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The Old America Is Dead. Where Do We Go From Here? by Wayne Allensworth

A better world isn’t just going to happen, you’re going to have to fight for it. From Wayne Allensworth at vdare.com:

 “Then who do we shoot?”   Like Muley Graves the sharecropper, John Steinbeck’s evocative Okie everyman in John Ford’s 1940 film, many Americans are bewildered by a tidal wave of forces that seem beyond their control. The answer is not easy. But increasingly it seems likely to involve geographical partition.

Facing eviction from his dust-bowl farm, Muley confronts a man on a bulldozer who has come to demolish the shack Muley and his family live in. The sharecropper is determined not to give in and threatens the bulldozer operator with a shotgun—only to discover he is a local man, one of Muley’s own people. The bulldozer driver explains it’s not his fault, it’s just a job that he was hired to do. If Muley shoots him, then someone else will come to do the job and Muley will land in jail.

“Then who do we shoot?” asks Muley. The banker? The people back East who own the bank? Morally disarmed and demoralized, Muley can only watch as the bulldozer man destroys his home.

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On Vote-By-Mail, by J. Christian Adams

Voting by mail will doom Trump’s chances this fall and will be the end of the Republican party. It’s a license to cheat. From J. Christian Adams at gatestoneinstitute.org:

  • Vote by mail might sound good, until you look at the data. The federal election assistance commission keeps tabs. Their data show that 28 million ballots mailed since 2012 simply vanished. They were sent out, but never came back and were counted. Some say they are in landfills, others figure they are in file cabinets.
  • It gets worse. Hundreds of thousands came back but had defects that prevented them from being counted. The voters who sent these ballots probably do not even know that their ballot was not counted after they sent it back.
  • Making all of this even worse are the hundreds of millions of dollars that leftist foundations dedicate to this process fight. There is money for media outlets to publish stories that voter fraud is a myth. They even lend struggling newspapers foundation-funded “reporters” to work for free, as long as they publish stories saying voter fraud is a myth.
  • Mail voting also destroys the transparency of our elections. Observers from each side are unable to watch the process. Mail ballots are uniquely vulnerable to fraud because they are voted behind closed doors where third parties regularly attempt to influence the process.
  • It surprises people to learn that in the middle of an Ebola epidemic in 2014, Liberia conducted an in-person national election. Ebola had a fatality rate of 46%, yet people still came into polling places and voted in person. The solutions were simple — sanitization protocols, distancing, disinfectant on surfaces.
(Image source: iStock)

Never before in the history of the country has the election process system been under greater attack. In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, heavily funded organizations and lawyers with fat trust deposits have been seeking to undo how we elect the President, Congress and state officials.

Like the rioters in the streets of American cities, they are taking advantage of a crisis to try to fundamentally transform American institutions.

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U.S. Intelligence Is Intervening in the 2020 Election, by Jefferson Morley

Nobody is interfering more in US elections than the intelligence hacks screaming  about foreign, particularly Russian, interference in our elections. From Jefferson Morley at truthdig.org:

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. (Gage Skidmore / Flickr)

President Trump’s ongoing purge of the intelligence community, along with Bernie Sanders’ surge in the Democratic presidential race, has triggered an unprecedented intervention of U.S. intelligence agencies in the U.S. presidential election on factually dubious grounds.

Former CIA director John Brennan sees a “full-blown national security crisis” in President Trump’s latest moves against the intelligence community. Brennan charges, “Trump is abetting a Russian covert operation to keep him in office for Moscow’s interests, not America’s.” But congressional representatives, both Democratic and Republican, who heard a briefing by the intelligence community about the 2020 election earlier this month say the case for Russian interference is “overstated.”

On February 21, it was leaked to the Washington Post that “U.S. officials,” meaning members of the intelligence community, had confidentially briefed Sanders about alleged Russian efforts to help his 2020 presidential campaign.

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Only 3 ways to stop Trump 2020, by Thaisleeze

You can depose him, kill him, or win the election. For the Democrats, the third alternative is probably the hardest. From Thaisleeve at theburningplatform.com:

Living on the opposite side of the world to the USA I am obliged to follow American politics as a stone thrown into the Washington swamp sends ripples that reach this far. With less than a year to go until the next presidential election it is time to assess the current political landscape.

Trump of course is the focus of massive media noise. This must be ignored if a rational analysis is to be produced. 2016 proved that opinion polls must also be ignored. As things stand today Trump holds the following chips in his stack:

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