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Can We Finally Stop Pretending that George Floyd’s Death Had Anything to Do with Racism? by William Sullivan

George Floyd’s death had far more to do with fentanyl than racism. From William Sullivan at americanthinker.com:

The lie that George Floyd was murdered by racist police officers in Minneapolis has made its way around the world several times over, leaving countless violent riots and more than $2 billion in property damages in its wake, but it seems that the truth is finally putting on its shoes.

In June of 2020, 60 percent of surveyed adults deemed George Floyd’s death to be murder at the hands of police officer Derek Chauvin.  As of last month, a little more than a third of Americans believe that.

That’s a stunning near-reversal of public opinion.  How did that happen?

The answer to the practical question as to what role the accused Derek Chauvin had in Floyd’s death will ultimately be determined by the courts in his ongoing trial, as it should be.  Unfortunately, that question is of far less societal importance than the larger question looming around George Floyd’s death.  It is a question that is rarely ever asked, and for which there is no such codified structure for honest investigation and judgment outside of today’s kangaroo court of public opinion overseen by politicians, celebrities, and the media.

That question is: What role, if any, did racism play in George Floyd’s death?

It has been taken for granted since the first video of Floyd’s arrest emerged that George Floyd was a victim of racial injustice.  It was, according to the president of Axios, Cliff Young, an “acute crisis” that brought “racial justice to the forefront.”

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Derek Chauvin, Human Sacrifice, by Ann Coulter

The case against Derek Chauvin receives no support from the Medical Examiner’s autopsy report, which in fact strongly points to George Floyd’s death by fentanyl poisoning. From Ann Coulter at anncoulter.com:

Derek Chauvin, Human Sacrifice

In modern America, we periodically offer up white men as human sacrifices to the PC gods. Among our benefactions: Jake Gardner, Kyle Rittenhouse, Darren Wilson, the Duke lacrosse players, University of Virginia fraternity members, Stacey Koon and Mark Fuhrman.

The rest of us just keep our heads down and pray we won’t be next.

At least the Duke and UVA human offerings were sufficiently upper-crust to have a few journalists and lawyers defending them. But policemen, bar owners, military veterans and a Midwest teenager? Definitely not our crowd, darling.

Currently, Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is on trial for killing George Floyd by kneeling on his neck, as it appeared in cellphone videos. You may remember something about this: It’s why America had to burn in 2020.

But the chief medical examiner’s report establishes that, however else Floyd died, it wasn’t from Chauvin’s knee. Oopsie! I guess it wasn’t absolutely essential that our country go through eight months of looting, riots and mostly peaceful arsons.

In lieu of citing some B.S. media “fact check,” I shall quote directly from the autopsy report by the Hennepin County Chief Medical Examiner, Andrew Baker:

“No life-threatening injuries identified —

“A. No facial, oral mucosal, or conjunctival petechiae

“B. No injuries of anterior muscles of neck or laryngeal structures

“C. No scalp soft tissue, skull, or brain injuries

“D. No chest wall soft tissue injuries, rib fractures (other than a single rib fracture from CPR), vertebral column injuries, or visceral injuries

“E. Incision and subcutaneous dissection of posterior and lateral neck, shoulders, back, flanks, and buttocks negative for occult trauma”

In short: No bloodshot eyes and no trauma to any part of Floyd’s neck.

And yet, day after day, prosecutors, witnesses and the media tell us that Chauvin “squeezed the life out of” Floyd. The medical evidence establishes that whatever else caused his death, it was NOT asphyxiation.

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Chauvin, Lane, Kueng, and Thao: The George Floyd Fall Guys, by George Parry

Apparently the four policemen involved in the death of George Floyd went by the book. From George Parry at spectator.org:

It is said that, in every large organization, the fecal matter flows downhill. Anyone who has ever worked in government can attest to the truth of that statement. But, for dramatic proof of that proposition, take a look at this picture.

Minneapolis training slide, illustration for piece on George Floyd case

This is an illustration from the Minneapolis Police Department’s official training materials on how to safely and properly subdue a suspect suffering from “excited delirium,” a potentially lethal medical condition which, due to the rising use and abuse of illicit drugs, has grown to epidemic proportions on the streets of America.

Look closely. The depicted suspect is flat on the ground with his head turned to the side in what the illustration calls “the recovery position to alleviate positional asphyxia.” The officer on the left is kneeling on the side of the suspect’s neck.

Look familiar?

Could this and related parts of the officially approved and mandated Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) training curriculum be why former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin saw fit to kneel on the side of George Floyd’s neck? And could it be the reason why former officers Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng, and Tou Thao assisted Chauvin as he knelt on the side of Floyd’s neck?

As will be explained in detail below, throughout Floyd’s confrontation with the police, he was at imminent risk of death from sudden cardiac arrhythmia caused by excited delirium. So it was that these officers followed the MPD’s official procedures for how to properly and safely subdue someone in that life-threatening condition. In doing so, they were not only keeping Floyd in the prescribed “recovery position” to alleviate his risk of asphyxiation, they were also keeping an agitated and delirious Floyd from harming himself as they awaited the arrival of the ambulance that they had twice summoned to provide medical aid to him.


Newly Released George Floyd Body Cam Footage Should Make Keith Ellison Nervous, by Parker Beauregard

The footage puts the death of George Floyd in a different light. From Parker Beauregard at americanthinker.com:

Those of us that care about actual justice can only view the newly leaked arrest video of George Floyd in one way: damning to the media narrative.

A viewing of the video reveals that the events leading up to Floyd’s unfortunate, entirely avoidable death are not as they initially seemed, and its release is nothing short of tossing a massive wrench into the agenda-driven gears of media and political discourse.  The four officers might well be guilty of something, but the current second-degree charge of murder is not one of them.  The political overreach in the case will cause nothing short of absolute chaos when the verdict is read.

In the immediate aftermath of the Floyd incident this past May, Minnesota’s top lawman, an activist first and Democrat attorney general second by the name of Keith Ellison, recommended a third-degree murder charge for Derek Chauvin and the three assisting officers.  Under Minnesota statute, third-degree murder would include an action that is “without intent to effect the death of any person” yet “causes the death of another by perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind, without regard for human life.”

Taking the route of unintentional murder seemed appropriate, given that a routine interaction culminated in the presumably accidental death of an offender in custody.  We didn’t know all of the facts, but there was near unanimity that something bad had happened and that a legal consequence seemed, at the very least, legitimate.

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Should We Be Protesting About George Floyd or Julian Assange? by Paul Craig Roberts

A death due to a drug overdose is worthy of protest, a man jailed for telling the truth about the US government is not. From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

Some Americans are so pathetic they don’t even know what gender they are. A female with a vagina thinks she is a male.  A male with testicles and a penis thinks he is a female.  Those among us who are normal are supposed to be oh-so-concerned about these confused people that we stop using gender pronouns.  He/she/him/her have become transphobic.  If you persist in using the English language, you are uncaring and, well, evil to boot.

The transgendered are busy at work making themselves into another preferred minority with all the special privileges in law that that designation brings. I wonder what happens when everyone needs the protection of the special privilege designation, and men and women no longer exist.

Somehow I cannot imagine a country absorbed in transgender issues being exceptional and indispensable, as the neocons say we are, much less being a military power. I very much doubt that Russia and China regard a country as a military threat whose population is confused about what gender they are.

Looking at the evidence, I would say that America has had its 15 minutes of fame.  What convinces me that America is all washed up is Americans’ acceptance of the horrors inflicted by the American/British police state on Julian Assange. In Assange’s treatment we see the violation of every human right.  And the Western public has accepted it.

Instead of protesting against the persecution of a truth-teller, agents of the Establishment, pretending to be “peaceful protesters,” are burning and looting properties belonging to black, Asian, white, and Hispanic business owners and destroying public monuments for no other reason than a felon, misogynist, drug addict, George Floyd, killed himself by overdosing on Fentanyl.

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What Is a Fatal Dose of Fentanyl? by Paul Craig Roberts

You can’t just ignore the medical examiner’s report on the death of George Floyd, but that’s exactly what the vast majority of people would like to do. From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

From the newly-released transcripts that are part of a legal filing by Lane’s attorney, Earl Gray, who has requested that the Hennepin County District Court dismiss the case against his client:

The transcripts reveal that as the officers forced Floyd into the vehicle, the 46-year-old black man said: “I can’t breathe” and “I want to lay on the ground.

Here is a toxicology report on deaths from fentanyl overdose: https://ndews.umd.edu/sites/ndews.umd.edu/files/ndews-hotspot-unintentional-fentanyl-overdoses-in-new-hampshire-final-09-11-17.pdf

The report says:

“Despite the ubiquitous presence of multiple drugs in these decedents, the effects of fentanyl were evidently so strong that there were no statistical differences in the fentanyl level (mean and standard deviation) with or without the presence of these co-intoxicants. The range of fentanyl levels was wide, from 0.75 to 113 ng/mL, with an average of 9.96 ng/mL; nevertheless, the distributions of fentanyl levels were statistically the same, whether fentanyl was the only drug in the toxicology or one of several synergistic co-intoxicants. This suggests that fentanyl presence alone seems to be sufficient to cause death, which are findings similar to those found in Sorg et al., 2016.”

Let’s see if we can understand what we are being told.  Fentanyl is itself so toxic that it is sufficient to kill without help from other dangerous drugs in the cocktail.  People who died from fentanyl overdose had readings from 0.75 ng/mL to an astounding 113 ng/mL.  The average death dose was 9.96 ng/mL.

According to George Floyd’s toxicology report, his blood contained 11.0 ng/mL Fentanyl, plus 5.6 ng/mL norfentanyl, 19 ng/mL of methamphetamine, and three other drugs.

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The US Is Collapsing Under Attack, by Paul Craig Roberts

Can a collapse be induced by guilt? From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

The US is under attack not only by the Covid virus but also by ideas that have deracinated a significant percentage of white people from their culture and history. It is an indication of end times when the self-inflicted death of a felon strung out on a fatal overdose of an opioid can result in the loss of confidence by public authorities leaving them unable to defend property and public monuments from rioters and looters.  Organizations that are pillars of Western civilization have collapsed into guilt and contrition over a drug overdose death.

Those leading the attack on Western Civilization can only be encouraged by the abundant signs of collapsing confidence among white people who have sided with forces of destruction against law and order.  Such weakness will encourage further attacks.

Race relations in the US, never good due to the self-hating white liberals who preach race hatred of whites to blacks and guilt to whites, have taken a terrible blow from the misrepresentation of George Floyd’s death from the dangerous opioid fentanyl.

George Floyd’s death, attributed falsely to police murder, was due, according to the medical examiner’s report, which the media has ignored, to his medical preconditions plus an overdose of fentanyl.  The entire episode has been misrepresented. The police did not call medics because they had choked Floyd to death. The police restraining Floyd called for medical help, because they seem to have recognized that Floyd was undergoing Excited Delirium Syndrome (EXD) and was in danger of his life. Floyd was being restrained in order to keep him still.  You can read about fentanyl’s effect on breathing ability and heart function here: https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/fentanyl

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Cancelling America, by Paul Craig Roberts

Many white people are apologizing for being white and for the latest alleged atrocity, the death of George Floyd, which may not have been caused by the policeman charged with the crime. From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

The presstitutes’ story is that George Floyd died from asphyxiation—“I can’t breathe”—from a police officer’s knee on his neck.  This story is not supported by the autopsy and toxicology reports.  

The autopsy report says Floyd died of a heart attack and that no life-threatening injuries were inflicted by police restraint.  The medical examiner found no physical evidence to “support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation.” The toxicology report says that the concentration of Fentanyl in Floyd’s blood was more than three times the fatal dose. Fentanyl is a dangerous opioid.  Reports that the coroner ruled Floyd’s death a homicide are incorrect. The word “homicide” does not appear in the report.  https://www.scribd.com/document/464269559/George-Floyd-Autopsy-FULL-REPORT#from_embed?campaign=VigLink&ad_group=xxc1xx&source=hp_affiliate&medium=affiliate  

As for Floyd’s neck, the autopsy report states there are “no areas of contusion or hemorrhage . . . The cervical spinal column is palpably stable and free of hemorrhage.” 

Excited Delirium Syndrome (EXD) typically results from fatal drug overdose. The condition results in breathing problems and cardiopulmonary arrest. These were the symptoms that Floyd showed.

John-Paul Leonard provides an analysis here:  https://www.unz.com/article/or-did-george-floyd-die-of-a-drug-overdose/

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Keep the Children at Home, by Theodore Dalrymple

Is it too much to ask to avoid making children ideological pawns and keep them out of politics until they’re at least old enough to vote? Apparently it is. From Theodore Dalrymple at takimag.com:

When I first saw the mural of George Floyd with large angel wings, I assumed that it was a satire on his sanctification—effective, perhaps, but not in the best of taste. Shortly afterwards, however, I realized that the mural was in earnest: The picture of the mural in the newspaper included a man genuflecting before it, and the caption said that he was making a “pilgrimage.” Apparently, St. Peter can no longer cope alone at the pearly gates; he need bouncers, too, heaven having become something like a nightclub.

George Floyd was not a saint; in fact, he was a bad man, and being killed by a brutal policeman does not change a man’s life from bad to good. He was a man of many convictions—criminal convictions, that is, not political ones—and at least one of his crimes was of deep-dyed malignity. Along with five others, he broke into a pregnant woman’s house and held her at gunpoint while his associates ransacked the house for drugs and money. This is not the kind of crime that results from a sudden surrender to temptation. It was premeditated and planned, albeit not very intelligently or successfully.

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The Political Left Used George Floyd’s Dead Body As A Social Justice Marionette, by Brandon Smith

The above is one of the better titles we’ve seen on an internet article lately. From Brandon Smith at alt-market.com:

There is an important question in the George Floyd case that almost no one seems to be asking, and I think it needs to be addressed:  Is there any evidence that George Floyd died because he is black?

I bring it up because the prevailing narrative from the mainstream media and Black Lives Matter is that this is a verified fact, yet, I’ve seen no proof to back the claim. I’ve seen no evidence so far that any of the police involved have a background of racial prejudice. I do know two of them including Derek Chauvin had a history of abuse complaints from people of various races, but this is a separate issue. How is it that a discussion that should have been about police brutality and abuse of power was allowed to be hijacked and turned into an issue of “white supremacy” that all white Americans are supposed to apologize for?

These days, simply asking these questions will trigger automatic accusations of “bigotry”. If you aren’t an “ally” of Black Lives Matter then you are surely a racist; or so we are told. But I don’t model my thinking according to a hive mind of emotionally stunted reactionaries, and neither do a lot of Americans. Many of us have to THINK about these situations logically and rationally and come to our own conclusions based on the facts at hand.

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