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Let’s Save Some Lives, by Raúl Ilargi Meijer

The drugs that work on Covid-19—hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin—have been discouraged or banned, supposedly because of a lack of scientific verification, although they’ve been verified to a far greater extent than the vaccines. How many people will die as a result, either from not getting the drugs that work or from taking dangerous, inadequately tested vaccines? From Raúl Ilargi Meijer at theautomaticearth.org:

When George Orwell wrote “1984” in 1948, not only did he foresee where advanced technology would bring society, he also foresaw that such technology would become available. At that time, this meant two enormous insights in one. A Big Brother may arise among power hungry forces, but it can do nothing without the technology to control and trace people. And 73 years ago, it wasn’t obvious that this would ever be reality.

But today it is here. If there’s anything the Covid era -virustime- teaches us, it is that. We are now all required to think the same, and act the same, as everyone else, and as scripted by powers that -more than ever- oversee our every move. What 1984 should have taught us, but didn’t, is that once you allow such powers to acquire such oversight, they will never let go. You need to stop them beforehand.

Because if you don’t, they will squeeze you ever tighter, until you have no freedom, no liberty, and finally no personality left: you will no longer be human in the sense that it has long been defined. There is a history and a name for this.

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Where’s Dr. Fauci As Another Corona-Myth Dies? by John Tamny

The coronavirus death count would have been far lower if Fauci had retired in 2019. From John Tamny at realclearmarkets.com:

For over a year well-to-do Americans have quite literally been “quarantining” packages shipped to them,  and that were dropped off at their residences by “science-denying” untouchables who lacked the means to similarly “shelter-in-place.” The package-terrified have usually waited 48 hours before handling said box and contents.

What about the Clorox wipes that were never in stock thanks to frantic science believers clearing the shelves of them? Some never left their homes.

Of course, when the corona-fearful actually ventured outside, they wore gloves while still not touching anything. They jumped out in the street when passing another human since, well, you know, the very humans who’ve driven all progress for millennia were suddenly a lethal menace to one another. But the main thing is that if they had to risk their lives by being in public, the science reverent more than masked up: they wiped down everything they came near.

Even though airlines were sending out texts ahead of boarding meant to comfort the nail-biting about plane interiors that had been thoroughly scrubbed, passengers still brought their own wipes on planes; that, or they accepted wipes from flight attendants in order to double up on the work done by maintenance. At present, Hilton essentially co-brands its rooms with Lysol….

Oh well, apparently all that hand wringing about surfaces was a tad overdone. Last week the CDC announced that the risk of contracting the virus by touching a “contaminated” surface was somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 and 10,000. Another myth born of Covid-hysteria has bitten the dust.

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Populism Isn’t Dead, It’s Stunned, by Tom Luongo

We know that they know that we know that they’re lying, all the time, about everything. From Tom Luongo at tomluongo.me:

Today’s political landscape is looking more and more like the classic Monty Python ‘Dead Parrot’ sketch.

You know the one, John Cleese walks into the shop to complain about the parrot he’d just been sold was dead and he wants his money back. The shopkeeper, Michael Palin, insists it isn’t.

Hilarity ensues.

The Dead Parrot sketch is one of the high points of Python’s particular blend of absurdism and social commentary that transcends its time.

Everywhere I look I see Michael Palins doing their best to convince us of the most absurd lies to hide the rank incompetence at every level of our society’s power structure.

And it doesn’t matter what issue we’re discussing: masks, vaccines, election fraud, racism, Joe Biden’s health, climate change, the sovereign bond markets, lockdowns.

No matter the issue or the question Biden’s Press Secretary, the uniquely incompetent Jenn Psaki, will be happy to ‘circle back to that later’ but never doing so hoping to just get through the next news cycle without a revolt.

Everyone’s doing the ‘believe me’ look that body language experts talk about all the time. It’s all so tiresome and exhausting. And you can feel the level of frustration building like John Cleese’s anger in the sketch.

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The Blundering Biden Team, by Patrick Lawrence

The nicest thing anybody can say about the Biden administration’s maladroit execution of foreign policy is that it’s an embarrassment. From Patrick Lawrence at consortiumnews.com:

What occurred between Washington and Moscow last week, and at a hotel in Anchorage, bears a significance that we must not miss.


“Biden is a national embarrassment on foreign policy,” a colleague wrote in a note over the weekend. This is the very mildest assessment of the administration’s doings last week.  In a matter of three days, Joe Biden and those who actually run policy — primarily Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan — have plunged America into crisis with two of planet Earth’s most powerful nations, both nuclear armed, both essential to addressing global problems that cannot be solved without common efforts, both heretofore explicitly open to cooperative ties to the U.S. 

Let us brace for a tumultuous, probably dangerous four years. And let us look soberly to the cause of this tumult and danger.

Biden’s appearance on ABC News last Wednesday evening, while meticulously scripted by all appearances, was an unmitigated disaster. What is to be gained by calling Vladimir Putin “a killer” and then threatening to make him “pay” for meddling in last year’s elections even as there is no evidence to support such allegations (as there was none in 2016)?  One cannot think of a single advantage.

The same question and the same conclusion apply to Blinken’s two-day encounter with Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi, China’s senior foreign policy officials, in Anchorage last Thursday and Friday. The diplomatic representative of the world’s most aggressive, coercive, interventionist nation lecturing a nation with no corresponding record of aggression, coercion, or intervention about our fidelity to some chimeric “rules-based international order?” One must go as far back as… as far back as Mike Pompeo to find such tin-eared incompetence.

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New York & California Democratic Voters: You Got What You Voted For, by PF Whalen

The only people we should feel sorry in California and New York are the non-blue who for whatever reasons can’t move out. From PF Whalen at thebluestateconservative.com:

Twentieth-century journalist H.L Mencken was notoriously cynical, particularly when it came to the virtues of democracy. One of Mencken’s more colorful comments on the topic came when he offered the following observation, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” Over one hundred years after that statement was made, there is arguably no better example of its occasional accuracy than the situations we currently see unfolding in New York and California.

New York and California are two of the bluest of all blue states. They’re both run by Democratic Governors with legislatures dominated by Democratic majorities, and are two of the most populous states in the nation. They’re also both states with an electorate that currently appear to be suffering from buyers’ remorse. If you’re a resident of New York or California, however, and if you vote Democrat every November without giving the decision a second thought like so many do, you’ve got no one to blame but yourselves. If you voted for Gov. Gavin Newsom in California, or Gov. Andrew Cuomo in New York, or any of the scores of other Democrats that have been handed the keys of power throughout your states, you shouldn’t be surprised: this is what you get.

Visitors from outer-space arriving last November without any previous knowledge of New York politics would no doubt conclude that Governor Cuomo’s precipitous fall has come totally out of left field; unexpected and shocking. But they would be incorrect.

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Welcome to the U.S.S.A.’s Banquet of Consequences, by Charles Hugh Smith

US institutions’ corruption, incompetence, and lies are approaching those of Soviet institutions as they crumbled. From Charles Hugh Smith at oftwominds.com:

The incontestable incompetence of the USSA’s monopolies, institutions and agencies is about to take center stage in 2021.

When I mention that the U.S.A. feels increasingly like the U.S.S.R., a surprising number of people tell me they feel the same way. Welcome to the U.S.S.A.: United Simulacra States of America where everything is an absurdly transparent simulation with little connection to reality and dissent is crushed by an everpresent, ubiquitous narrative police state enforced by the union of Big Tech social media, search and other monopolies and the Savior State: do what we tell you and you’ll get a piece of our endlessly spewed trillions.

My colleague Mark Jeftovic recommended an insightful book on the unraveling of the USSR, Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More: The Last Soviet Generation.

It’s an academic book so there are the required servings of jargon and references to suitably opaque academic tropes, but beneath the conceptual clutter lies a profound analysis of how humans adapt to and navigate a system that has lost all authenticity and survives entirely on the ceaseless marketing of artifice: in other words, the USA today.

Of particular interest are the book’s personal accounts of dutiful Party members going through the motions of obedience as a means of enjoying their private friendships and lives. Joining the Party’s machinery was a way to meet friends who you recruited for your committee work. Everyone went through the motions but nobody actually believed any of it: you did homework while “listening” to the endless canned speeches, you went out for coffee while telling the Party functionary that you were on Party business, and you worked on parades and activities that were a bit of fun despite the dreary official purpose which everyone ignored.

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Frontline Nurse Speaks Out About Lethal Protocols, by Joseph Mercola

One hospital was needlessly killing coronavirus patients and nobody cared. From Joseph Mercola at lewrockwell.com:

In this interview, retired Army combat veteran Erin Marie Olszewski, a nurse who for several months treated COVID-19 patients at the Elmhurst Hospital Center, a public hospital in Queens, New York — the epicenter of the pandemic in the U.S.

She has now written a book, “Undercover Epicenter Nurse: How Fraud, Negligence, and Greed Led to Unnecessary Deaths at Elmhurst Hospital,”1 which details her experiences.

Olszewski was born in Michigan and raised in a small Wisconsin town and joined the military at 17. When 9/11 happened, she was in basic training. “I was only 18 years old so I grew up pretty quickly,” she says.

Altogether, she was stationed in Iraq for just over a year. Upon her return to the U.S., she worked at the Special Operations Command in Tampa, Florida, before leaving the military and going into nursing. Just a bit over 20 years ago, July 2000, I read a study by Dr. Barbara Starfield2 published in JAMA. It contained stats that identified physicians as the third leading cause of death.

I created that headline in July 2000, which took off as a meme and spread across the world. In a shocking follow-up to Starfield’s article, in 2012 her husband wrote a disturbing article in the Archives of Internal Medicine3 about her death, pointing to a drug she was taking as a possible contributor to it.

“Specialization, fragmentation, drug-orientation and profit-seeking help make American medical care the most expensive in the world, but not the safest or most effective,” Dr. Neil A. Holtzman wrote. “The lessons from Barbara’s death should be put in the perspective of the millions who cannot afford even basic services in our expensive system and suffer as a result.”

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“Grandma Killer” Cuomo Sent 4,300 Patients Back To Nursing Homes Despite Positive COVID-19 Tests, by Tyler Durden

Somehow Andrew Cuomo got a reputation as a model of competence for his management of the crisis, although New York has the highest death rate in the nation, in part caused by the idiocy in the title. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Earlier this month, a reporter at one of NY Gov Andrew Cuomo’s daily press briefings asked the governor about reports that the state issued guidance calling for hospitals to return thousands of patients who had tested positive for COVID-19 to nursing homes or long-term care facilities where they lived.

Somehow, despite the horrifying notion that Cuomo deliberately sent patients back to nursing homes where they unleashed some of the deadliest outbreaks in the country, the governor readily owned up to the decision, and insisted public health officials believed this to be the best option to prevent the patients from just hanging around the hospital.

With the benefit of hindsight, we now see that the hospital bed shortages that the US had prepared for never came to pass. So, not only did this decision lead to thousands of deaths, it was also totally unnecessary.

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Should Government Really Have Any Power in a Crisis? by Allan Stevo

What would happen if governments didn’t take control during every crisis and not coincidentally, expand their powers? From Allan Stevo at lewrockwell.com:

Please forgive what may appear as fatalistic to some. It is quite the opposite. Fatalism would be the belief that all events are predetermined and therefore inevitable. No events are predetermined as far as I can tell. Free will is everywhere.

Humans tend to be imperfect. To date I’ve yet to meet a perfect human. The better I know a person, the more flawed I realize they are. Which is okay.

What is not okay, is putting so much power in the hands of someone so flawed.

To take it a step further, what is not okay is to put so much power into the hands of institutions, like government, that are so predictably net negative utilizers of the power already handed to them.

Marketplaces leave lots of room and lots of methods for competition, alternatives, meritocracy, ways of opting out or opting in, rationing, preparing, providing, predicting, and so much more.

Government has its single tool: fiat. And the demi-tool: threats. And the quasi-demi-tool: implications of threats.

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The Unprofitably Incompetent, by Robert Gore

Those who can’t do, demand.

Profit propels civilization. When a producer can make an item or provide a service at a cost lower than a customer values that item or service, and the customer has the means and the freedom to buy, the difference between what’s paid over cost is profit. That profit is the producer’s incentive to produce, and in turn funds the producer’s consumption, savings, and investment, which creates other producers’ profits. Profit is the necessary prerequisite for consumption, savings, investment, and consequently, progress.

Many of us profit every day. We offer services and provide goods, supporting ourselves at a cost that is lower than what we’re paid. We’re profitably competent, engaging in honest production and peaceful, voluntary exchange. The only alternatives to profitable competence are living off of someone else’s profitable competency via inheritance or charity, or criminality—theft via fraud or violence.

Criminals cloak their thefts in all sorts of justifications, some of which, like socialism, become full-blown political doctrines. Ironically, a larcenous litany of demands and rationalizations are efflorescing at a time when whatever is left of the overall profit pool has been drained. It has been mortgaged multiple times, just as hordes of the unprofitably incompetent, who had no hand in producing it, clamor for their “fair share.” They’ll insist the profitably competent figure out how to pay for it, but the fair share of nothing is nothing, political promises to the contrary notwithstanding.

“Your means, my ends; I wish, you fulfill,” is the foundational fantasy of modern governance. The favored groups shelter in their safe spaces—government and its rackets, crony corporations, academia, the media, and Hollywood—living on the delusion that there will always be someone who will produce, without question or protest, for their benefit. Upon that foundation they’ve constructed a phantasmagorical edifice of illusory constructs and passages to nowhere.

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