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Requiem For Donald Trump, by Paul Craig Roberts

By hook or by crook, Donald Trump should make sure he receives a pardon before he leaves office or there will be no end of misery for him and his family. From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.com:

Attorney General Bill Barr, another of Trump’s mistakes, has sold out not only President Trump but also American democracy, thus proving that it is pointless to vote for Republicans.

Barr has again repeated in the face of conclusive evidence that the November presidential election was organized to be stolen and successfully was stolen that the Trump Justice Department has not found evidence of fraud sufficient to overturn the election.  But as we all know, the Department of Justice, like the courts, did not look at the evidence. If they look at the evidence, they will see massive electoral fraud, and they do not want to see it.  They want to be rid of Trump.

Barr has now added to his support of massive electoral fraud his statement that there is no basis for seizing the voting machines and software for examination.  But, of course, there is basis.  There has been abundent testimony from professionals explaining how the machines were programmed to elect Biden.  There are hundreds of signed affidavits from witnesses documenting the use of hundreds of thousands of fraudulent mail-in ballots to complete the theft of the election.  For an attorney general to say affidavits are not evidence is to fly in the face of the Department of Justice’s own practices. If an affidavid signed under penalty of perjury is not evidence, the DOJ will never be able to again bring a case.

What is really going on is that Barr, a member of the establishment, is doing the establishment’s business of getting rid of a non-establishment president who is in the way of the establishment’s agendas. A president who represents the interests of the people rather than the interests of the establishment is a threat to the establishment and must be removed. John F. Kennedy was removed with a bullet. Trump was removed with a stolen election.

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UPDATED: The Tragic Failure of William Barr, by Roger L. Simon

William Barr resigned today. Good riddance. From Roger L. Simon at theepochtimes.com:

I used to be a big fan of Attorney General William Barr.

Now, as of Dec. 14, 2020, he’s gone, with his last day in office Dec. 24, almost a month before the actual end of a Trump administration, assuming that happens.

Technically, Barr resigned, accompanied by the usual complimentary letter to the president, but something obviously went wrong in his relationship with Donald Trump.

What was it?

William Barr certainly knew how to talk the talk. His October 2019 speech on religious liberty at the Notre Dame Law School is particularly eloquent and meaningful.

If you haven’t heard it, maybe you should as a reminder of the person he could be.

That was the same AG who promised, what seems like decades ago, he would get to the bottom of the reprehensible, treasonous to many, origin of the Trump-Russia investigation, known hereabouts as Spygate.

He assigned John Durham, a reputedly hard-nosed U.S. attorney from Connecticut, to uncover the sources of this outrage and bring the miscreants to justice.

Unfortunately, within that promise soon emerged a hint of trouble to come. Barr informed us that higher officials—meaning, of course, President Barack Obama and Vice-President Biden—were not in Durham’s brief to investigate, although they had attended a fateful meeting in January 2016 from whence much may have flowed.

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So Durham is Now a ‘Special Counsel’? – What Does That Mean? by Chris Farrell

Regardless of whether or not John Durham is a “special counsel,” if Biden assumes the presidency all the investigations of Deep State efforts to depose Trump are down the drain. From Chris Farrell at gatestoneinstitute.org:

  • Should Biden finally, officially, be declared the next president, you can rest assured that he will dismiss Durham during the opening flurry of activity from his administration.
  • Of course, this is all wildly frustrating for those of us hoping for some semblance of accountability and justice. Something. Anything.
  • When the Russia! Hoax fell apart it was reinvestigated by Mueller – and when that collapsed, they manufactured “Ukraine!” This bit of theater got the president impeached in two months flat. That was just last year. Do you remember? For many eager to bring down the current administration, prosecutions and justice move with lightning speed. Barr and Durham appear to still be looking for the keys to their offices.
  • This should all be deeply disturbing to the American public. Apparently, it is not. That, dear reader, is even more disturbing. The American public do not want to be deceived – yet again.
A couple of days ago, Attorney General William Barr (pictured) announced the appointment of a special counsel for the criminally fraudulent “Russia!” Hoax. The special counsel is none other than the current US Attorney investigating the case – John Durham. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

A couple of days ago, Attorney General William Barr announced the appointment of a special counsel for the criminally fraudulent “Russia!” Hoax. The special counsel is none other than the current US Attorney investigating the case – John Durham.

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Barr Kicks Durham Can Down the Street, by Ray McGovern

SLL has long maintained that William Barr and John Durham are paid up members of the Deep State. From Ray McGovern at antiwar.com:

Attorney General William Barr has abandoned the Trump ship, after drilling two huge holes in its hull.

On Tuesday Barr poured cold water on President Donald Trump’s allegations of voter fraud, announcing that the Justice Department had found no fraud “on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election”). Of no less importance for the longer run, Barr seems to have abandoned the effort to hold top former Justice, FBI, and CIA officials (read National Security State) accountable for using their “Russia-gate” schemes to undermine Trump – both as candidate and president.

The one-and-a-half-year investigation led by US Attorney for Connecticut John Durham, appears dead in the water, floating next to the Trump ship – and sinking. Barring the unforeseen, what seems already clear is that the National Security State (aka, Deep State) will prevail yet again – this time, big time. Thus, for the foreseeable future, it will have few compunctions about interfering on the Washington political scene to nudge important things in the direction it wants – with not a thought to ever being held accountable. (For the record, Durham has charged only one person, an FBI lawyer who doctored an email relating to an application for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant.)

But wait, you say: the New York Times reports that Barr made an artful move in appointing Durham “Special Counsel”, which the Times says “makes it more difficult for the Biden administration to fire him”, and is “a move certain to please Mr. Trump.” That may be, but only if the president continues to heed the legal insight of the likes of Rudy Giuliani.

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Will They Really Get Away With It? by Chris Farrell

SLL identified William Barr and John Durham as Deep State swamp creatures long ago. By now it’s obvious to most. From Chris Farrell at gatestoneinstitute.org:

  • Obamagate is the First American Coup. Not from the militaristic right, as fantasized by liberal Hollywood. Oh, no – from the “fundamental transformation” artists of the Bolshevik Left.
  • “The other side must not be rewarded for its efforts to sabotage and remove a duly-elected president…. It’s not the algorithms; it’s the people behind them.” — Michael Goodwin, New York Post, October 24, 2020.
  • This is all very important stuff. It is still defective in one key area: it ignores (largely) the crime. The details of the criminal seditious conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United States.
  • How is it that Attorney General William Barr and John Durham are consumed with prosecutorial ennui when the crimes and cover-ups are so painfully obvious? One is left to conclude that it really all comes down to political will. Do Barr and/or Durham have the stomach to seek the indictment of people like James Comey, John Brennan, Andy McCabe and (many) others?
How is it that Attorney General William Barr and John Durham are consumed with prosecutorial ennui when the crimes and cover-ups are so painfully obvious? One is left to conclude that it really all comes down to political will. Pictured: Barr on August 4, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Obama administration officials committed crimes against the constitution. They engaged in a seditious conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United States.

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Why Does Barr Let Wray Lie and Flout the Law? by Chris Farrell

Perhaps Barr is just as corrupt as Wray. From Chris Farrell at gatestoneinstitute.org:

  • The Wray FBI is acting in a disgracefully dishonest manner, and the attorneys of the Barr Justice Department are the advocates peddling this nonsense in federal courts. Here is what your government says it can do: Delete and keep secret all text messages – including those by the dirty cops running an illicit coup against President Trump…. AG Barr accepts it all and takes no action.
  • Ask yourself why AG Barr fights Judicial Watch in virtually every FOIA lawsuit seeking records over the Obamagate coup plot. Why does he permit the FBI to claim in court that their agents’ text messages on their government phones are not government records? That’s insultingly preposterous – but it is the Justice Department’s position. Your tax dollars in action.
  • The past Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Rick Grenell, seemed to make some headway. Now DNI John Ratcliffe has moved the ball down the field a few more yards. Should President Trump be re-elected, the time will have come to break some china and flip over some tables at the FBI and Justice. Hopefully, President Trump will then show people what a “disruptor” truly looks like.
Pictured: U.S. Attorney General William Barr (left) and FBI Director Christopher Wray on December 18, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

One is supposed to believe that Attorney General William Barr is in charge of the Department of Justice, and that FBI Director Christopher Wray works for Barr. Both men purportedly work for President Donald J. Trump. President Trump has been very clear about his desire and directives to declassify and release all materials related to the “Russia!” hoax. The President is consistently ignored by his staff.

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Was Bill Barr Paid by The Establishment to Protect Hillary, Obama, Comey, Brennan, and a Passel of Obama Regime DOJ, FBI, and CIA officials from Russiagate indictments? by Paul Craig Roberts

There is “careful” legal work, and there’s stalling, hoping the clock runs out and Biden is elected. What’s taking Barr and Durham so long? From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.com:

Was Bill Barr Paid by The Establishment to Protect Hillary, Obama, Comey, Brennan, and a Passel of Obama Regime DOJ, FBI, and CIA officials from Russiagate indictments?

Paul Craig Roberts

For at least a year enough facts needed to bring indictments against those who orchestrated the Russiagate attempted overthrow of President Trump have been in the public record.

Where are the indictments?  What is the point of a never-ending Barr/Durham investigation of what we already know?

Are Barr and Durham, who are members of the Establishment, letting the clock run out, banking on the election polls being correct that the Biden/Kamala ticket is the sure winner and once the election is over the Establishment is safe?

If Trump wins, he will have to immediately fire both Barr and Durham or suffer another term of being cancelled by his own government.

Some Republicans, and there are many such, will say that it is too close to an election for indictments of the opposition party.  It would seem too political.  The actual fact is that the investigation was extended for this reason—at this late date the presstitutes would discredit indictments as political, at least for those Americans who let TV and the New York Times tell them what to think. If Kamala wins, justice will be the loser. Trump will go down in history as a Russian Agent.

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Slouching Towards the Socialist States of America, by Chris Farrell

America is in danger of being fundamentally transformed in ways most SLL readers will hate. From Chris Farrell at gatestoneinstitute.org:

  • What was troubling 24 years ago is now at a fevered pitch. What was then a disturbance is now a revolution. What was then subversion is now a coup….. “Journalists” within the news media do not report factual developments, and those who do find their Internet presence suppressed by the social media giants. Many enlightened liberals are participating naively in their own destruction in a fashion and on a scale not seen since 1917 Russia.

  • One party is effectively saying it will pack the courts, including the Supreme Court, with politically friendly judges, so that the judiciary will be an extension of one political party rather than part of a system of checks and balances, the separation of powers or a co-equal branch of government. One party is openly saying it will remove the electoral college, so that sparsely populated, rural states would be totally outvoted by cities. One party is openly saying that it would add more states, such as Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, to provide it with more Senators to create a permanent one-party rule. And one party is openly saying it would reverse core parts of our Bill of Rights so we could be jailed for free speech, or for owning a gun to defend ourselves, as the minutemen did, against “enemies foreign and domestic.”

  • This was the situation that brought about the downfall of Venezuela: the government confiscated guns, then people had no way of protecting themselves when the storm troopers showed up.

  • We have had a good run as a democratic republic – but the country is in danger of being fundamentally and permanently disfigured in a way that will make it unrecognizable. The crime and the cover-up will have been successfully completed. No scrutiny, no justice, no consequences, no memory, no country. The real shame, as in Venezuela, is that many will not even notice until it is too late.


(Image source: iStock)

Attorney General William Barr is on a Capitol Hill whispering campaign to select Republicans, telling them that US Attorney John Durham will not move against the anti-Trump coup plotters before election day. One wonders if he has bothered to tell President Donald J. Trump. The consequences for the republic are dire. We slide ever closer to being a failed state. When the justice system is compromised – and it is – we are no better than any other banana republic. No exaggeration. In mid-July, Obamagate indictments were overdue. It is mid-October.

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Trump vs. The Establishment: Who Will Win? by Paul Craig Roberts

If the establishment wins, the rest of lose, as we’ve been doing for the last several decades. From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

We have known about, and have had abundant evidence of, the Obama regime’s criminality ever since a FISA Court judge resigned on the grounds that the Obama regime had intentionally misled the court and the court had not taken sufficient action against the regime for purposely deceiving the court.  Little doubt, the rest of the court thought it more important to defend “America’s First Black President” than to defend the law and civil liberty. The politics of social engineering took precedence over justice. They could not allow the First Black President to be perceived as a criminal and a failure.

Despite the known facts and abundant evidence of the criminal actions by CIA, FBI, and Obama regime officials in the Russiagate hoax, President Trump’s Attorney General has failed to move forward with indictments and prosecutions.  The reason is simple. Attorney General Barr is a member of the establishment, and the establishment protects establishment members and institutions.

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When There are No Consequences for Anything, by James Howard Kunstler

James Howard Kunstler asks a lot of good question, and wonders if William Barr, James Durham, and James Huber are taking a dive on their investigations (SLL predicted they would). From Kunstler at kunstler.com:

The Democratic Party with its deep state auxiliaries begins to look like a monstrous hybrid of Matt Taibbi’s fabled Vampire Squid and the skulking Kraken of the maelstrom, devouring the innards of our republic in its deep, dark depths one institution at a time while a storm rages on the surface and citizen’s eyelids flutter in horror, frozen like sleepers in the paralysis of a nightmare, at the rising havoc and ruin. Or, to put it plainly: what the fuck is going on in America?

Ongoing sedition is the answer, with fetid slime trails across the political landscape everywhere you look. We’re informed hours ago, for instance, that the top lawyers in Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel operation wiped all the records from their cell phones before the DOJ Inspector General could collect evidence of their communications from the SC team’s three-year exercise in overthrowing a president. How is that not an obstruction of justice, and who will answer for it?

That’s on top of many other bits of essential evidence in the RussiaGate coup and other perfidious acts mysteriously gone missing — Special Agent Joe Pientka’s original “302” document from the Flynn interrogation, thousands of Strzok-and-Page’s text messages, official verifications of the Steele Dossier submitted to the FISA court, communications between the FBI “small group” (Comey, McCabe, Priestap, Carlin, McCord, Baker, et al.) plus CIA Chief John Brennan and DNI James Clapper with Senators Burr and Warner on the Senate Intel Committee, communications between “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella, Col. Alexander Vindman and House Intel Committee chair Adam Schiff, records of CIA prop Stephan Halper’s doings with the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment, all communication records between State Department official Jonathan Winer and British ex-spy Christopher Steele….

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