This Is Your Last Chance, by Robert Gore

This is Part One, Part Two will be posted 1/21.

The indictment is long and strong. A cabal of politicians, governments, courts, medical authorities, pharmaceutical companies, multinational agencies, the mainstream media, academics, and foundations, particularly the World Economic Forum, have concocted responses to a virus and its variants that have robbed the people of rightful liberties, are a mechanism for the imposition of global totalitarianism, and have amplified rather than reduced the virus’s dangers, inflicting severe injury and death that will last years, perhaps decades, and afflict millions, if not billions, of victims (See “The Means Are The End,” Robert Gore, SLL, November 13, 2021).

This is their last chance. They can reverse course and pray to whatever demonic deity they pray to that it’s enough to prevent the retribution they deserve, or they can perish in the destruction they’ve created. They will reap what they have sown, their time is up.

This is it, the last gasp of the psychopaths who express their contempt and hatred for humanity by trying to rule it. Compulsion, not voluntary and natural cooperation. Power, pull, and politics, not incentives, competition, honest production, and value-for-value trade. From each according to his virtue to each according to his depravity.

The Last Gasp,” Robert Gore, SLL, March 24, 2020

Their time is up. This assertion may appear as recklessly foolish as Luke Skywalker’s ultimatum—“Jabba, this is your last chance, free us or die!”—did to Jabba the Hut at the Sarlacc Pit. It’s not, but to understand why requires an understanding of slow moving (on human time scale) but enormously powerful forces. Most history studies the wrong things and most predictions are straight line projections of the present and recent past.

The linchpin of history is innovation, not governments and rulers. We don’t know who ruled whom when humanity lived in caves, but we do know that someone tamed fire, someone planted seeds and cultivated them for food, and someone invented the wheel. With such steps humanity emerged from the caves and began building civilization. Even at this early stage one thing was clear: innovation creates new capabilities and opportunities and serves as the basis for further innovation.

Government is the acquisition of resources that enables those who govern to exercise control over those whom they govern. This presupposes resources, which presupposes production. Government is always subsidiary to production, yet most history focuses on the former and treats the latter as a secondary matter. This is looking down the telescope from the wrong end. Before a government can take someone must make.

History as studied is a dreary succession of violent takers: their kingdoms and empires, their exactions from the populace, their wars, their depredations, their monuments, and so on. Most of this is trivial compared to the innovation that gets short shrift.

Who ruled which nations in 1440 and what effect does whatever they did have on us today? There’s not one person in ten million who can knowledgeably answer those questions. Ask instead if the moveable-type printing press that Johannes Gutenberg invented that year has had an effect on their lives and most will acknowledge its inescapable importance.

The few rulers who have ruled wisely are largely forgotten. Wise rule is maintaining the conditions that allow the people themselves to create, innovate, and produce, what’s been called the night watchman state. Protecting them and their property from invasion, violence, theft, and fraud are the important but minimalist assignments for such governments. Crucially, such protection of the people extends to protection from the government itself. This type of government offers would-be rulers no opportunity for the larceny, self-aggrandizement, and power they crave, which is why they’ve been so rare.

The perfect night watchman state has never been achieved. There have only been a few that have come close. Conditions of relatively greater freedom, however, have coincided with the explosions of innovation and productivity that have bequeathed to humanity most of its progress.

The United States’ explosion was the Industrial Revolution, which launched virtually every important industry we have today and took the nation from its agrarian roots to industrial preeminence. With the exception of Theodore Roosevelt, an outlier in many unfortunate ways, the presidents who presided during the Industrial Revolution (1865-1913) have passed into obscurity, always a desirable fate for presidents. (See “The Magnificent Eleven,” Robert Gore, SLL, May 3, 2017. For a fictional treatment of the period, see The Golden Pinnacle, Robert Gore, 2013.)

Nineteenth-century fecundity set the table for twentieth-century insanity, giving psychopathic rulers the resources for two world wars and innumerable smaller ones, history’s most totalitarian governments, genocides, and the perpetration of myriad other miseries and horrors. The twentieth century is easily history’s most tyrannical and bloody . . . so far. Emblematic of the century is its “greatest” invention, nuclear weaponry, which can destroy all life on earth.

In the United States, establishment of the central bank and imposition of income taxes in 1913 allowed the government to expropriate a far higher share of the nation’s incomes and wealth than it had. Shortly thereafter, ignoring George Washington’s sage advice to avoid foreign entanglements, the U.S. entered World War I. The Industrial Revolution and its comparative freedom were over, the accretion of state power that continues to this day was underway.

Government resurfaced as the dominant institution, as it has been for most of history, not just in the U.S. but around the globe. Intellectual fashion followed the political trend. Money and power—heady prospects for many intellectuals—were to be had promoting the growth of the state and toadying to its functionaries. A few brave souls spoke out against the trend and championed freedom, but they were ignored and shunned. Today, champions of freedom are consigned to obscure corners of the Internet.

You would think that living off the Industrial Revolution’s productive legacy, with first call on incomes and accumulated wealth, rulers would command more than ample resources to do whatever they desired. Such is not the case. Their schemes and rapacity are unlimited while even in the most productive and wealthy societies, resources are not. Governments and their central banks have created a debt explosion that leaves the world in the deepest financial hole it’s ever been.

The explosion has accelerated the past few years, leaving rulers at the outer limits of what they can expropriate or borrow. Whatever growth in GDPs they now hail, the unmentioned growth in debt is greater—the hole gets deeper. This state of affairs illustrates history’s central truism: governments can’t produce. Their stock in trade, coercion and violence, only destroys. Making producers tax and debt slaves to those who produce nothing destroys both production and integrity.

The death knell sounded in 1971 when the United States government repudiated the last vestige of its promise to redeem its dollars for gold. Debt would be the coin of the realm. The bland term “financialization” hides the moral obscenity. Each year the nation’s debt has grown. Production, when netted against that debt, has shrunk, and an increasingly large portion of what remains is diverted to those who don’t produce. Washington decides who gets what, but it can’t command the what. That shrinks as productive virtue is penalized and theft, fraud, and violence are rewarded.

This increasingly precarious state of affairs has lasted for fifty years. It won’t last much longer. Only moral and intellectual bankruptcy greater than current financial bankruptcy could call this abject failure a failure of capitalism.

Capitalism is the economics of political freedom. The strangulation of both in the U.S. officially commenced in 1913. They are the antithesis of what we now have, state-directed collectivism. Capitalism and freedom didn’t fail the people, the people failed capitalism and freedom. If people can’t handle individual freedom—as collectivists like to argue—they certainly can’t handle collectivist power, as the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have amply demonstrated. It’s like the one brat in a room full of self-directed, happily interacting children seizing control of the room.

Part Two will be posted 1/21.

68 responses to “This Is Your Last Chance, by Robert Gore

  1. Well, I hope you’re gonna tell us what is gonna happen.
    Most of the people I know, will fight to preserve the Rulers’ power, such is their fear of personal autonomy.

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    • Most, but not all.


    • I don’t think they fear personal autonomy. Rather, it is something they don’t consider. Say to them as A.A. Milne suggests at the end of Winnie the Pooh: “You’re smarter than you think, stronger than you seem, and braver than you believe,” and see that their interest in personal autonomy goes up. When we have more faith in each other, we will feel less dependent on those who pretend to serve us while they consume our lives.

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  2. Enjoyed that, Robert. Thank you.
    Looking forward to Part II.

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  3. “The Last Gasp,” Robert Gore, SLL, March 24, 2020

    Yawn……Big Yawn. And that’s all you grifters and shills of CONstitutional Cuckservatism will ever be. – January 18, 2022


  4. Anti-Federalist

    While 1913 is certainly “a year that will live in infamy,” my view is that the with Lincoln’s War both political and economic liberty were lost, and it’s even probable that the descent in this nation began when the Articles of Confederation were rejected (because they placed genuine limits on Leviathan and a premium on liberty).

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    • You certainly make valid points. Lincoln instituted fiat currency, the income tax, and state-funded infrastructure boondoggles (the Transcontinental Railroad). Greenbacks and the income tax were later rolled back, but the precedents had been set. The AOC were probably as close as any politically definable country ever got to pure freedom. I picked 1913 because it obliterated honest money and freedom from the income tax. The central bank and the income tax in turn funded America’s first involvement in Europe’s wars and stoked imperialistic ambitions given their first expression in the Indian Wars and the Spanish-American War. WWI also resurrected Lincoln’s war-time suppression of civil liberties.

      With the possible exception of the AOC, there is not a time in American history when citizens have been totally free. Acknowledging your point about Lincoln, I think 1913 was the last time in U.S. history when its citizens were close to the free endpoint on the freedom spectrum. It wasn’t perfect, but it’s nirvana compared to what we have today, where we are approaching the slave endpoint at the other end of the spectrum.

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  5. Never miss your essays; HT to WRSA.
    Then I share then everywhere I’m not banned.

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    • Thanks. I’m glad you like them and thanks for sharing them in that steadily decreasing number of places neither you nor I am banned. You do some good work yourself.

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    • Buffalo jump to the dock bitch. First boat to Israel when the shtf right? You da Cap’n. Who you takin with you bro? Polished oar in yo a$$ my nigga. Kiss dat wall and slip a note. You dead to us.


  6. I wish I could share your optimism.

    When I see over 50% of the people in the grocery store are the masked and when I look in their eyes and see the fear, I don’t see a positive outcome. The Supreme Court ruling had a sense of victory to it when I first saw it in the headlines, but now it seems there are no new changed minds and there was no waking of the sheeple from their anticipation of how well the world will be when we get the third booster.

    I hope your right, but I haven’t seen the WEF train slow down since it began its run and I don’t think we as Americans can muster a majority to oppose the new boss.


  7. Sir Robert, Have you stopped posting on Burning Platform??

    Sent from my iPhone



  8. The mases don’t understand free enterprise capitalism, or that we live under crony capitalism.
    Totally evades them, believing it one and the same.
    They continue to vote for more, elites lighting cigars with tax debtbux, while the masses die as debt slaves.
    Reap it.


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  10. Robert

    No prisoners.


  11. thesouthwasrght

    Funny that the industrial revolution began immediately after the conquest of the South had ended and the state directed looting began. And all those ill gotten gains transported north to fund such.
    Also of note, since we are the indians nowadays, is the zeal with which fedgov conducted it’s wars against the various tribes, many of whom had gotten a little to uppity and had joined the CSA.

    All of that is to say that sometimes I wish I was one of these head down grazing troglodytes that knows the rosters for the super bowl contestants or whose gonna nail that on the bachelor. Alas, I am not and fully know this government we have is all set and ready to start disappearing people in Bracken’s silo incinerator dealio.


  12. “… Government is always subsidiary to production, yet most history focuses on the former and treats the latter as a secondary matter. This is looking down the telescope from the wrong end. Before a government can take someone must make….”

    That has been true in the past but I has a suspicion that the concept is about to end. With AI and robotics we may in fact see government become its own producer. Once the initial wave has been created, using federal lands and underlying resources there to, the govt could build its own empire without inputs from its traditional taxbase extraction. If the occurs then the ‘boot on the face of humanity’ is complete.

    Will it happen? Probably not. Its easier to just steal it rather than have to manage it.


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  14. complexcraftsmen

    Good , that is the race that we are running for the human race , the battle against “The Abolition of Man ” . I’ll look forward to your thoughts on that .


  15. Good one as usual Mr. Gore and will be sharing once again as usual @
    Unfortunately, what comes after 21st century insanity, may well be desolation. When you see that 50% of the Democrats think their fellow citizens should be locked up and imprisoned for questioning and not following orders, totalitarianism is not far behind.(Not to be picking on any group, but if the shoe fits)!!!!

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  17. Some one oughta give you a PhD. As usual, spot on, as usual, clean and concise. I kind of figure in the dust up that MAY result in a general awakening of mass populations to the plandemic, there might be enough finger pointing and confusion to let slip the dogs of you know what. Coupled with debtanomics, and an in- general screwed up, planet wide distribution system and unrest, the fiat money and the bombs might fly, and peoples response may be to only run for cover. Who could blame them? After they’ve been lied to and played like Vegas suckers, why would anyone rally behind anything? Confidence is a hell of a thing. Once it’s lost in the frame of one’s reference, re-establishing it may be impossible for generations. I think it was Caesar in the Bards Play said, “Trust. The very word has always made me feel uneasy”.

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    • Thanks. My dad was a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, but that was way back when. With what I’ve seen of a lot of Ph.Ds lately, I’m wondering if it getting one might be like getting a vaccine. It may do you no harm, but you might also have a severe adverse reaction and it could cost you at least 40 IQ points. They don’t make Ph.Ds like they used to, so I think I’ll remain unPhDed. I don’t want to take the risk.

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  19. Yeah, one of your heroes, John Locke, struggled with the reality of child labor, ultimately going with it. He didn’t want to deny children their rights. A bit later London had tens of thousands of girl prostitutes, a result of people getting thrown off their land by the Capitalists. I suppose Locke would have applauded the entrepreneurial spirit of these girls.

    Never forget Ned Lud and Luddites, a hero who defied the nascent New World Order the Capitalists had already begun to build.

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  23. Well done author. I feel compelled to share these with you:

    Best of luck every one.

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    • Outcast Castaway

      Those two articles are very very on point, thank you for sharing troubadour!

      Also to the author Mr. Gore, sir, your article is excellent as well. Thank you.

      We’re on for a rough ride.


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  32. This is their last chance? I imagine their technology is way better than we know, and they they’ve got us right where they want us. I hope you are right though


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  46. This always ends the same as hierarchy over uses the resources it needs to exist.


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  49. Martin Phillips

    There are now 8 billion people in the world, 333 million in the USA. It is not practical to go backward in time and implement a method of living for all that you wish to dearly cling to so tightly. This is pure romanticism. Not at all practical.


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