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The Year of the Gaslighter, by CJ Hopkins

Gaslighting has reduced millions to inert, semi-conscious blobs of jello. From CJ Hopkins at cjhopkins.substack.com:


Well, it has been quite a year, 2022. I’m officially dubbing it “The Year of the Gaslighter.” I was going to dub it “The Year of the Mother of All Mindfucking Global-Capitalist Gaslighters,” but that seemed like a mouthful, so I’m opting for brevity.

Seriously, if there were an Olympics of Gaslighting, GloboCap (i.e., the global corporatocracy) would take the gold in every event. At this point, the majority of the global masses have been successfully gaslighted into a semi-conscious, quasi-cyclothymic state in which they oscillate, on a moment-by-moment basis, between robotic obedience and impotent rage. Those who are not still walking around in their masks and prophylactic face shields and injecting themselves with experimental “vaccines” for reasons they no longer even pretend to be able to articulate without gibbering like imbeciles are genuflecting at the feet of an oligarch huckster who they believe has come to deliver them from Wokeness.

If you were GloboCap, and in the process of imposing your new official ideology on the entire planet in a kind of global Gleichschaltung op, and otherwise establishing your “New Normal Reich,” and you needed the masses confused and compliant, you couldn’t ask for much more from your Gaslighting Division!

The gaslighting got underway in January, when the corporate media, health authorities, and other major organs of the New Normal Reich started suddenly “discovering” that the official Covid narrative was “inaccurate,” or, you know, a bunch of lies.

A series of limited hangouts ensued.

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Have Yourself an Awkward Little Christmas . . . , by Eric Peters

How do you interact with close friends and family who are on the other side of the mask and vaccination divide? From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:


Christmas will never be the same again. For the same reason that America will never be the same again. Millions of us will never be able to look upon some of our fellow Americans – including some of our friends and family members – as we once did, ever again.

The ones who turned their backs on us – and worse – for questioning what we rightly identified as a mass hysteria they embraced. Who feared and loathed us, because we would not wear a “mask” – which we didn’t because we knew that putting it on only fueled the mass hysteria. We didn’t wear the things for their sakes as well as our own. For the sake of calm and common sense. To show normality rather than “masked” insanity. For doing that – often at the cost of being denied not merely service but our ability to earn a living – we were abused as pathologically selfish, granny-killing ne’er do-wells.

They told us we weren’t welcome in their homes at Christmas. That we weren’t welcome, period. Unless, of course, we bought in to their hysteria and played along.

We who questioned – and disobeyed – were cast out, by those who did not question and mindlessly obeyed.


Some of these friends and family members would have supported more than just excommunicating us from their  homes and lives and from society, generally. When the drugs that aren’t vaccines were rolled out, many were in favor of everyone being forced to take them. Tens of millions of people were effectively forced to take them, being under duress. They were told to take the drugs – or take a hike. Lose your job – or lose your bodily autonomy and your self-respect, having bent knee to a violation of your body for the sake of grubby money.

Some of the most hysteric wanted (and no doubt still want in their secret hearts) to see everyone forced to take the drugs they took, perhaps for the same vicious and ugly reason that some people resent people who “get away” with not being made to do what they were made to do.

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David Stockman on Descent into Public Health Totalitarianism

Liberty was traded for security from a virus that didn’t pose all that much of a threat. In other words, liberty was traded very cheaply, and we’re not getting it back. From David Stockman at internationalman.com;

Covid tyranny

The unspeakable stain of the Covid tyranny requires the very opposite of the “pandemic amnesty” that the craven poltroons at the Atlantic magazine suggested recently. That’s because the precedent was such a grave affront to constitutional liberty and capitalist prosperity that those responsible should be exposed, hounded and shamed, and prosecuted where warranted, so that future power-grabbers will forever be reminded that tyranny cannot be imposed with impunity.

From the very beginning of the pandemic, there were legions of pedigreed epidemiologists and other scientists—many of who later signed the Great Barrington Declaration—who correctly held that viruses cannot be extinguished via draconian quarantines and other clumsy one-size-fits-all public health interventions; and that when it came to corona-viruses in particular, it was doubtful whether even vaccines—which had never been successful with coronaviruses—could defeat the latter’s natural propensity to mutate and spread.

In a word, from its earliest days, there was no reason for a sweeping intervention by the public health apparatus at all. Nor for the coercive one-size-fits all, state-driven mobilization of quarantines, lockdowns, testing, masking, distancing, surveilling, snitching and ultimately mandated mass vaxxing with experimental drugs developed under a dangerous multi-ten billion government subsidy scheme called Operation Warp Speed, followed by an open-ended Emergency Use authorization that shielded the pharma companies from any and all liabilities.

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Open Letter: An Overdue Apology to the World’s Children, by Lucy Davies

Perhaps no group was hurt more by Covid totalitarianism than the world’s children. From Lucy Davies at off-guardian.org:

This is a bit embarrassing to be honest, but it needs to be said. To all children out there, on behalf of all adults here on planet earth at this time of intense weirdness…


Sorry we told you it was dangerous to sing.

Sorry we made you stand in hoops in the school playground so you couldn’t go near anyone.

Sorry we padlocked your swings together.

Sorry we taught you that human bodies aren’t capable of fighting off a virus without the use of weird AI stuff & what we now know to be incredibly dangerous chemicals that don’t even work.

Sorry we danger-taped the toys in the supermarket.

Sorry we inverted the responsibility of health in old age onto you in the most misguided way possible.

Sorry we encased you in plexiglass cages whilst being fitted for new shoes.

Sorry we shoved sticks covered in carcinogenic chemicals up your noses.

Sorry we isolated you from your friends.

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The Covidification of Influenza, by eugyppius

The precedent has been set—hysterical overreactions, fear mongering, and civil liberties evisceration to stop a disease that threatens very few people. Let’s do the same with influenza. From eugyppius at eugyppius.com:

As the relevance of SARS-2 recedes ever further, public health managers seek to apply the same risk magnification, testing, vaccination and hygiene regime to the flu.

Two weeks ago, NBC News posted a long and disturbing article about “What Covid taught scientists and the public about the flu.” It’s basically as bad as you can imagine. It taught them that “Flu transmission can be stopped” and thus that “Nonpharmaceutical interventions work,” that “Flu can spread via aerosols,” that “‘Long flu’ may be a risk,” that “Asymptomatic flu infections may be underappreciated” and that “People want to test – and they’re good at it.” In short, scientists have learned that if an excess of hygiene hysteria can be stirred up over one unremarkable virus, it can be stirred up over another, and there’s every reason to hope for a new pandemic party in the near future.

A great part of the article is written around the statements of an obscure virologist named Seema Lakdawala, who specialises in influenza and is eager to see Covidian approaches applied to her field:

Before Covid, experts put limited stock in so-called nonpharmaceutical — that is, nonvaccination — strategies for preventing flu transmission. While behaviors such as hand-washing, wearing masks and air filtration were considered good ideas, they weren’t believed to move the needle significantly in stopping the spread.

“Prior to the pandemic, we were very focused on promoting vaccination as the primary way to decrease transmission of flu,” said Seema Lakdawala, an associate professor of microbiology and immunology at Emory University in Atlanta. “Now what we realize is that, yes, vaccinations are really important, but additional measures can really bring down the public health burden of influenza.”

Before 2020, she said there had been a handful of studies attempting to measure how well these interventions work, but they were inconclusive. “Coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic, we now have conclusive evidence that mitigation strategies like masking, social distancing and staying home when you are ill can drastically impact the transmission of influenza viruses,” she said.

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Was the Pandemic Orchestrated as a Trial Run for Responding to a Biological Attack? By Will Jones

After all this it wouldn’t even be surprising if the pandemic was indeed a trial run. . . for something. From Will Jones at brownstone.org:

The evidence that the coronavirus originated in a lab is now compelling, as is the evidence that the virus was spreading undetected all over the world by autumn 2019, with one blood sample from Lombardy on September 12th 2019 found to be positive for both viral RNA and antibodies.

One crucial outstanding question is who knew what and when. In particular, what did the U.S. know about the virus before January 2020 and what did the Chinese Government know?

Here I will argue that both the U.S. and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) knew that an engineered virus was circulating from mid-November 2019, and that while the CCP was initially not worried about the virus, the U.S. biodefence network was much more concerned. The pandemic emergency was therefore largely created by the U.S. biodefence network, which used it as an opportunity to put into practice all the emergency protocols it had been preparing for two decades to respond to a biological attack or pandemic. While the virus quickly turned out to be mild, the emergency response continued largely because the train had already started running and the opportunity was too good to miss.

If the U.S. and its allies did know anything covertly before 2020, the most likely people who would know it are members of the intelligence and security networks. What can we surmise about what they knew from what they were saying and doing in autumn and winter 2019-20 and from later reports?

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The journalist-run, intelligence-linked operation that warped British pandemic policy, by Kit Klarenberg

How the British operated their part of the global Covid psyop. From Kit Klarenberg at thegrayzone.com:

Presented as an independent voice for “unbiased” scientific advice, iSAGE provided a channel for media spinmeisters, spies and psy-op specialists to influence Britain’s pandemic policy without accountability. Leaked internal emails show members fretting over its unethical methods.

Throughout Britain’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, a lobbying group known as the Independent Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (iSAGE) served as a key driving force behind the government’s most draconian lockdown policies.

While it presented itself as a non-governmental organization composed of forward-thinking health experts, The Grayzone can reveal iSAGE not only maintains an array of ties to the British security state, while relying largely on political, rather than scientific, considerations when crafting policy recommendations.

With Winter ahead in Europe and calls for the reimposition of COVID-19 restrictions growing once again — not least from iSAGE itself — the outfit’s endeavors provide a disturbing look at the role of the security state and mainstream media in corrupting British public health policy.

Nearly three years since the world first heard of COVID-19, societies across the globe are still reeling from prolonged lockdowns and harsh social restrictions, which many governments implemented in order to supposedly “stop the spread” of the virus. Britain is no exception, and while the full long-term impact of such measures remains unknown, some grueling effects are already painfully apparent.

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adverse results from adverse selection, from el gato malo

How do you deal with the people in your life who were so terribly wrong about Covid and its vaccines, but insisted on telling you what you had to do? From el gato malo at boriquagato.substack.com:

navigating our way out of the outrage economy

as is the habit of anthropomorphic animals, long time gatopal™ kbirb and i were having a bit of a chat the other day.

he asked an interesting question:

indeed, it does seem as though the collective consciousness is moving away from outrage on the manyfold ills of covid response and save for the last few zealots still howling for masks and covalent vaccines and pretending we still need “an emergency” it’s pretty much over in terms of current oppressions.

at least for now.

a massive number have changed jerseys and now pretend they were the good guys all along and not the ones vilifying their neighbors, seeking to make them second class citizens and subject to arbitrary discrimination and detention in the name of pseudosafety pseudoscience.

and by and large, they ae getting away with it.

some are still angry and deeply wary (and with good reason) but most of the middle just seems ready to move on.

because that’s what people do.

they don’t really react to the abstractions of what’s coming.

and they cannot hold onto outrages too far past.

“it’s true, it’s true, it’s true, it never happened” is just another variant of the classic “deny, deny, deny, it’s old news” and so too is “this is outrageous, this is outrageous, this is outrageous, this is normal.”

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Balkanized future: midterms deliver victories for both Free State Americans and Security State Americans, by Jordan Schachtel

The midterm elections make the massive division in American clear. There are a lot of Americans that value “security” over everything else. There are a lot of Americans who still value freedom. Unfortunately, the former group insists that it’s “security” trumps the latter group’s freedom. From Jordan Schachtel at dossier.substack.com:

The tyrants of Covid Mania won the day, but so did the freedom fighters.

The expected “red wave” anticipated by many conservative pundits turned out to be nothing but a mirage.

So what the heck happened last night, and where does the country go from here?

I have three major observations that I hope will make some macro sense of the midterm elections:

  1. Many Americans no longer value freedom

This is going to be a hard pill to swallow for all of the flag waving “Top Gun Americans” out there, but it’s a reality that is now too obvious to ignore.

Benjamin Franklin famously once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Many Americans, if not most Americans, no longer value the foundational principle of liberty.

If the last three years of Covid tyranny didn’t showcase this enough, the midterm elections proved beyond a doubt that a significant chunk of Americans prefer statist tyranny over individual sovereignty. Across the nation, voters gave their stamp of approval for the forces of the biomedical security state, re-electing a Safety Regime that promises to protect them from the sniffles in exchange for their fundamental liberties.

Virtually all of the worst tyrants of Covid Mania were reelected with ease. Gavin Newsom won by 18 points. Gretchen Whitmer defeated a fantastic GOP candidate in Tudor Dixon by 10 points. Kathy Hochul handily defeated Lee Zeldin. J.B. Pritzker won by 11 points. And the list goes on.

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A Lost Small Town, by Dr Naomi Wolf

Even in a picturesque small town, there were Covid crazy assholes. From Dr. Naomi Wolf at naomiwolf.substack.com:

Running Errands in the Wake of Emotional Violence, USA

I live in a picture-perfect region — the Hudson Valley, memorialized by painters and poets; a patchwork of autumn reds and yellows, majestic hillsides, storied waterfalls, and little homesteads dotted picturesquely on the slopes of sleepy hamlets.

Towns in our area look like Norman Rockwell paintings: there is Main Street, Millerton, with its white 19th century church steeple, its famous Irving Farm cafe with the excellent curated coffee beans, its charming antiques mall, its popular pizzeria.

When you drive to Millerton, it looks like you are driving into the heart of archetypal America; everything that Woody Guthrie songs memorialize, everything of which American soldiers dreamt when they were far away — everything decent and pure, is to be found in Hudson Valley towns.

It sure looks that way, anyway.

But these days, I am obliged to maintain a fervent inner monologue, just so I can pleasantly go about my business in the local hardware store, in the local florist, in the post office.

Because an emotional massacre has taken place in these little towns. And now we are expected to act as if — this never happened at all.

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