contact and communication with other people, encourage them to spy on and report their neighbors, stop them from going to church and other gatherings, and mandate social distancing and mask-wearing.

One thing global warming has taught the Ruling Caste: confer payola, positions, and prestige on the Scientific Caste and you can get whatever Science you want. So roll out scary pandemic predictions from bought and paid for Experts and Voilà! people will hand you their livelihoods and their freedom. In that Ruling Caste perfect world, we’d grant them permission to execute us if the Experts recommended it, docilely lining up for the firing squad or gas chamber. Who are we to argue with the Experts?

The coronavirus will fade, not even within field goal range (remember football?) of its advance billing. Expect no embarrassment from the Ruling Caste or its Experts. This is another giant step in their project to “Make the Truth Irrelevant.” They’ve found a special kind of fear. By vastly inflating a health risk, you can make people so afraid for their own safety that they’ll ignore skepticism, pertinent questions, contrary facts, any nonconforming science, other obvious truths, and their own imprisonment and ruin. All the precedents are now in place, and the Ruling Caste just has to make sure the next virus is more lethal than this one (but of course not so lethal or resistant to vaccination that it poses a danger to the Ruling Caste).

When you can’t love, you hate. When you can’t build, you destroy. When you’re ignored, you scream. When you can’t tell the truth, you lie. When you can’t reason, you panic. When no one will follow you out of admiration or respect, you compel. When you can’t live, you kill.

The Last Gasp

As a general rule, the earlier you recognize someone is trying to kill you, the better off you’ll be.

55 responses to “Coronacide, by Robert Gore

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  2. Not everyone is a weakling, a moron, or a serf. This control will be rejected until the man with the plan shows up. Then the wheat will be separated from the chaff and the man with the plan will be worshiped, for a little while.


  3. Not everyone is a weakling, a moron, or a serf. This control will soon be violently opposed until the man with the plan shows up. Then the wheat will be separated from the chaff. He will do a reset and the world will worship him for a while. Then the Winner will show up.


  4. In the CW2 novel I am writing the crusty old retired Infantry Colonel (who never made General because of his firmly held and inflexible political views) is pressed back into service by FREEFOR, and openly espouses and acts on his belief that the communists have to be physically gotten rid of, either by driving them out of the country or by killing them, in large numbers, the larger the better. He also acknowledges and acts on the fact that war is economic, as is being demonstrated to us right now. You win a war at least partly by making it impossible for your opponent to field an opposing force. This is why the middle class must be destroyed, and is why we are locked down, as you correctly point out above.

    Think strategically, act tactically to achieve the strategic objectives.


  5. Short, but to the point. Linking as usual @
    As I replied to Jon Rappaport in one his articles, yesterday. The numbers weren’t big enough, so they have to predict a much worse 2nd wave for the fall. And i suppose if this doesn’t come true, there will be more waves to follow!!!!!


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  7. If ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Hunger Games’ had a baby it would look a lot like the world we live in.

    Reality sold to the masses via indoctrination posing as education, reality sold to the masses via the MSM and Big Tech, make the Matrix.

    But unlike the Matrix, humanity really exists in the Hunger Games, existing in toil to feed the grandiose lifestyles of a very few.

    The imperial oligarchs do not intend for anything out of their control to pass through to the other side of this – remember Depressions are about buying productive assets for pennies on the $ and consolidating power for the oligarch class. And ushering in ‘New Realities’ through ‘New Deals’ with that new found power.

    The illusory Matrix sells the slave existence to the dumbed down over medicated unthinking masses.

    It seems to have worked pretty well for the globe’s imperial oligarch class up until this point.

    But if enough people in the Hunger Games actually get red pilled and see the Matrix for what it really is, and the Matrix fails….well….let’s hope for happy endings like the Matrix and Hunger Games.

    Leaving millions at home jobless and starving and eventually homeless is probably going to red pill quite a few as they see who is getting extinguished (sheared one last time before slaughter, of course) and who is getting ‘bailed out’ and at whose expense (those feeding on the carcass while wearing the new wool).

    Any legitimate government would be preparing their nations for 3rd World existence. That’s where we are going to land, even in supposed 1st World nations.

    True leaders would be preparing those they govern for that soon coming reality as the last threads of JIT give out.

    I’m just gonna hold my breath and wait for that….; )


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  10. Robert: I guess I am blacklisted by WordPress. Earlier this morning, I entered a lengthy but concise and well thought out comment. In recent days, every time I attempt to leave a comment at any WordPress blog, I am asked to sign in. When I do sign in, it promises that my comment will be published, but it never is.

    Sometimes it pretends like it does not recognize me. And then it pretends like I am entering the wrong password. Then it asks me to create a new password. If I do, then it pretends like it does not recognize that password either.

    I wonder if I am the only one having this problem. I am also wondering if tbis is one way that WordPress and other blog hosting entities have come up with to deplatform certain commenters whose comments are too effective at exposing false narratives.


  11. I’m not saying it’s the Jews….but

    it’s the Jews. And

    their shabbatz goy political class. One

    scoundrel in particular: Drumpf.


    • You’re a sick f*ck. Anti-Semite but blatant porn of Jewish women when you click on your name? You are a sad sad semi human. And that’s being generous.


  12. Bill Hickok when asked about killing once, replied that his ability to survive so many gunfights, was because he made up his mind to shoot the other guy sooner than the other guy make up his mind to shoot HIM. We are not doing enough to force them to make a decision. THEY need to be provoked before they make up their minds to put one in the back of our heads. Another sterling column, Robert.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. For following SLL, I was intellectually prepared for the pin prick that would burst the bubble with following consequences–sort of. I did not anticipate the extent or speed of the of the collapse.
    As you state and illustrate, the Ruling Casts is nailing in place a well organized permanent take over plan. They may not succeed this time, but I am not optimistic about the end game. Maybe the general rule at the end of the article will help.


  14. ,” Fear” what is their to fear. Go, make a difference in your world. Catch a fish, help a lil old lady cross the street. Donate to the food bank, donate your old but serviceable stuff, to those in need.

    Do good deeds, because it’s the right thing to do. Be kind to people, who deserve a kind word, or deed.

    Hide, watch out the front window, nobody but you has the authority to force you to stay indoors, out of stores, or off the streets. You do, they win.

    I’m going camping/ fly fishing in the morning, high mountains, camping in a closed campground, fishing in a river and creeks, closed.

    What are they gonna do, book me in the closed county jail? Fuck them.

    Robert, another fantastic article, I read all your stuff, admire your vision, your ability to see the truth!.



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  37. Gore hit the nail on the head with this post. Best outline of what’s going on i’ve seen yet. Revealing the lie of the official narrative.

    If this were posted on social media, they would probably create some reason to immediately ban it. Because the only narrative allowed is the official narrative.

    I liked what another commenter said on here about the projections for the second wave. I’ll be anticipating more bullshit projections.


    • I used to post on Facebook when they had an auto-feed capability and everything I put on SLL went straight to my FB page. They made it much harder to post–you have to do it manually–so I terminated my FB account. By now I’m sure I would be banned anyway, and probably on all the other social media. However, anyone who wants to try to post anything I have written on social media is free to try.


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  40. Maybe this is simplistic or not properly worded.
    I used to think that the powers-that-be would be dethroned only by a natural occurrence (with all its attendant side effects), like the economic affordability of Petroleum, since there is a finite supply and it seems to be diminishing. But this so-called pandemic seems to removed this obstacle to global domination by drastically reducing the oil demand. Please correct me if I am wrong.


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    Well, more and more folks here in Rawles Land are taking the bull by the horns and going about their business. Some wear masks. Others do not. The local fear mongers are losing steam and credibility. One of the local Christian Schools has re-started, with appropriate social distancing in the classroom.
    As far as the pending “Economic Correction” is concerned, I have a question: Who is going to foreclose on the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of homes when us serfs can not longer pay our mortgages? Foreclosure is a civil procedure which requires court action and an Orc with a badge to come out to your house and throw you out in the street. It would seem TPTB and their (((Bankster))) puppet masters would need a literal army. Can anyone answer this question? Thanks. Bleib ubrig.


  44. Reblogged this on Citizens and commented:
    Note – written in April.


  45. On another site in March just before I lost access to the Internet with library closures I commented that it seemed more than a coincidence that the demographics most damaged by state responses to Covid were the ones most opposed to elite interests.


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